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 Marianna Hellsworth (X-Force)

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PostSubject: Marianna Hellsworth (X-Force)   Marianna Hellsworth (X-Force) I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 2:48 am

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Lying's a game. And I'm good at it

Name: Marianna Hellsworth
Codename: Spark
Age: 17
Height: 5.3
Weight: 134 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Public
Citizenship: USA
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Homo-superior
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Marianna is clinically insane, suffering from pyromania. Ever since her powers awakened, this condition has only worsened to a point where even one slip up in medication can lead to a serious psychosis attack. In conjunction to this, she often smokes weed and takes several other drugs prescribed to her. The amount she takes, however, is unhealthy and she can easily be considered addicted.
Further behind all this, she hides a nihilistic view of life. Because of her mother's death, and her own ability to see through lies, lying is a game to her, and truth is losing. She shields herself from most, with the exception of her father, and the other X-Force members.
Base of Operations: Genosha Mountain
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father (Arthur Hellsworth), Mother (Elena Hellsworth, deceased)

Allies: X-Force


Occupation: X-Force member
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song: Black Lab: Learn to Crawl - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Like her father, she has an uncanny ability to read people's expressions and small movements to discern truth and lie, nervousness, anger, sadness and a multitude of behavior patterns. She seems to have picked up this skill by simple observation, showing herself to be a natural genius in the field of detecting deception in others

She is being trained in hand to hand fighting, weapon's wielding, covert operations and other such things by Fawkes.

She uses a pair of flamethrowers, which when combined with her sparks allow her to create massive explosions. The flamethrowers are programmed to fire bursts and not a continuous spray, so as to avoid the explosion following back to her

Mariana has the power to create sparks by snapping her fingers. While alone this is pretty much useless, combined with any source of flame or combustible substance, it turns into a dangerous weapon that could very well cause destruction on a wide level.
Places like gas stations and the such are her playing field, and she uses her powers to feed her own psychosis.


Marinna, born to FBI agent Arthur Hellsworth and professional "liar" Elena Turner, was from a young age a natural "lie detector"
Reading her father's books when home alone, she studied, in her own way, the techniques behind detecting deception in people using their bodily reactions to certain factors, the way emotions correlated to facial expressions and how human behavior patterns work.
During her youth, this either got her bullied (by others because of the way she easily detected their lies) or praise (from people she helped). However, she was never told the meaning behind "truths" and "lies". To her, a lie was just a game she had to solve and crack, and nothing else.

This ability is what caused her greatest emotional trauma. She was 12 at the time, when she figured out her mother was lying to her father. She was very happy, because her mother and father were the ones she could never figure out. She followed her mother to catch her in her lies and play her usual jokes. There she found her mother with other people, and found out exactly "what" she was lying about. As her mother announced she was quitting the dealings, their associates killed her in cold blood in front of her daughter As they prepared to leave, Mariana's powers awakened, as she caused sparks all around the building. The flammable objects within caught on fire as the old structure burned down along with her mother's body and the killers. Mariana watched it burn before she was rescued.

Since then, she developed pyromania from the event. At first, she got her fill by causing small fires in the bathroom, but it escalated one day and she almost caught the entire house on fire. All the while, her views on "truth" and "lie" changed. It wasn't just a game anymore. They were a tool to hurt people. "Lies" let you get away with it, and "truth" is just there to admit when you lied, to give up.
She went through her entire adolescent life seeing people around her lie. Her friends, the boys that showed interest in her, her teachers, even her father on occasion
She decided that in life, there is no one that tells only the "truth"...and as such, she rather not believe in anything
Despite her weak mind, her medication stopped the pyromania from escalating into full blown psychosis.

With the monitoring act in place, Arthur asked for Fawkes to protect her. However, she easily saw through her father when he told her nothing was wrong, and left his office in fury, unwilling to ask for an explanation. She forgot to take her medication, and went into psychosis, burning down a nearby fire station.
On her way home, she burned down another fire station, being identified by the X-Force who were there to take her home.

Ever since that encounter, she began to associate more and more with the X-Force, specifically Simon and his girlfriend Elizia. She would at times aid the crew in fights. When MRD resurfaced, she was planning to join the team for good, but NYC was shrank before she could. Trapped inside with her father, the two managed to host a daring escape by using a newly awakened mutant child with size manipulation AJ. However, Ricky and other law enforcement in the shrunk New York City attacked, causing Marianna and AJ to split from her father and Jay, who was shot. Marianna managed to escape with AJ, but Tess quickly discovered them and murdered him, Marianna being saved by the timely intervention of the X-Force, who had sensed her.

Assuming her father dead, and the two brothers dead as well, one confirmed, Marianna joined the X-Force and the other heroes on the final battles against MRD and Terra corp. She was almost killed by Alex as the Brood plot was revealed, but was saved by the well coordinated attack with Simon.
After the fight with the Brood, she permanently joined the team, now aware her father and Jay survived

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Marianna Hellsworth (X-Force)
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