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 Burial Agency (Ghost Rider Agency)

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PostSubject: Burial Agency (Ghost Rider Agency)   Sun Apr 27, 2014 2:50 pm

May God have mercy on your soul creature of the night, for we wont.

Name: The Burial Agency, the 13th Cabinet, the Church
Location(s): Vatican city

The Burial Agency possesses various holy artifacts of varying power that it uses to deal with demonic and paranormal threats, some of them dating back to the time of Jesus of Nazare.
They have also developed a unique weapon called the Black Key, a thin sword made of a blessed and unique Damascus steel alloy that gives it a black shine. It can be wielded as a dagger by its Executioners and is especially effective against beings of the night.
All Executioners are also versed in the magecraft of Holy Baptism, a self suggestion type magecraft that specializes in exorcism and dispelling of evil.

The eradication of all demonic and paranormal entities, and the eradication of all heresy

The Bishop of Rome

The Burial Agency is extremely small in numbers, never counting more than 100 members at a time. However, they are all extremely capable fighters with specialization in paranormal threats. There are two types of members, Executioners, and Inquisitors. The Executioners are priests, that exorcise or assassinate evil beings and spirits. Essentially the investigators and killers of the Catholic Church
The Inquisitors are the fighting force, the last remnants of the of the 1st Crusade, all anointed knights that specialize in anti-paranormal warfare and engagement.

All Orders of the Catholic church owe the Burial Agency patronage, whether it be monastic orders or knightly orders.

The Burial Agency was created long ago by St Peter and the other Apostles, and traces it's origins back to the Holy Land itself, there serving first as protectors of Christianity against the abuses of the Roman Empire. Later it was this agency that purged Rome of paganism and installed Christianity in the city, and then spread it to the rest of the Empire. With the barbarian invasions, they were left with the job of curating Rome.

Throughout the Middle Ages, the Burial Agency was at it's strongest the same as the Church itself. Counting well over a thousand members, they traveled the world and eradicated all paranormal and otherworldly beings, contributing greatly to the waning of the fae folk and of the mysticism of the European continent, replacing it with the faiths of Abraham, creating bases of power everywhere around the Christian world. However, first due to Islam, and then due to the Schism of East and West, the Agency waned. After the fall of Constantinople, the Renaissance began, and as the Church lost it's power, the Burial Agency lost funding, unable to put the massive collection of Holy Artifacts it had gathered to use.

All over the Christian world, they were supplanted by other anti-paranormal agencies, particularly in England where they were forcefully removed by the Anglicans, who later created the Witch Hunter's guild to replace them, and in the north of Germany, where they were removed by the protestants. Their last great base of power, the Iberian peninsula, created the Inquisition that would later be merged into the Burial Agency.

As the Church further lost power, so did the Agency, so they shifted their methods from mass eradication to creating a small elite force of extremely capable fighters and priests, each capable of doing the work of a hundred slayers.

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Burial Agency (Ghost Rider Agency)
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