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 Jean Piffers (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Jean Piffers (Heroes Uprising)    Fri Apr 25, 2014 3:38 am

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Just get me a clean shot, I'll blow they straight outta the water!
The Artillery of the Caribbean, Jean Piffers

Name: Jean Piffers
Codename: Fire-Arm
Alias: Human Cannon, Bullet Head, The Artillery of the Caribbean
Age: 20
Height: 5'1
Weight: 145 lbs'
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Identity: Secret
Species: Homo-superior
Race: Caucasian
Personality: Jean is a woman who is very sarcastic, and that is something that can annoy several people. She is very playful and seductive when it comes to most men. She also enjoys using her powers, and harming humans. She hates Anti mutant Prejudice, and boring activities. Strangely she hates lying, and will go ballistic when people lie. She is very reckless when it comes to using her powers, and often lectures her brother's impulsiveness. She will support and believe her brother no matter what.
She is also obsessed with food, and loves to eat. She is a very sloppy eater, and as such often disgusts people with her lack of manners. Her obsession with fashion comes close to her food obsession, and she's always trying to find good clothing to wear, and may even stop to search for clothing in the middle of a battle. She's very cruel when it comes to those with Anti Mutant Prejudice, and will have no remorse killing them.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, and Brother(Jon Piffers)

Allies: Manny's Crew, SXM

Enemies: HAMMER. Hunters

Occupation: Pirate, SXM member
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:

Skills: She is a very good manipulator when it comes to the opposite sex. Also, as a result of her powers, she's gained experience with using firearms.

Weapons Anything she consumes

-Matter Consumption: With her talents she can consume, and absorb any form of matter. However her abilities are not limited to matter, but to energy as well, or nearly any force in existence. With this ability, she can physically consume any solid object. She can eat metal, buildings, and she can extend how wide her mouth is. This can allow her to eat anything, and she can alter the taste of anything she eats. When she eats something she can unleash partial transformations, for example if she eats a gun, she might be able to turn her fingers into guns, or a nail into a bullet.

-Matter Absorption: This allows her to absorb anything. If bullets are shot, she simply absorbs them, and they are placed inside her body. When she absorbs matter, it's reduced to barely the size of inch, and can be contained in her body. It's usually continued in her stomach and digested. When she absorbs living material with any form of powers, they are reduced to the point they can not even be accessed. When absorbing matter, she can either simply absorb it turning her body  into a living portal of sorts, and actually draw it close to her, reduce it in size, and consume it with her Matter consumption ability.

With this power, she can consume entire cities in seconds, and again if someone has an ability, and she consumes them, she can tap into their power(s).

Bio: Jean Piffer was born into a happy go lucky family, with dreams to became a fashion designer. Around her pre-teenage years a man attempted to rape her, and she absorbed him. After that she gained an obsession with eating, and her abilities. She began to kill class-mates, and police became heavily active in Omaha, New Jersey. However she eventually accidentally killed her mother, and her remains were found. Her dad became very abusive, and she ran away from home with her brother Jon, first poisoning their dad.

After that she and her brother were captured by the Weapon X Program Sindus set up, to give humans abilities. She escaped, with her brother leading they went to the Caribbean islands.

After meeting Manny's crew in a bar fight that destroyed a good part of Nassau harbor, mostly due to her and Manny's quick temper, the duo struck a friendship with Manny. After being forced to flee Menace, and telling Manny her story, the captain insisted the both of them join him, since they were stuck on the ship for the foreseeable future anyway.

She was with the crew as they first met the SXM, as they fought to keep the captain safe from Daybreak and AVALANCHE, and during the Hunter Wars. On the ship she serves as the weapons expert, turning the small vessel they inhabit into a battleship tier firepower ship using her powers. As a result, along with the Captain himself and Shadow because of his appearance, she's the most infamous member of the crew.

She was captured along with her crew by MRD during the Brood Wars


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Jean Piffers (Heroes Uprising)
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