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 Melker Friedschka (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Melker Friedschka (Heroes Uprising)   Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:12 am

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Retaliation unto forgiveness; betrayal unto belief; despair unto hope; darkness unto light; death unto life. May you rest in my hands. Let there be mark of your sins. Eternal life is found only in death. Forgiveness is before you, and so my incarnation vows. "May God have mercy of this soul (Lord, have mercy)
Melker reciting the Baptism Sacrament

Name: Melker Friedschka
Codename: N/A
Alias: Dark Angel, Dark Magician
Age: 16
Height: 5'3
Weight: 109 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Identity: Public
Citizenship: Germany
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Homo-superior/angel
Ethnicity: Germanic
Personality: She is a quiet and reserved character with a very great distaste for all angels and demons due to what the war of Heaven and Hell has done to her family and life. Unfortunately, Lucifer's extensive torture has broken her soul to a great degree, and she has developed a sadistic and evil nature. Anyone she associates with angels or the Heavenly Host is an enemy to her due to her conditioning, despite her hating Lucifer and Hell's legions just as much. Normally a possible ally against Hell, she was instead turned into a killer of all things Abrahamic.
Base of Operations: None
Universe: Earth 616
Known Relatives: Father (Church Inquisitor, deceased) and Mother (angel of the Heavenly Host, deceased)

Allies: German army
Enemies: Angels, Demons

Occupation: Magus, Second lieutenant in the Imperial German Army
Religion: Catholic Christian
Theme Song:
Kalafina - Magia (PaperBlossom cover) [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Yuki Kajiura - Pugna Cum Maga [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Mythology: Melker was implanted by Lucifer with knowledge of mythology and mysticism, particularly related to the Heavenly Host. You will struggle to find any human more versed in the history of Yahweh and his children.

-Enochian: She can both speak and write the language of angels.

-Occult knowledge: She is well read in the occult and particularly exorcisms, as well as purification and warding against evil spirits. She is taught both in the western and eastern doctrine of exorcism magecraft, but only uses western.

Weapons and Gear:

Faustus: A weapon forged in Heaven, it uses Enochian Sigils to create pure Heavenly energy to compose the blade. It can thus harm both demons and angels, as well as most other creatures.

Arm guards and Leg guards: Blessed relics from the times of the Crusaders, they are inbued with enochian magic to allow drawing of sigils without blood, drawing life force from the user instead.

Due to her mutant x-gene mixing with her angel heritage, Melker cause use an heightened form of enochian magic, which takes on a dark yellowish appearence. She is also familiar with the Holy Sacraments

-Dark Enochian: She wields a powerful magecraft, unique to her so far, called dark enochian. Drawing sigils and speaking the words the same as the regular magecraft of the angels, her power is boosted by her own mutant heritage. It is also possible she draws her energies from elsewhere other than the Heavenly Host. The sigils are diverse and can be used for a multitude of effects. They are particularly effective against angels
--Banishment: The most basic sigil, it banishes any angel caught within it, even archangels, and sends them back to the host. Demons, it sends them to hell. Used on humans it teleports them anywhere she states.
--Imprisonment: It catches them within the circle. Escape is impossible without harming the sigil. Perhaps her strongest sigil, she attempted to trap even Yahweh in it, but could not succeed.
--Enhanced physical attributes: It buffs hers or anyone else up to angel level strength.
--Energy blasts: She creates the sigil to then fire out magic missiles against targets. The power varies depending on the sigil used. She can leave the sigil in place as a trap to be triggered, creating an explosion rather than a missile. It can be both burning or concussive
--Flight: She can give herself or others wings of light with which to fly up to mach 5
--Psionics: She can give herself or others sigils to block psychic attacks and shield their minds, or use sigils to mentally interogate someone, or even control matter through telekinesis.
--Healing: She can heal just about any wound, mental or physical.

-Holy Sacraments: A type of self suggestion magecraft based upon enochian and the arcanum ego, Aggamotto's first path. While having a very reduced application range, it is exceedingly effective in banishment and blessings. It's application is usually against ghosts, ghouls and to lift mind control or purify evil
--Baptism Sacrament: The most basic of spells, it allows for the banishing of any entity from within the human body or soul.

INT: C (A+)

Melker Friedscha was the only daughter of a priest working for the Burial Agency. On his travels, her father met an angel, and the two fell in love, and shared a life. However, the angel was caught between the Wars of Heaven and Hell, and was killed, but not before leaving behind Melker.

She was raised by her father as an Inquisitor of the Church, taught occult and the magecraft to ward against evil. Since early on she showed great promise with it, and mastered the Baptism Sacrament only by age 10. Not even 4 years later, her father was also murdered on a job, again by demons. As she tried to make a normal life for herself, her first love died from diseased. This finally broke her, and she attempted to call forth Lucifer himself, to both gain power from him and kill him later. Finding him in a little bar in New York City he found her attempts amusing, and entertained her with the story of Faust, not revealing himself as the Morningstar to her. Helping her bring forth the power to resurrect her love, she found she had pulled him from Heaven, and he wanted to go back to that happiness. Lucifer then manipulated her and set her against the coming angels who were sent to retrieve the soul. Fortunately, it was Uriel, who managed to talk her down. he took her to Namini, the current sorcerer supreme, so she would take care of the girl.

However Lucifer had seen something else in the girl. He bid his time, and during Castiel's take over, demanded she be handed over to him as payment for his assistance. After getting her, he tortured her soul and mind, forced the evolution of her powers to their full potential, and used her as his final weapon against his Father. However, as strong as she was with her dark enochian magecraft, she was powerless against Yahweh. Lucifer was defeated, and she was handed to Namini she once again escaped, this time on her own. Her soul still belonging to Lucifer, she decided to become a slayer of all related to Heaven and Hell. Angel or demon, it doesn't matter.

She began hunting angel and demon survivors after Mother's chaos wave in Los Angelos, but was foiled in time by Tie and Earrings, with Earrings entrapping her and stealing her weapons. She escaped and hid in the city until she was contacted by people from the future, looking to stop Tanya from unleashing Hell. Despite her efforts she failed. Ruth, sensing her distress and choosing to act benevolently due to her past, and the Heavenly Host's own blame in it, returned her weapons and allowed her freedom. She soon disappeared after that.

She resurfaced in the German Empire, joining the army and becoming one of the elite troops under Helena von Richthofen herself, the Chancellor promising to use her intelligence network to aid her in her quest to hunt angels and demons on Earth in return for her services against the Russians.

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The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
Albert Einstein

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PostSubject: Images   Thu Oct 27, 2016 8:36 pm

Second Lieutenant of the Imperial German Flying Corps:
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The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
Albert Einstein
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Melker Friedschka (Heroes Uprising)
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