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  Jon Piffer (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Jon Piffer (Heroes Uprising)   Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:37 am

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Everybody...HANG ON!
The Human Engine, Jon Piffers

Name: Jon Piffer
Codename: Barrier
Alias: The Human Engine
Age: 19
Height: 5'1
Weight:150 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Personality: Jon is very impulsive, and rarely thinks of a plan before acting it out. He enjoys fast paced action, or excitement. He wants to get his adrenaline pumping 24/7 and the rush of excitement brings joy to his heart. He hates discussing his path, and trying to push him to speak about his past will lead to him unleashing very violent characteristics. He is very protective about his friends, and will not risk their lives even for excitement. Like the other members of Manny's crew he hates Anti mutant Prejudice, and believes anything his sister says no matter what.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother and Sister(Jea Piffer)

Allies: Manny's Crew, SXM

Enemies: MRD, Weapon-X

Occupation: Pirate, SXM member
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:

Skills: He is a superb driver, and master of using hand-guns. He is capable of riding horse's as well.

Weapons: Uses none

-Aura Manipulation: Jon has complete control over his aura, using this ability he can flare up with aura allowing him to real ease a destructive, invulnerable force capable of causing massive amounts of damage. Aura is different from energy, as it is similar to "powering up" and can cause damage, but not in the same way as Energy manipulation. Jon can also locate others via their aura, and tell if their intentions are good or bad. Using this ability, he can simulate flight by projecting himself in the air with his aura.

When surrounding himself in aura it  has a barrier like effect, so most attacks cannot damage his aura. He can extend his aura around other people, and give them to the barrier effect, or protect them from the damage of his power up. He cannot absorb the aura's of others.

Bio: Jon Piffer was born a year after his older sister, Jean Piffer. He lived a perfectly normal life, having interest in becoming a race car driver one day, his power manifested when he was just a child to protect himself during a gang attack. After that he began to learn more about his ability at a young age, and gain control of it. After their mother's death, his father became very abusive. He grew to hate his life, and after encouraging Jean, they poisoned him and ran away from home.

He was later captured by Weapon X program Sindus set up, but escaped along with his sister.
After fleeing to the Caribbean, they met Manny's pirate crew. Her sister and Manny himself got into a brawl while drunk, attracting the attention of the US Navy admiral Menace. Forced to make a quick getaway, Jon first showed his powers potential for moving a ship at high speeds. After hearing their story, Manny offered them membership on the crew.

He was with the screw when they met the SXM, when they fought Daybreak and AVALANCHE, and when they helped fight off the Hunters, and while they were with the SXM as super heroes.

He was captured during the Brood Wars along with his crew, but escaped. He went with his captain to visit Sandra, getting caught in her conflict with Warp.


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Jon Piffer (Heroes Uprising)
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