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 Hei (Heroes Uprising)

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He was like some kind of Chinese Electric Batman!

Name: Unknown
Codename Hei
Alias: Black Reaper; Chinese Electric Batman, Mutant Killer
Age: around late 20s
Height: 6.3
Weight: 165 lbs (mostly muscle)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: China
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Unknown
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Chinese
Personality: Hei is very stoic and a man of few words. He hardly reveals anything about himself, and normally stays quiet and collected. He's rational, and judges his options purely for his own self gain, interested in simply surviving. As such, he can easily ignore things such as loyalty and love. The only except are his team, Huang and Mao, and Yin. Over time, he has come to respect Filipe as well, and later Harry, and views them as comrades who is willing to help without profit to himself.
Base of Operations: Shanghai
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father and Mother (deceased), Sister (Deceased)

Allies: Huang and Mao, Filipe and Harry. Otherwise whoever pays him

Enemies: Syndicate, MRD

Occupation: Assassin and mercenary
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:
Yoko Kanno - Deadly Work [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Yoko Kanno - Total Eclipse [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Yoko Kanno - Contact [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Assassin: Hei, mostly thanks to his emotions, but also to his sharp wit and quick thinking, allowing him to take advantage of the surrounding environment to further his needs, is a master assassin and killer

-Master combatant: Hei's fighting style is mostly free with martial arts in it's roots. His fighting skill is beyond anything, and he's know as the the "mutant killer" due to the fact that even without his power he can take out mutants of fairly high strength alone. His skills are such that he barely has to use his powers.

-Weapon's Specialist: While he can wield any kind of weapon, from a gun to a sword, he prefers his two combat blades that he carries with him. He uses these with extreme precision and deadliness, able to utilize them in conjunction with his wires to increase the range and potency for a finisher with his electric shocks. He also uses them again in conjunction with his wires to serve as a grappling hook

-Stealth Operations Expert: Hei's skilled enough to easily infiltrate locations with massive security features undetected.

Weapons and Equipment:
-Combat Knives: Hei carries with him a pair of combat knives which he uses with extreme proficiency. He normally throws them attached to his wire to use as conductors for his electrical charges. The materials are from the planet Saakar, and are harder than most Earth metals.

-Wires: He carries with him a long set of metal wires that he uses for both scaling walls, and restraining his opponents. He normally uses them to discharge his electricity so has to attack from a longer range when there is no other conductive media

-Kevlar Coat: His coat is reinforced with kevlar and serves as a bullet vest

Hei's mutation is unique in that his body hasn't adapted to the existence of his powers. As such, using his powers at full scale hurts his body to a great degree. As such, he limits the way he uses his powers

-Quantum Molecular Manipulation: He has shown using the ability to transform integral particles on the quantum level, which works to a much greater degree than Ray's power. So far his only demonstration is a barrier that doesn't allow anything, even light particles or atoms to enter it. Aaron has theorized that possibly, even the flow of time is not allowed within his barriers

--Electrical Discharges: Hei possesses the ability to generate and discharge electricity through conductive media (i.e. he cannot discharge it through air or concrete) at sufficiently high amounts to kill grown men or short out a building's electrical systems. He uses this power mostly as a finisher or to attack enemies he cannot reach.

Peak Athlete: Hei's discharges are especially useful because of his amazing physical conditioning:
-Agility: He's show enough agility to avoid a point blank diamond spike from Tesla with only a hit to his mask.
-Speed: He can move at great speeds, getting between both Tesla and Kiya without them having time to properly put up a guard
-Dexterity: Besides using his wires with his blades, he can also use them separately, easily controlling them in lassos and capturing enemies


Hei was orphaned relatively young in the slums of Shanghai, and left with only his sister. The two of them only had each other, and grew depending on that. One day, his sister developed the power he has, with a greater proficiency for the quantum manipulation aspect. She was hunted down and recruited as a member of the Syndicate, the Hunter group in charge of monitoring Earth. Hei, to not leave her alone with the fact she now had to kill in order to live, became an agent as well, despite being only human.
During this time, his extreme skill lead him to become know as the "Black Reaper".

However, during a mission, his sister was ordered with the task of creating a barrier around a certain focal point for the Syndicate that they needed closed. Hei saw as her sister sacrificed herself to do so. Years later, he developed the same power as her sister, but to him, it caused huge strain on his body to use, so he kept it at the powers he shows.
He continued to work for the Syndicate, now having nothing worth living for.
However, he again gained a purpose when he meet Yin, who they charged him with protected, as she was a key factor in the upcoming Hunter invasion. Soon, the two came into a team with Huang, Hei's handler, and Mao, a talking cat, that's actually a human trapped in a cat's body

Hei's first appearance is when the Red Room hires him to retrieve Harry and Filipe, who they had just defeated with a sneak attack. He fought William and easily beat him, but William kept healing himself, so he retread to avoid further conflict. The Syndicate decides to take Harry and Filipe for themselves, possibly to make into Hunters. Harry escapes and Hei's group is forced to flee with Filipe as authorities arrive at their hideout. Filipe agrees to be trained by him in return for his loyalty when the time came.
3 Days later, at the Hunter War, Hei showed up with Yin and Filipe. As Filipe headed out, Hei took Yin and headed to the center of the island. His orders were to get Yin there so she could use her power to kill all the mutants on Genosha. On the way, Harry tried to stop him, but Filipe intervened. He meet more opposition in the form of Metallic's group. He quickly took out Metallic, and then after a fight in which Yin helped, took out both Tesla and Kiya.
When he got to the center of the island, Yin was about to active her powers when Filipe showed up. Hei told him the truth, and Filipe turned on them, attacking Yin, but Hei threatened to use his powers to full effect. When neither backed down, Yin tried to stop them, but lost control of her "ghost". For some reason, Hei decided to shut off the area, and activated his powers, setting up an unbreakable barrier.

5 months later, the Black Reaper had reappeared in Tokyo. Harry, now working for MI6, was investigating the events on Genosha, and came face to face with him. Hei, Harry and an Syndicate assassin Solf battled it out, and it was revealed that this may not in fact be Hei, as he seems to be using freezing instead of his electricity.

This turned out to be accurate, as it was actually Filipe. Hei was in Moscow at the time, and was eventually tracked down and captured by the MI6. However, the Predator invasion gave him a chance to escape.
His next appearance was in Lisbon, after Harry had discovered he was really after Yin. Harry, Hei and Filipe ended up sailing to Genosha, where they meet Yin again, and Hei, finally reaching wits end at Yin's madness, killed her, much to her sane sides happiness.

Hei disappeared off the map since then, but reemerged as the CIA asked for his help in capturing two agents, Gorgon and Psymor. With Filipe's help, he did so and rescued Harry who had been captured by them, but Gorgon got away. He chased after her with Huang and Mao, and the three man cell engaged her again in a party somewhere in Europe. The result of this fight is Medusa's escape.

Hei was then dragged to Saakar with his two friends by unknown means, called on Saakar the Great Portal. His fate on Saakar is still ongoing

After returning to Earth, he aided Filipe during the Dark Month, as without powers he was amongst the most skilled fighters left on Earth. He was later hired by Gary and Stew to dig up evidence on Oscorp's shady business.

During the Brood Wars, Filipe had him assist in the breaking in of the MRD prison. He infiltrated the prison, and both times helped them escape and complete their objective

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Hei (Heroes Uprising)
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