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 The story so far...

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PostSubject: The story so far...   Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:59 pm

Technically, we are at part 20 of this RP, and we're going to work to see if we can transfer all that information here
But, to give a quick run down:

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Some unspecified time ago, but generally placed in the 60s, there was an alien invasion of Earth 616, and all other empires of the Universe
This invasion was carried out by what is know as the Hunters. A group of enforcers, they believed that the universe was becoming too powerful for it's own good, and carried out a purge of all super humans

Given Earth's special circumstances, it was the hardest hit planet.

This what is now know as the 1st Hunter War.

The Hunters placed a planet wide psy block, preventing all humans from remembering these events. However, they could not eliminate the natural predestination for Earthlings to develop powers. They set up various blockers, and left.
During the 70s, 80s and 90s, an Agency worked to cover up superhumans in general (mostly working with mutants, which they referred to as evolved humans) while using them and experimenting them at the same time. During this time, many stories of the old heroes were chronicled in what is know as the Marvel Comics universe.

However, in the late 00s, at the turn of the 21st Century, heroes returned. A group formed by a powerful Japanese mutant Hasaka Yamairo began helping other meta humans, and soon they formed what is know as the Shadow X-Men. Later, they discovered that Marvel was in fact the universe they lived in.

As the mutants suddenly started a population boom, even the island of Genosha was restored. The Phoenix Force returned to Earth, Asgard once again took up arms for Midgard, and even the Vishanti elected a new Sorcerer Supreme

With the return of these individuals, soon others followed. SHIELD and the Avengers reformed as well, and even paranormal entities again turned their sights on Earth. Eventually...the Hunters returned

Launching the 2nd Hunter War, they attempted another purge. However, thanks to the efforts of the new heroes, they were pushed back. Milo Ventro, a strange mutant who is later discovered to be much more, took control of the Hunters to make sure they wouldn't attempt anything similar

However, as the heroes grew more powerful, so did the fear of them. A descendent of the Osborn family, Jorgan, took control of the United States internal security, and then even SHIELD, renaming it HAMMER. As you can guess, what followed was very much this RPs version of Dark Reign. The Void corrupted Milo Ventro, and nearly caused the defeat of the heroes. But in the end Jorgan was pushed back.

After months of hiding, the heroes retook Genosha, and established themselves again. Aaron Stark, the descendent of Iron Man, retook control of HAMMER and reinstated SHIELD, giving up control to his friend Zane.

With the heroes returning things to some semblance of normality, the fight against evil continues on...ever uninterrupted.
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The story so far...
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