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 Solf Z Langley (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Solf Z Langley (Heroes Uprising)   Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:56 am

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Don't forget the faces of the people you kill. Because they sure wont forget you.

Name: Solf Langley
Alias: The Crimson Blood Assassin; The "Kaltbl├╝tig" (meaning Spilled Blood in German)
Age: around mid 30s
Height: 5.12
Weight: 167 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: Germany
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Asexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: German
Solf is as much a philosopher as he is a psychopath. He is a very calculating and methodical man, able to seemingly perceive any and all matters at hand and use this information to better manipulate the situation, making him a dangerous assassin
He takes great pleasure in determining whether the will and/or strength of one person or party is capable of overpowering those of another and genuinely respects people of strong will and unshakable conviction, but cares little to nothing for human lives that are affected or even lost as a consequence of the conflicts that arise from this. Even his own life is expendable to himd he is only too glad to put it on the line.
He stands as an inquisitive, apathetic observer most of the time, assessing people and situations while throwing out morality and the concept of gray areas as contaminating factors. However, he seems aware that his mindset and actions are not in tune with the what society views as "moralistic" and actively shrouds his psychopathy with gentlemanly front and clever semantics. As an analyst of human nature, Langley understands exactly what needs to be said in order to hide his "abnormality" from others.
Base of Operations: Berlin
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father and Mother (deceased)

Allies: Syndicate (formerly), Elena von Richthofen

Enemies: CIA, MI6, SXM

Occupation: Assassin
Religion: Catholic Christian
Theme Song: Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood OST: Main Theme [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Hand to hand combatant: Solf is a very proficient fighter, able to fight on his own against both the Black Reaper and Harry, and hold his own until he was blindsided.

-Photographic Memory: He has photographic memory which allows him to remember events and people very clearly and without much error

-Great Intelligence: Like it's been said, Solf is a natural genius and has a great understand of the human mind, able to argue his points without loosing any sort of face. He's completed a doctorate in psychiatry, and enjoys the pleasures of reading books and maintaining himself up to date with the scientific community at large.

Weapons: He never uses them

-Blood-Induced Matter Disintegration: Solf is able to destroy matter. His blood has the effect of disintegrating anything it touches. When he snaps his fingers, anywhere his blood has landed will thus be warped and atomized. To facilitate his ability he tends to cut himself, shedding his own blood.

-Enhanced Bone Marrow Functions: A related mutation has altered his bone marrow, allowing for a much faster blood production when there's an open wound. The chemicals released by the body in order to close it act as a natural stimuli for the bone marrow, which produces more blood. This in turn makes it harder for the wound to close due to the increase in the quantity and pressure within arteries and provides Solf with a bigger quantity to fight.
Solf can fight with grade 3 blood loss, which would cause a normal person to lose around 40% of circulating blood.
Only grade 4 bleeding will incapacitate Solf, and this is usually fatal to a normal human.


Solf was born in Germany and grew up at a time the Cold War was at it's peak. He was forced to fend for himself, as his parents weren't able to provide any support for themselves, let alone him. At the age of 14, he developed his powers when he accidentally cut himself while out on the streets.
Despite his life, he was a brilliant student and an intelligent child, getting excellent grades anywhere he went. Thus, he sought refuge from his parents and home in the comfort of books and knowledge.
As he grew up, his harsh life slowly warped his mindset and gave him the ideals he lives by today. When he was 18, his parents discovered his powers. When they attempted to assault him due to his nature, without a moments hesitation, he killed them. Using his high intelligence, he managed to cover up their deaths. He went on to live by himself, working to support his studies.
One day, he was approached by the Syndicate, who agreed to pay off the rest of his college years if he agreed to join them as an agent. Solf agreed, finished his doctorate and joined the Syndicate as an assassin.

Years later, he was tasked with killing several members of the Chinese Triad who were aware of the recent Hunter incident. There, he met a returning Black Reaper and Harry. He fought them, and using his powers and wit managed to almost defeat them, but a surprise move by the Black Reaper left him defeated, frozen as he was carried out by authorities.
However, he escaped and is now still at large.

Years later, he resurfaced, being hired by Elena, the MRD director, as the assassination expert in her Hunter crew she formed to kill the X-Force at large on Genosha. He seemed to amuse himself speaking German with Elena. After Elena jumped ship to HYDRA, he followed suit, and then became Elena's personal bodyguard and assassin.

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The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
Albert Einstein
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Solf Z Langley (Heroes Uprising)
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