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 The Red Branch (Ghost Rider's Agency)

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PostSubject: The Red Branch (Ghost Rider's Agency)   Sun Apr 27, 2014 3:22 pm

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We will not give up and despair, We are on a mission from God

Name: The Royal Order of the Red Branch Knights, The Royal Order of Protestant Knights, or simply "The Red Branch", the Hellsing family

Location(s): British Isles
London HQ
Belfast HQ

The Red Branch has access to numerous mystical artifacts and weapons gathered over the years by their predecessor the Witch Hunter's guild and by themselves during the 19th century. Most of the relics are Celtic or Germanic in origin, however due to the former expansive British empire, they count on the most diverse gathering of mystical artifacts.
Their weaponry and equipment is especially geared towards paranormal threats, like vampires, ghouls, werewolves, and other similar beings.
A lot of it's members are also versed in magecraft, particularly runic magecraft to use for warding against threats. They possess the largest library on occult and witchcraft out of any human organization, counting on books from all over the world, from Chinese mysticism to old native American shamanism
The soldiers are equipment with weaponry capable of killing beings of the night, such as blessed bullets, silver tipped bullets and other such ammunition.

To defend Her/His Majesties realms against all paranormal threats.

Charlotte Roan Monthaven van Hellsing

The Protestant Knights are a tight knit paramilitary organization. Most of it's notable members are nobles, or otherwise have trained for command since early age, and are taught in all manner of occult, magecraft and anti-paranormal defense. They also employ paranormal beings willing to cooperate with them.

All soldiers within the Red Branch are well trained elites, especially prepared for dealing with vampires, ghouls and other such beings. They also employ mercenary groups trained in the paranormal.

The Royal Order of Protestant Knights is perhaps the most well known order of vampire killers and Witch Hunters in the paranormal world. It has its roots in the Witch Hunter's guild, a loose joining of witch hunters created by Oliver Cromwell during his reign, and that survived into the late 18th century, and the Red Branch Knights, a confederation of warriors that fought the occult in Ireland.

When the American branch of the Witch Hunter's guild split off after the revolution, the guild waned in power. Finally Queen Victoria took personal control of it, struck a deal with the Red Branch, and renamed it the Royal Order of the Red Branch Knights. Internal politics and discrimination of the Irish at the time lead to an alternate name, the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, although despite best efforts of the British side, the common soldier and hunter, Irish or British, would still simply call it "The Red Branch."

During the 19th Century, the Victorian Era, the Red Branch was active across the entire world, from Canada to Australia. They at the time were the foremost experts on paranormal activity and could be counted on to deal with any situation. The Queen herself headed the organization with zeal and efficiency. During this time, the van Hellsing family, a notable noble house of vampire slayers, took permanent control of the organization on behest of the Queen after she saw herself become too old. She picked the van Hellsing's after Abraham van Hellsing became infamous for killing Dracula.

During the 20th century, like it's American counterpart the PDF, it focused mainly on counter intelligence and elimination of paranormal German projects, especially during the Second World War.

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The Red Branch (Ghost Rider's Agency)
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