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 Shiki Aya (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Shiki Aya (Heroes Uprising)   Thu Apr 24, 2014 5:36 am

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You can only kill someone once. Those who use it up can not kill themselves. They can not die as humans.
Ryogu Aya

Name: Shiki Aya
Codename: N/A
Alias: The Knife Killer, the Eyes of Death
Year of Birth: 1981
Height: 5.5
Weight: 124 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Public
Citizenship: Japan
Marital Status: Married
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Homo-superior
Ethnicity: Japanese
Personality: Aya is an incredibly calm and collected woman. Respectful and graceful, without showing too much emotion at any given time. While at first she would appear somewhat complacent and meek woman, she is in fact incredibly determined and focused on anything she loves, and will not hesitate to fight to defend it. Her will is something Yamairo admires beyond anything.
Despite, or perhaps because of, her past as an assassin, Aya has a very deep almost religious view of murder and killing, drawing various distinctions between it, slaughter and massacre, and between murderers and homicidal maniacs. She was raised to kill and yet can see death, so she both wants to kill, but holds herself back to maintain purity in her own soul.
Base of Operations: Somewhere in the Hokkaido mountains
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Shiki Hito (Husband), Shiki Hiro (Son), Teishin Toko (Father, deceased), Teishin Hanako (Mother, deceased), Teishin Akane (Sister), Hasaka Yamairo (Half-brother), Hasaka Isabel (Sister-in-law), Hasaka Akemi (Niece), Ryogu Kuzo (adoptive grandfather), Ryogu Karuya (adoptive uncle)

Allies: Fawkes, Yamairo, Shadow League

Enemies: N/A

Occupation: former kendo practitioner, former assassin.
Religion: Shintoism
Theme Song:
Meiko Kaiji - Urami Bushi [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Yuki Kajiura- M23 (last part) - [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Dexterity and reflexes: The core component of her battle skills, her almost inhuman dexterity and reaction time, attained through grueling inhuman training in the Ryogu dungeon. She has bullet time reflexes and can out dodge just about any human.

-Swordsmanship: Aya is a skilled swordsman and has both participated in official tournaments and served as a master for a doujo. She is extremely skilled in the use of a sword. All she knows was taught to her by Kuzo who instructed her in both ceremonial and combat swordplay. She is also skilled in the usage of pole weapons like the naginata, staffs and spears

-Knives: Aya excels at wielding knives, and can wield in just about any grip imaginable. She is extremely agile and dexterous with the short blade and has pin point accuracy for throws. It was her preferred method of assassination.

-Martial arts: Trained in jujutsu, she can use the opponents momentum and force against them, and knows a variety of holds and locks.

-Indomitable Will: Aya has been trained since an early age to never surrender and never give in. Her grandfather subjected her to numerous tortures and inflicted pain on her to make her resistant to interrogation and the ability to fight through injury.

Besides always carrying on her person at least two knives, she also owns a well made Japanese sword, a Ryogu family heirloom


Death Perception: Aya's power allows her to "perceive death" in the form of lines and dots. Aya is the only one who can see them and interact with them. Her brain has a special circuit that fires up whenever she activates her power.
This allows her to perceive the death of more or less anything that exists. Whether it is a person, object, force or even concept. She claims she can even see the death of Gods. These lines can be traced with a sharp object such as a knife or a sword. Cutting the line “breaks” the object along that line and damage inflicted this way can not be healed or repaired in any way. Healing is possible if cutting the line doesn't completely separate a part of the object from the object itself. Aya has been show to be able to cut things from arms to telekinetic forces. When she cut Shawkun's arm, he was unable to heal it. She was also able to cut his connection to the souls he had stolen in the past. If one underestimates and gives her an opening, she can easily kill anything


Shiki Aya, maiden name Ryogu, is the biological daughter of Teishi Hanako and Toko, a powerful clan of mutants from the Tohoku region of Honshu, where death and decomposing powers were strong in the blood line. The village in which her parents lived was also the home of the Ryogu clan, an assassin family with a dying mutant bloodline towards space and time manipulation. In order to keep the balance of power, Toko agreed to allow Aya to be adopted into the Ryogu clan. However, the training which she was subjected to was brutal and inhumane. During this time, Aya would see Death, who would come to her in her human girl appearance to cheer her up.

Her adoptive uncle, Ryogu Karuya, upon returning to his native village for a visit and discovering the situation, put himself at the service of the evil patriarch of the family, Kuzo, with the intent or rescuing her, and then later Hanako and her little sister Akane. Karuya was aided in his daring escape by Fawkes, who he had met on his only assassination mission.

The four of them spent the next two years on the run from both the Ryogu clan and the Japanese intelligence, as Kuzo had Karuya framed for Toko's murder on top of his assassination of the politician in his first mission. During this time, he and Hanako conceived one more child, Yamairo. Eventually, they were tracked down by Kuzo and the Ryogu clan. With Samuel's First Class completely disbanded due to the inner conflict that had ended that team, Karuya was left to fend for himself and attempt to protect his family. Kuzo murdered him in cold blood, and mortally wounded Hanako. However, before he could harm Akane or Yamairo, Aya handed herself over, on the condition both her siblings would be unharmed. Kuzo agreed.

He thus began training her as the descendant of the clan. During the next decade, she became infamous in the underworld as the Eyes of Death. Despite her notorious reputation, she never once committed murder, for her respect for death and killing did not permit her to assassinate people for money or power, as she considered it against her own moral codes. Her grandfather would punish her for disobedience and repeated escape attempts. During one of her missions, she crossed paths with a detective named Shiki Hito, who was investigating her many murders on behalf of the Japanese secret service. The young man was immediately smitten with her, and despite her best attempts to drive him away, she herself fell in love with him. Hito discovered the truth behind her assassinations, but the two resolved to fee and leave it all behind them. Fawkes aided them in their escape, out of friendship for Aya's departed mother and stepfather.

They were many times tracked down by the Ryogu clan, for Kuzo knew Aya would never raise her hand in anger to kill them, not even do defend herself. However, Hito protected her and killed every single assassin Kuzo sent for them. Aya could slowly see her loved one's soul and sanity escaping with each murder he committed, and resolved to put an end to it. She traveled back to her childhood home and killed her grandfather, performing the one murder allowed to her. Afterwards, she returned to Hito, and the two settled down, marrying and having a child.

Eventually however, battle called for her again. Fawkes had her team up with Yamairo so her physical speed could match that of Shawkun's, and she could thus use her powers to destroy his soul threads to the X-Men.
When the fight came, Aya completely overwhelmed the soul reaper. While Shawkun tried to attack Yamairo, Aya did not allow him to retake control of the samurai's soul, and soundly defeated him and forced him to give up Sandra's soul, then cutting his connections to all of the SXM's souls

After returning to Japan, she kept in contact with Yamairo, whom she suspected was her brother, by the way Fawkes spoke of the two. When the team was split by the Dark Month, Yamairo moved to Japan with Isabel. She welcomed them. When Harry and Filipe went to recruit Yamairo for the League, it set off a chair of events due to Filipe's status as a CIA agent.
The agency, particularly sub-direct Jack Bauer who was Kuzo's main contact in the 90s, made a new effort to track down the Shiki couple. Hito responded in brutal fashion, murdering any CIA agent that made an attempt on his wife's life. Aya was left torn between her normal life and her husband, and furthermore was even more concerned for what she saw as her husband's slipping sanity and morality. She was so disturbed she almost broke her own vow again and attempted to kill Jack Bauer herself, but due to Filipe and Yamairo's investigation, Hito got to him first.
In the resulting clash, Jack was killed and Aya's name was cleared, but Hito's was not. He thus went on the run, with Aya taking care of their son.

She was called on again when it was revealed her previous contact with Death had made her an avatar for the cosmic being, and thus a target for alter Filipe's plans to unleash the many angled ones. She was brought to Genosha with Hito to keep them safe, and eventually took up permanent residence with her brother Yamairo, who was still unaware of the blood bond.

When MRD took over international security, Yamairo moved to Japan with her so he could keep a low profile. They thus remained in Japan during both MRD and the Brood wars, first in Tokyo and then on the Hokkaido forests in the north. Aya took up her blade in both conflicts. Aya also lent her blade in aid of Yamairo and his team when Amber was taken by Iliria with a soul deal. She aided her brother by cutting it as she had cut Shawkun's control over the heroes before.

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PostSubject: Re: Shiki Aya (Heroes Uprising)   Tue Dec 02, 2014 4:22 pm

The Eyes of Death
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Shiki Aya (Heroes Uprising)
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