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 Son-Aris (Space Uprising)

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PostSubject: Son-Aris (Space Uprising)   Son-Aris (Space Uprising) I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 25, 2014 3:14 am

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Name: Son-Aris
Codename: N/A
Alias: That quiet guy, Voiceless, Silent Warrior, The Inhuman King,
Age: 33 (Earth years)
Height: 6.1
Weight: 187 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Good
Identity: Public
Citizenship: Kree Empire
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Inhuman
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Son-Aris is a righteous and and caring leader, protecting his people from any and all threats, and always placing them above his own life. He believes that a ruler is nothing without his people, and will put his life down for them. He can be secretive and manipulative when needed, but he generally finds such actions unsavory. He can be totalitarian at times.
He has helped the heroes of Earth many times, and has a strong friendship in particular with Aaron, who helped save him and his world from the Supreme Intelligence, and Milo and Kano, who stopped him when he was under the villains thrall.
Base of Operations: Hala, Kree Empire
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Sister (Poll-Aris)

Allies: The USA, SHIELD, Avengers, SXM

Enemies: Annihilus,

Occupation: Leader of the Inhuman Nation, Member of the Illuminati
Religion: Kree religion
Theme Song: Brad Fyeld: The Terminator Theme (orchestra) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Expert leader: He is a charismatic and commanding presence, both as a figure for his people, and has a leader in the Kree and Inhuman armies. His expertize lies in galactic warfare, and before he ascended to the throne he was the commander of the Kree Galactic Fleet. His tactics revolve largely on using hyperspace and jumping directly into enemy lines, opening a rift in their ranks and using his own voice and powers as a way to cut down the enemy ship lines and allowing his own fleet time to establish an effect barrage

-Hand to hand combat: He's a master of the Kree fighting styles, and has learned a bit of Earth's own while he stayed there.

He has his Flagship, which translated into English is called "The Scream", befitting of his powers.

Son-Aris is a Kree-Inhuman hybrid (as a result vastly powerful, having genetic codes from both Kree and mutant). He was subjected to the Terrigan Mist at a very young age and given vast powers that allow him to fight on pair with beings such as the Hulk. He's easily one of the strongest beings in the universe

-Ambient Particle and Electron Harnessing: Son's primary superhuman ability is the power to harness electrons. The speech center of his brain contains a unique organic mechanism that's able to generate an unknown particle that interacts with the electrons he absorbs to create certain phenomena that are determined by his mental control.

--Quasi-Sonic Scream: Son-Aris's most devastating offensive weapon, and one of these phenomena based upon the particle interaction, is his actual voice. A whisper can level a city, cause distant dormant volcanoes to become active once more, shake entire continents apart and generate tremors on the far side of the planet. A hypersonic shout has been said to generate enough force to destroy planets. Due to the constant and extreme danger posed by his voice, he has undergone rigorous mental training to prevent himself from uttering even the smallest sound, even while asleep. It has been shown that Son's scream is tied into his emotions, especially anger. This in turn would mean that the power of his scream would depend on his emotional state in at least some way. It would explain the somewhat significant difference of the power released by his quasi-sonic scream. While at in a calm state, a simple whisper from Son-Aris has destroyed entire mountain ranges and cities in seconds in the past, but while under more strenuous circumstances, it was stated that a single syllable would be capable of annihilating more than half a planet. The full extent and damage of Son's scream is unknown, but based on the fact that it is caused by particle interaction and electron manipulation, it is theoretically infinite. The greatest feats he's show is the diversion of Kano's almighty God Blast and nearly vaporizing a planet with a small sentence (while very enraged), and shattering a planet with a full sentence, the second sentence destroying it.

--Particle and Electron Channeling: Son-Aris wears a metallic, fork-shaped antenna upon his brow that allows him to focus and channel his powers in more directed and less destructive ways. This antenna monitor's the speech center of his brain and allows him to direct quantities of the unknown particles to create controlled phenomena, such as enhancing his physical strength beyond his normal limits. The exertion from this, however, taxes his ability to employ the energy to its full power for a short time.

--Particle and Electron Manipulation: Son-Aris can also direct the unknown particle outwards without the use of his vocal chords. He can route the particles through his arms and create small yet vastly powerful blasts of concussive force. He can also form a field of highly active electrons around his body with a wave of his hand. This field can deflect projectiles like the mass of a large meteor. Son can also create enough iteration between the electron and particle energies to generate fields solid enough for him to travel over.

--Matter and Energy Manipulation: Through an unknown method, Son-Aris has shown numerous times that he has the ability to manipulate matter and energy to an unknown degree. He has been showing destroying spaceships with energy blasts and affect the molecular structure of objects. He has even on one occasion diverted a planetary explosion.

--Telepathy: Son-Aris has powerful telepathic abilities.

--Anti-Gravitational Flight: Son-Aris can also harness the unknown particles his brain generates to interact with electrons to create anti-gravitons that enable him to defy gravity. By emitting a jet of rapidly moving particle / electron interaction by-product while enveloped by anti-gravitons, Son has been shown to fly faster than a 1000 miles per hour for a period of 10 hours, to fly beyond escape velocity, and even at speeds above light. The anti-graviton field also serves to protect him from the detrimental effects of rapid movement through the atmosphere although it's not needed.

-Inhuman Physiology: Like all Kree, Son-Aris's natural physiology grants him a number of superhuman physical attributes but because of the fact he's also part inhuman, his physical abilities are significantly superior to the other members of his race.

--Superhuman Strength: He is superhumanly strong. Under normal circumstances, he is able to lift about 1 ton. However, he can augment his physical strength by channeling the necessary partical energy through his body. At his peak, he is able to lift up to 60 tons.

--Superhuman Speed: Son-Aris can run and move at speeds that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete, as he has been able to catch directed miniature missiles even when attacked from below and unaware with ease, move at a speed so great he is invisible to the human eye, move at such a speed he can travel vast distances before a human can finish processing a thought, and has been able to catch and beat sound speedsters with ease. He can augment his speed to trans light

--Superhuman Stamina: Son-Aris musculature generates less fatigue toxins than the musculature of a normal human, even the finest human athlete. At his peak, he can exert himself for several days before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him. He can augment his stamina to unknown as well as his other physical abilities with his powers.

--Superhuman Durability: Son-Aris's body is incredibly resistant to all forms of physical damage. Black Bolt is resistant to great impact forces, such as falling from a height of several stories that would severely injure or kill a human being unharmed. He has been repeatedly struck by beings with vast superhuman strength such as Kano and remained unharmed. Black Bolt is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, such as the cold in space without any discomfort or the heat from re-entry without any discomfort. He survived a planetary explosion showing only discomfort after diverting it with his power so has to not harm Hala, although it is unknown if he wasn't augmenting himself at that moment.

--Superhuman Agility: Son-Aris's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. He has shown inhuman and amazing maneuverability and agility in the air, capable enough of combating numerous air crafts, and dodging various projectiles from multiple directions. He can augment his agility to unknown levels.

--Superhuman Reflexes: Son-Aris's reflexes are beyond those of the finest human athlete, and he can augment his reflexes to unknown levels.

--Superhuman Longevity: Like all Kree, he has a natural lifespan that is at least twice the average lifespan of a human being.

AGI: A++
ENE: A++

Son-Aris was born to the former emperor of the Kree empire. He had a very troubling childhood, as he was early on bathed in the Terrigan Mist that the Inhumans had brought with him long ago from Earth. Because of this, he developed his powers and was kept hidden away in a special sound isolating room and trained to never utter a word.
Vell-Lya was always visiting him, and developed a bond that lead to her undying loyalty to him later on. However, upon his 16 birthday, he was allowed to leave. He quickly joined the Kree's Galactic Fleet, and ascended to the rank of commander in just a year.

When he was 18, his father was killed in an attempt from blue skinned Kree revolutionaries (these were loyal to the old ways of Ronan the Accuser). Son-Aris crushed this opposition with his power and gained the leadership of the Kree.
He was a fair and just king, until recently he started to act weird and employ military development and conquering notions, attempting to attack both the Skrulls, and the undisputed Shi'ar.

He decided to take control of the Phoenix Force, seeing the humans as unable to keep it under control.
He manages to capture her, an bring her back to Hala. The heroes of Earth gave chase. Meanwhile on Hala, Poll opposes her brother, but his strength was far too great. Even Kano, the Odison, could not best him. Soon arriving was Milo Vento, and over the moons of the Kree home world, the two battled in such a way planets were destroyed. Milo won in the end, and Sandra, using her cosmic flames, burned the Supreme Intelligence, the true culprit of the events.
However, the damage was done, and Son was forced to leave Hala, moving to the Earth's moon.
There he founded a new nation, and became one of Earth's heroes. His first major battle came against the Hunters, where he and his Innhuman brethren helped defend his new planet.

After the event, he was asked and accept membership into the Illuminati. He also started dating Vell.
He appeared thus far in every Illuminati meeting, usually taking the most rational side. The Inhumans, due to their status as new arrivals, stayed out of many of the major conflicts such as the Dark Reign.

During the Galaxy Wars, Son-Aris lead the Inhumans in defending the planet from the Shi'ar and their former Kree subjects, proving invaluable in the space battles. He and Milo were the ones that tracked Gan, the counselor that caused the rift bomb, to the strange mechanical bacteria planet, and promptly destroyed his intentions to use it to rule the universe.
Since then, he and a good part of the Inhumans moved back to the Kree homeworld, and have began a reconstruction process.

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Son-Aris (Space Uprising)
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