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 Heroes Uprising: First Class

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PostSubject: Heroes Uprising: First Class   Heroes Uprising: First Class I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 12:15 am

Let us tell the story of a certain man. The tale of a man who, more than anyone else, believed in his ideals, and by them was driven into despair.
Fate/Zero, Gen Urubuchi.

This is the prequel RP to HU, set in the 1980s and 1990s
Currently, the world is already under the influence of the Hunter Mind Wipe that was put into effect after The First Hunter War.

The Earth knows nothing of cosmic beings or mutants. At least that's how it should be. Mutants still exist, refereed to as "Evolved Humans", in the shadows, weak, a dying race, even more so than the wipe the Scarlet Witch had done before. Currently, the only organization that knows of mutants are the "Agency".
The population is not even over 200.

The story is of three friends, latter enemies, who single handedly drove into motion the gears that started the story of the Shadow X-Men, Milo, Sandra, Yamairo and all the others.
This is the story of Fawkes Logarth, Hank Pengrove and Samuel Ventro.


This is a topic where you can write stories with your characters, or roleplay out stories with your characters and another person's characters, set during the 80s and 90s.

Use this topic if you have a story you really feel should be told in more than just a bio.

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PostSubject: Fleeting Time   Heroes Uprising: First Class I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2014 7:51 am

One can only stand to kill one human in their life. Any more you become something not human, a beast of slaughter
Shiki Aya

I refuse to kill. I have already done it too many times. I will save any life until I stop breathing
Hasaka Yamairo

This is a story of murder

Timeline: Between 1986 and 1989

Sendai, 1986

"A man, his hair unusually white, and a rather frail appearance, walking through a town. He meets a woman in the park"

Man: Hello...Hanako
Hanako: Karuya! Its been so long

"The woman gets up and hugs him. He was obviously embarrassed by this."

Karuya: So...where's Akane and Aya?

"Hanako's eyes suddenly turn from him. She looks at a girl playing in the distance. Karuya hadn't been to this city...hadn't seen this woman and her two daughters in so long. He hated this town."

Karuya: So...where's Aya?

"The woman couldn't answer"


Are you okay with that

"He had said the words again. But this time he could barely contain his anger. Karuya was a calm man. A gentle person. While very cynical, he wasn't malicious or even uncaring. He was just very lacking in faith. But this time..."

"Haneko had confessed where Aya was. She had been taken from her."

"In truth, he had somewhat expected this. This area was home to two very influential families. One of them, the Ryogu clan, hadn't produced heirs. At least "viable" heirs. Karuya himself was somewhat, but he walked out on his family when his grandfather's abuse had gotten to a breaking point for him"

"But this time. This time he wouldn't take this any longer. He refused to accept this. It was agreed by the two families that Aya would be adopted into the Ryogu to maintain to bloodline. What did "bloodline" mean? Well...to Karuya, it was nothing but a sham"

"He arrived. At the estate. He had so long ago left it behind. But the same anger that once filled him was now coursing through his blood again"

Karuya: You are not doing what you want you blasted old man


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"Karuya stepped into the house. A stench filled it. As he sat down in a large chair, an old man soon joined him in the living room"

Old Man: I never though I'd see your face here again deserter.
Karuya: Shut it old man! I'm here on business.

"Karuya faced his grandfather, Ryogu Kuzo. His brother had not been an heir that Kuzo wanted. And Karuya had walked out."

Karuya: I heard that you took Aya in. Your agreement with that other family is complete bullshit! Give her back!
Kuzo: Oh? And what are YOU going to do about it?

"He couldn't take it any longer. His eyes shined somewhat blue, and instantly Karuya moved at speeds beyond human, or rather, it would be best said he accelerated the passage of time for himself, allowing him the illusion of super speed. He aims a punch to his grandfather's face, but Kuzo blocks him easily."

"Karuya is then pushed back. Or rather, he was teleported right into the wall. His own momentum betraying him as he slams head first, his arm nearly breaking due to being outstretched. If Karuya had this time control, his grandfather had spacial control. A very powerful version, that could be used both offensively and defensively."

Kuzo: Please. Your weak powers are nothing compared to me, the last great clansmen. You really believe you can defeat me?
Karuya: Damn you!

"Not only was he feeling the pain of the hit, but the pain of suddenly having moved at such speeds. Karuya's power was somewhat odd, in that his body wasn't adapted for its usage. It hurt him to move that fast, because he had displaced himself from the timeline. When time rushes to catch back to him, it causes his body immense pain"

Kuzo: fufufu...she's a powerful one too. And resilient. She's survived 4 days of the basement already...
Karuya: You already started the training?!
Kuzo: Obviously. Now then, are you going to try anything else?
Karuya: Wait! I'll...I'll be the damn heir to this place. Put me through anything you want. Just...leave her be, please.

"Kuzo laughed. His laughed echoed through the manor. A slow cackle filled with malice."

Kuzo: You? Compared to her blood? Her power. Do not flatter yourself yourself. You're still a defective worm. Nothing like the true heir of our family should be. But...if you want, we can arrange for something else

"Karuya was desperate. He couldn't, he WOULDN'T let anything happen to her. If he listened to him, he could at least keep her company until he could form an escape plan."

Karuya: Fine...whatever you want...just...let her go after
Kuzo: You are going to regret this severely...


One year later, Sendai, 1987

"Karuya had gone back to the Ryogu clan despite having fled all his life. He had trained with his grandfather. They were, after all, a family of evolved humans. They put their talents up to the highest bidder. Very unlike the family Haneko had married into, who were just very wealthy"

"No, his family was the dirt. They were rich...but notorious. And that's why he had ran. Kuzo mad his life a living hell, with his "training". Might as well call it torture. And the young Aya, 4 years old, was subjected to the same abuse"

"Kuzo was seen in the training facility bellow the main house. Karuya is in the middle. His face and body look frail. One year had been enough to make his health even worse"

Kuzo: Wouldn't have expected you to actually complete basic training and even the finishing touches. Alright then, we have a request. Someone asked for a hit on a Japanese politician who's pushing for an attack on Russia.
Karuya: Alright.
Kuzo: You'll leave tomorrow

"The old man turned his back and left. Karuya collapsed. Just then, a young girl, with a shade of dark brown hair, that in this dim light shinned almost purple, came up to him"

Aya: Uncle...Karuya?

"Karuya grinned. Upon seeing that face, so very like her mother's, he was somewhat happier"

Karuya: I'm fine Aya. Don't worry
Aya: I'm sorry...you shouldn't do this for me.

"Karuya pats her on the head. Poor girl was subjected to the same things he was. But he was going to take care of her. Do whatever that blasted old man wanted, and get her out. If anything...because he couldn't let the Haneko's daughter go through anymore of this"


Tokyo, Japan

"Karuya is seen outside a large house, wearing black with a purple face mask. Guards at the entrance. He knows he's going to have to start the job. He says a prayer, and then he vanishes due to his speed. In less than 5 seconds, both guards have their throats cut, and Karuya leaps over the estate's gate. As he lands and deactivates his ability, his body instantly starts to feel the pain"

Karuya: Damn...using this power is just...

"He starts to head towards the mansion. Once there, he sees a car pulled over and two men entering. One seems to be a western, with ear length brown hair with a look of experience and grit to him, smoking a cigarette. He chats with Karuya's target"

Man: -Thank you so much for you protection! The Americans are very supportive-
Agent: -Please...I'm just following orders- And I'd kill you myself for pushing for a war over a personal agenda if I could get away with it

"The agent sits down sits down on a chair at the right side of the entrance hall as the man retires to the floors above"

Agent: Why are the CIA bothering with a guy like this.

"Karuya readies another set of blades as he heads for the window to the left of the main entrance. He once more says a prayer for the men he is about to kill"

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"He sees one more guard on the right besides the man of grit. He readies his blade, and once more activates his power. His power, a temporal field which allows him control of time within a given space. However, unlike true time manipulation, reality will seek to restore that displacement instantly, whether Karuya accelerates or slows time within it. This means keeping the field exerts huge mental and physical strain on him, and once it is dispelled his body feels the immense pain as time catches up with him. Since the field is projected from him, he is always within the activation and always feels the effects"

"He jumps through the window, keeping a good speed above normal, deeming it sufficient. Quickly, he aims a knife at the guard's head, hitting him cleanly so he doesn't even fall over right away. He quickly pulls another knife to finish Fawkes.

"Just then, he's forced to dodge a bullet. The agent had reacted instantly as if on instinct, and fires upon Karuya

Agent: -Well well...we have a rat it seems.-

"Fawkes fires again. Karuya dodges the bullet again and runs towards the man with his speed increasing. The American, however, is not your average agent. He pulls himself back and using a nearby vase, throws it in Karuya's path, forcing him to dodge or take the blunt hit at the speed he's going, which could cause fatal injuries. He then fires at the only area he can both dodge to, and still attack him, getting a direct hit in the leg. Karuya goes slidding and into the wall, coughing blood. Time catches up, that plus his leg, plus the impact on the wall, he's quite instantly in a single move totaled."

Karuya: GUH--!

"He slowly gets up. A few broken ribs, a wounded leg. This did not go exactly as planned. The pragmatic agent in front of him had gotten the best of the first exchange"

Karuya: -you...you're a good fighter...What is your name?-
Agent: -If the name thing is the honor part talking, don't bother. What do you want?-
Karuya: -I am here to assassinate the owner of this house. Get out of the way before I have to use unnecessary force on you-

"Karuya pulls out another knife, dual wielding them"

Fawkes: -Dunno if you noticed, but at this point, I have the advantage-
Karuya: -That...is what you believe.-

"And instantly, Karuya activates his power again, pushing himself past the limits. Something that Karuya could never predict happens however. The Agent begins to turn invisible.

Karuya: What?!

"Perhaps on instinct, perhaps he knew as he saw, but Karuya knew if he let whatever the Agent was doing happen, he would lose his chance. He goes even further, his head feeling like it's split open, all his body screaming in pain. The time field increases around both fighters, and the Agent's biological functions, including the ones responsible for the invisibility are slowed. Meanwhile, Karuya keeps himself at normal pace, and Fawkes is unable to react this time. Karuya aims for the neck and"


"A shot. From outside the field, another man had aimed, one of the guards remaining, that Karuya had spared to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. Karuya is forced to dodge, but before he does he throws both knives at Fawkes. He hits him in the leg and stomach due to lack of proper footing for a good shot."

Karuya: Shi-!

"He is unable to keep a field that large up any longer. The agent in turn fully becomes invisible. The other agent that fired has his throat cut right away. Karuya, now with another knife, looks around"

Karuya: Damn...he's a special one as well...invisibility...

"Karuya is punched in the face and takes a few steps back, backing into a wall for more cover. The Agent's voice rings out"

Agent: Yes. Invisibility, you are also a good fighter. My name is Fawkes Logarth. Back out now a-

"Karuya aims towards where the voice is coming from, but Fawkes notices and shuts up. The assassin knew it wouldn't be easy, but of all the luck, another evolved human?"


"Karuya is now completely at a loss about what to do. His opponent has vanished from sight. As he looks around, he starts accessing his environment, when suddenly"

Karuya: There!

"He throws the knife he carries right into a seemingly empty spot...and it stabs right into the invisible Fawkes. The agent slowly reappears, the knife in his stomach."

Fawkes: Damn...he noticed my blood...when it spilled on the floor
Karuya: -It's over. Retire yourself-
Fawkes: Tsk...you wish

"Karuya wonders what he means, when he suddenly looks up. He hadn't noticed, but while invisible, Fawkes had thrown his own knife right into the chandelier above the assassin's head. Karuya dodges to the right, as to the left is the wall and the dodge would be impossible. Fawkes sees it again and fires another shot into that spot, catching Karuya as he passes and hitting him in the gut as well. But Karuya fights through the pain, and accelerates the bullet past him completely using his time field, then dashes towards Fawkes, slamming his fist into Fawkes' face and knocking him out with the impact. Karuya is now severely injured"

Karuya: Gah...have to...finish...the mission

"He forces himself up the stairs. He finally finds the room, while there he overhears it"

Politician: Yes yes! I know I owe them money but tell dear elder Kuzo that I'll pay, after all I am one of his oldest cl-

"He's cut off, knife to the heart from the side, underneath the arm, killing him nearly in an instant, as Karuya looks on livid with rage"

Karuya: All this! Over a fucking debt!

"He walks out, barely conscious, kept alive by his desire to save Aya, and his hatred for his grandfather"

"The next few hours are a blur. The train ride, the walk, the painfully healing, Kuzo's maniacal laughter"

Kuzo: You did not disappoint UFUFUFUFU~! You may be useful after all

End chapter 1

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PostSubject: Fleeting Time   Heroes Uprising: First Class I_icon_minitimeTue May 20, 2014 3:46 pm

One week later, Sendai, Ryogu Manor

“Karuya awakens in a panic. He is in his room, his wounds appear healed for the most part. He rises from bed and inspects himself. Covered in bandages and he appears...older. His hair grayer. He had never used his powers to such extends as when battling that CIA agent. As he considers the events, a scream catches his attention. It comes from bellow”

Karuya: The dungeon.

“He knew almost immediately what it was. He quickly puts on a robe and heads down the stairs, into the large living room of the Ryogu manor. Once there, he moves the fireplace to the left ever so slightly, revealing the entrance to an underground chamber. Just as usual, it stinks of rotten, death, decaying flesh. He makes his way down

"Karuya enters the dungeon's large hall after heading down the stairs. In the center, Aya is crying on the floor, bleeding from numerous wounds. A sword can be seen discarded near her. Kuzo, the old man, is sitting standing across the "arena" of sorts, smiling"

Kuzo: Stand child. You will not leave until you cut me.

“Karuya quickly runs and gets between them. He shields Aya while glaring at his grandfather”

Karuya: You promised you'd leave her alone!
Kuzo: I promised no such thing. Her training WILL continue. Now step back
Karuya: Like hell I will!

“The defiance of his grandfather ends as it always ends. Kuzo uses his powers to propel Karuya into a wall, slamming him hard against the stone, causing a gasp of pain to escape from his mouth, and slowly, he slumps to the floor, now barely able to stand”

Kuzo: Would you prefer to take her training. You need somewhat better physical skills despite your improvement in using your powers
Karuya: Fine then...I'll take her place

"He stands again, walking past Aya without a word, and grabbing the sword she was using. Aya looks up in tears, and Karuya just looks back and smiles"

Karuya: You leave now okay? Have the servants tend to those.

“Aya nods without a word, and heads for the exit, but she's forcefully pushed against the wall, albeit not with the same aggressive power as Karuya”

Kuzo: No. Watch carefully. Note his mistakes, note his triumphs, the few he will have ufufufu~ Learn to fight girl

“Aya shakes and slowly sits down, obeying her orders, Karuya glares at his grandfather in anger before attacking.”

Later that day

"Fawkes Logarth, the CIA agent,  is looking around town. He had sent Hank to find a place to stay, and was scouting around for information. It was a small town, chances are anyone could tell him exactly who the man he was looking for was. But the flip side is that it was easy for his own presence to be revealed. He had tracked the assassin to this town. He was intent on bringing him to justice.”

Fawkes: It would help if I could...no way

"Fawkes ducks as he seemingly notices something that is too good to be true. Karuya is walking in the street, moving with a  purpose in his step. Fawkes could not see the many injuries that once again littered his body from that morning's “training”. He turns invisible, and begins tracking him”

“Karuya meanwhile had made up his mind. He could not put it off any longer. He had to take Aya from Kuzo's grasp as soon as possible. He would not survive many more missions like his first, and if that didn't kill him, Kuzo's training would either kill him, or the girl. But the problem was what to do after. If he simply left with Aya, Kuzo would target the rest of Hanako's family, the Teishin clan. Another powerful family of evolved humans in the small town. Unlike the Ryogu, they were extremely wealthy landowners going back to before the Meiji restoration. And the bloodline had kept strong. He had no doubt Toko himself could hold his own, but Hanako and the other girl could not”

Karuya: There is only one solution

"Karuya arrives at the park, where he had set up the meeting. In a bench beneath the shade of a tree, Hanako is waiting. Fawkes is still watching, invisible

Fawkes: Seems he knows her...

"Hanako and Karuya are talking"

Hanako: -He is doing! Karuya you shouldn't lie about your grandfather. I know how he used to treat you, but Aya is just a young girl, he would not put her through the same-
Karuya: -How can you doubt me? I am telling you the truth. That man is a monster. I wont let him do it to your child. You can either do as I say, or Aya WILL die. Just be ready tonight.-
Hanako: -I'm not leaving Toko Karuya, I know how you feel but I-
Karuya: -Neither do I expect you to. I'll explain things to him. I know Toko and I never really got along, but I'm sure if I tell him what Aya is going through he will acquiescent to leaving-
Hanako: -I am not so sure of that...-
Karuya: -If he doesn't...no, I wont even plan for that. I refuse to believe Toko is that foolish. He's...he just isn't-

“The two of them exchange a look, and Karuya bites back his own fear. It wasn't so much that Toko was foolish, it was a matter of Toko believing his sword.”

Hanako: -I'll be ready tonight. And I wont breath a word until you arrive, in case Kuzo has spies within our staff.-
Karuya: -So you trust me?

“Hanako puts her hand on Karuya's face”

Hanako: -How could you believe I do not?-

“Karuya smiles and gets up, bidding his farewells. Fawkes had heard most of the conversation. This Kuzo, he had heard the name before, uttered by Karuya's victim. Something else was happening here and Fawkes was starting to get really curious”

That night, Ryogu manor

"Fawkes is seen waiting outside Ryougu mansion, parked just outside the gates, with another man in the car in a car. Hank Pengrove, one of Fawkes best friends. British of African descent, brilliant archeologist, evolved human with the power to locate anyone on the planet. It was thanks to him Fawkes had found Karuya so fast”

Hank: So? What exactly are we waiting for here Fawkes?
Fawkes: For something. My Japanese might not be perfect, but I know that the Karuya person mentioned tonight something was happening

“As the two wait, the dead silence of night is broken by a huge crash coming from inside the mansion. Hank and Fawkes exchange a look. Hank starts the car, and Fawkes turns invisible and pulls out his gun, heading towards the mansion's entrance, passing by the gate. He stands right to the left of the large door. As he prepares to crash open the door, Karuya comes flying through the window just behind him. In his arms, a little girl, perhaps the Aya he had mentioned previously. Suddenly the entire wall explodes with an old man following the two"

Kuzo: -Karuya!! Give the girl back or so help me god I will have your blood-
Karuya: -Like hell old man!-

"He starts running using his power to accelerate himself. The girl is crying in his arms. Fawkes, who  had just barely dodged the explosion, has little time to make a call on what to do. As he sees Kuzo raise his cane, he shoots him in both legs, before hitting in the back of the head, and turning visible”

Fawkes: CIA! Ryogu Karuya, hands up!
Karuya: You!

"The little girl is clinging to Karuya's chest. Fawkes takes one look at her before sighing and putting the gun away”

Fawkes: Fuck! Just follow me!

"Fawkes pulls Karuya with him and they both run, getting in the car"

Fawkes: Hank!! DRIVE!

"They speed off"

Fawkes: Alright. Who is she?

“Karuya plugs the girls ears”

Karuya: Aya...she...I apologize for the murder I committed, but right now, you must drop me off somewhere before that man
Fawkes: He isn't going anywhere. I knocked him out cold
Karuya: No, you don't understand. I am not the only one in danger. Once he wakes up, he will quickly get to us. You must do as I say

"Fawkes has no idea why the hell he's trusting him, but sighs and agrees"

Fawkes: Lead the way

“Karuya gently calms Aya, as the girl, seemingly exhausted, falls asleep in his arms. As he does, he directs Fawkes and Hank to the destination, another mansion, even larger than the Ryougu. The Teishin estate. A far more eastern looking estate, with far larger grounds behind the imposing gates.”

Karuya: This is it. You let me do the talking
Fawkes: Sure. I'm just coming in case that Kuzo guy wakes up. So just to recap, full spacial control? Including teleporation? That seems insane, even for what I've seen
Karuya: Trust me...you have not seen anything yet Logarth-san
Fawkes: Just Fawkes, no honorifics.

“Karuya nods, and the two get out of the car”

Fawkes: Keep it running Hank. Keep an eye on the girl
Hank: Understood.

“They head to the gate, and Karuya knocks. A servant is seen already waiting for the two, and leads them inside. A large garden to either the right or left, as they make their way to the main living quarters. At the entrance, Hanako is seen holding her other child, Akane. Toko stands in front of her, looking at Karuya in a mix of disgust and sternness. Fawkes could tell right away he wasn't exactly happy to see him”

Toko: -Karuya what are you doing here.-

“Fawkes also takes note of how he doesn't use any sort of honorifics, showing little respect. Karuya takes a deep breath. Another detail, Karuya himself seems to be exuding nothing but hate towards Toko, the deep breath a sign he is trying to stay calm. Fawkes was starting to wonder how smooth this talk would go”

Karuya: -Toko-san, you have to listen to me very carefully. The deal you made with the Ryogu clan involving Aya. You must take it back-
Toko: -That is none of your business. The balance between our two families has been kept for generations before us. I am sure Aya will be happy and it's not as if she's that far away, I don't see your issue with this-
Karuya: -My issue is that you are unaware of what Kuzo does in that place. The Ryogu family is a family of assassins, you know that.  The training he puts the heirs through is brutal. He has KILLED people with it. My uncle, and supposedly a brother I never knew. He did the same to me before I fled. He is doing the same to Aya. You need to listen to me, you need to trust me Toko-san.-

“There is a moment where Toko seems taken by the words, but he betrays nothing in his face. Fawkes however, can tell by the silence, but his body gestures. He was surprised by the words. A bit of relief hits him. Maybe things will go smoothly after all”

Toko: -I am aware of the training.-

“Fawkes looks shocked. Karuya's entire composure is lost in a second. Hanako's eyes widden, a hand raising to her mouth”

Fawkes: Karuya no...
Karuya: -You...bastard!-

“He activates his time powers and moves at insane speeds towards Toko”

Hanako: -Karuya NO!

“Before he can hit him, Toko outstreches his hands and sends out a huge wave of dark energy. Both Fawkes and Karuya barely have time to dodge, before the energy beam blasts into the gate behind them seemingly like a mist passing through it. However, everything caught in it slowly erodes and decomposes”

Fawkes: What the hell!! When you said he was an evolved human I didn't expect something like this!

"Toko slowly approaches Karuya and readies another blast

Toko: -You little weasel. You discard you own family name, run from you responsibilities, and have the nerve to come back and tell me how to act. And when I don't follow your moral high ground, you attack me. Get out of my estate before I do your grandfather a favor and end you-

"Karuya just stares him down. He expands his time field to envelop Toko and himself, Fawkes acts in quick tandem with Karuya. He grabs Hanako and the child and leads them to the car, shooting back bodyguards”

Hanako: What are you doing?! Who are you! Unhand me!

“He shoves her in the car, and then with a single hit to her neck, knocks her out, putting the baby in Hank's lap as his friend just looks on in shock”

Hank: I'm not a babysitter Fawkes
Fawkes: Just take care of the kid! She's asleep for now.

“Back inside the time field”

Karuya: -I'm not the one that gave away his youngest daughter for some pointless deal. I'm taking all three of them and getting them away from this place-
Man: -Do you believe she wants to go with you?-
Karuya: -What does that have to do with anything?-

"Karuya dodges the slowed blast within his time field. The field wears off again as Fawkes rejoins the battle, and Toko takes note Hanako is missing"

Karuya: -Toko...you are just a petty little man with no willingness to fight for your loved ones. Or maybe you don't love her at all-
Toko: -You're just a jealous pathetic scumbag. You really think I believe you're doing this for her? You are a petty little man doing this because you want her-
Karuya: -Like hell! Otherwise why would I give you the chance to flee yourself-
Toko: -Because in your little head, you're a knight doing the right thing. But the truth of the matter is so very different. Now where is she?-

"Fawkes just stares at the fight. For the man he had just met, he could tell it was little more than a scuffle with a hoodlum. But for Karuya...there was something more to this than just protecting those 3. He had personal issues, and they were seriously clouding his judgment

Hank: Fawkes..they're all in the car, lets just go

"Karuya and Toko just stare at each other"

Karuya: -You don't love her-
Toko: -That is your selfish view of things. You simply refuse to look at me and acknowledge that I love Hanako. That I give her a life YOU can't. But above everything else, you refuse to accept she loves me as well. You're nothing but a weak little man that thinks he's a hero-

Fawkes: KARUYA NO!

"Karuya actives his powers. Toko reacts at the same time and blast the entire area around with the decomposing energy wave. However, he neglected the above. Karuya jumps up, and then descends just as the field drops, returning time back to it's regular motion. However, it's already to late for Toko, as Kariya lands behind him and aims his knife to his spine. Before he can stab however, Fawkes stops him, having moved in the same manner. After grabbing Karuya's knife hand, he turns around and gives a single round house kick to the still adjusting Toko, knocking him out”

Fawkes: -Get a fucking grip!-
Karuya: -I...I...-
Fawkes: -Listen to me very carefully. You kill him, you confirm he's right. Leave him alone for now and you can at least PRETEND he's not right-

“Karuya puts the knife away”

Karuya: Lets go

“They walk out”

Later that night, Teishin estate

"Toko is seen slowly waking up. Karuya and the other man had taken them. He had to he had to hurry. Hanako was probably scared out of her mind, and his little girl. Regardless of what Karuya said, Toko loved his family. What he did, he did because there was no other choice. Kuzo was just as much of a threat to him as he was to everyone else. But Toko did not know of the torture and training. Karuya's methods were childish and naive, but regardless of his methods, he was right about one thing, Aya could not remain with the old man.

Toko: After I get them back, I have to leave this town. I cannot allow Kuzo to-
Kuzo: What's that?

"Kuzo had suddenly appeared behind him"

Kuzo: What did I overheard just now, Teishin-sama?

"He turns around. The old man was surveying the damage and shaking his head"

Kuzo: You would betray me as well?
Toko: You said you would take care of her Ryogu-sama. Is what Karuya says true?
Kuzo: I'm making her a killer, just as I had said. An assassin worthy of my family's name. I'm teaching her how to fight.
Toko: By what means!? She is my daughter, I will not allow this!

"Toko loses it, and attacks the old man. Almost instantly, he's cut up everywhere by knives that seem to appear out of thin air. He drops to the floor again, bleeding out. Kuzo looks down on him and shakes his head”

Kuzo: You could have been useful. Your father was much more rational. Ah well, no matter. I have to track down that insolent brat.

"And with that, he disappears, teleporting away. Toko can barely breath. No servant comes to his aid."

Toko: k-keep t-them s-safe...

“He gasps out the last words before he goes silent”


"Fawkes is seen dropping off Karuya somewhere in the city,. It seems Karuya had an apartment there. After helping take the sleeping girls and the unconscious Hanako up, Fawkes and Hank get ready to go"

Fawkes: -I can't let you walk like this...I'll probably send someone I trust to keep an eye on you. Don't try to run without telling me.-
Karuya: -Thank you...for everything-
Fawkes: -Far as I know, I was following a lead when I ended up helping some innocent bystander. That's all. Watch your back.-

“Fawkes and Karuya exchange a handshake”

Hank: Nice to meet you...sorry I don't speak much Japanese
Karuya: I appreciate your help as well. Should you ever need me, either of you, feel free to ask

"Fawkes and Hank drive off, as Karuya looks on, before going back inside"

Hank: So what now?
Fawkes: I'm looking into this further. There's something off about this entire Ryogu family. Pretty sure if they're a family of hitmen, there should be a file on them at the CIA. Once I know more, I'll try to help that other Toko guy out. Seems to me he didn't know jack shit about what the old guy was doing, he faked it for some reason

"Back with Karuya, he walks inside the appartment. It was a small place, but it was kept clean and orderly. Hanako was sleeping on the couch, the girls were in his room. He gently opens the door and watches the two, and Toko's words come back to him, as well as little bits and pieces of a conversation almost a decade ago. He was 16. He had finally had enough of Kuzo's training, and he had decided to flee. He went to Hanako, and asked her to come with him, and then she told him about the marriage. He simply had asked her if she was okay with it, and when she didn't answer, he left. Toko was right about one thing, he did want her. But he was wrong about everything else. He wasn't doing this to have her, no matter how much he wanted it. He was doing it because it was the right thing. All he had to do was keep the three safe, wait for Fawkes to come back with information they could give to Toko as proof. He could then blackmail Kuzo with the same intel, and Aya would be free. Between his thoughts and the extreme fatigue in his body, Karuya doesn't notice Hanako get up, and walk behind him. However, he does sense the intent to hit him, turns around and grabs her hand. She goes for another, he grabs the other hand, and the two just stare at each other”

Hanako: You...you idiot! What did you do?!
Karuya: Both of the girls are safe. Toko is fine, I didn't harm him. This was the only way. If I left you behind, my grandfather would have gone after you when I took Aya
Hanako: And why leave Toko behind!?
Karuya: He's a powerful man. He can take care of himself. Once we have something Toko can use for bartering, I'll take you back. Aya will be free. This is the best way
Hanako: You heard him! Toko knew about the torture! He wont agree
Karuya: Fawkes told me Toko was surprised to hear it. He's a well trained CIA agent, I trust his word...or maybe I just want to trust Toko's character.
Hanako: Bullshit!

“Karuya looks amazed at Hanako's swearing”

Hanako: You're just looking for a way to not fight for what you want as per usual! Hiding behind these stupid games and “heroics”! You're a coward! You've always been a coward!

"Hanako is trying pry herself free, while Karuya just tries to calm her down. Her words were stinging him, but he tried to stay calm”

Karuya: What are you talking about?!
Hanako: You've been a coward ever since we were kids! Running away instead of staying and fighting!
Karuya: What are you...

The two struggle around the living room of the somewhat humble apartment. Eventually however, his fatigue on the body from overuse of his powers causes him to fall back. Hanako reacts instantly and makes sure he lands safely on the couch, falling on top of him. With how tired he is, she can actually hold him down”

Hanako: Why?
Karuya: What?
Hanako: Why didn't you fight for me then? Why did you wait until now? Until it's too late!
Karuya: Hanako...lets not do this. Not tonight. This has nothing to do with the two of us, no matter what Toko wants to believe, or what you want to believe...or what I want to believe.
Hanako: Again! You keep doing it! Be honest for once goddamn it!
Karuya: Fine! I love you! Is that what you wanted to hear!? Does it matter one single bit right now? You're married, you have a family. I WILL NOT prove that bastard right and take you away from that.

“They glare at each other”

Hanako: So didn't take me back then because you were a coward, you wont take me now because proving Toko wrong is more important than getting what you want? You are broken inside, you know that?
Karuya: Yes, I do, what of it?

"They continue to glare, before Hanako leans down and kisses him. Karuya doesn't struggle, not that he could with her holding his hands, not that he wants to even if she wasn't”

End chapter 2

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“A man was seen thrown into a wall, cracking it as his body hit the cement. A woman was crying as a man dressed in a designer suit approached her with a smile on his face, and an eerie blue energy pulsating through his hands.”

“Please you don’t have to do this Claud! CLAUD!”

“Shut up! You know damn well I need this, besides let’s not make this situation seem all my fault, now? Come on Ms. Iltore you knew what you’re husband was capable of, you knew the purpose of this research, you knew they were others..and well..to make a long rant short..curiosity killed the cat..so this death is fitting.” Claud bent down smiling getting closer to the woman tracing his fingers through her hair as she shivered and shuddered in fear. Everywhere his fingers touched on her scalp caused the hairs to fall out and she held back tears seeing her years of growth hitting the ground.

“Hmm..don’t worry don’t want you bald, want you all beautiful for your funeral right? I at least owe that Vinlo, nice young lad, see I’m nice, I could kill him after you guys, maybe I will…ooh..such a weak young boy..the things I- AAAH”

Claud yelped in pain as a dresser flew into him, looking to see the man he’d tossed into a wall was up and stronger than ever. Toying with his wife, mocking her and his son, he’d had enough. The Man was infuriated and the ground was shaking, as he charged forward suddenly a blast of blue energy hit not him, but his wife slamming her into the wall. “NO! M-“ He turned around to grab her only to be tackled from behind by Claud who’s suit was now damaged. He grabbed the man’s face and slammed him into the ground a few times, the blue energy around his hands extending all over the man’s body. And suddenly both Claud and his victim were engulfed in the blue energy. The man screamed in pain as the blue energy from his body was drained into Claud and after a minute at most, his body lay on the ground cold,

“Delicious…mhm, damn..” He looked over to the wife cringing pain trying to crawl away while Claud walked over to her. “Damn I shouldn’t have eaten the main course before..the appetizer, then again..maybe I can have desert. Come on…you want to save your son’s life?”

“W..what..are you..”

Claud walked over to her, and with a simple hand motion his belt came unloose, and his pants fell to the floor.

Vinlo..Iltore. The only survivor of the Iltore family, his parents had been brutally murdered. The cause of death was unknown. They were battered but not to the extent to kill them, they were merely found lifeless. That’s what was portrayed on the media, promising geneticists in Summer-Holt, a research company in Europe responsible for a lot of great things, many of which the Iltores had contributed to before there deaths.

The said heir was sitting down in a dark room viewing the media report of his parent’s death. He had several pictures and notes connected by strings on a brown board. On it where various things some related to Summer-Holt, others related to the mysterious Claude Abbadeli CEO of Summer-Holt who’d retired and vanished off the face of the earth a year after his parents passing, various things related to his parents death, and other people.

“Fucking Claud…” Vinlo waved his finger as if motioning for someone to come over to him, and a clipboard came or to him, on it was a list of names. One was the name of a woman

Elliot Barnes
Genetic Modification Confirmed
Alteration – Clairsentience
Ability to see history of objects, and potentially living organisms as well, further noted..

Vinlo stared and closed his eyes as his chest started to rise up and down having memories. “I killed her…and she’s next..I won’t let you die in vain…Velma.”


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