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 Interesting Spring Anime

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PostSubject: Interesting Spring Anime   Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:59 pm

Mekakucity Actors

Somewhat futuristic Japan as a setting. First episode starts off with a NEET as a MC and his cute AI on his computer. After he goes out to buy a new keyboard the mall is taken over by gunman and he runs into some superpowered teenagers who help free the hostages.

Interesting series with a gang of people with superpowers that aren't extremely powerful, but together can do a lot.

Captain Earth

Awesome Mecha Show. Its kind of hard to explain even the first episode but I'll try. The planet has been involved in a secret battle with some alien creatures that use giant mechs and are trying to reach Earth. The MC's father used himself and his own shuttle to suicide bomb the first attacker like badass. Daichi the MC for the summer goes off to where his father worked and his old friend was last seen.

Shit happens, the aliens come back, a girl tells him to get in a mech like his father and then one of the best mech transformation sequences ever happens.

Looks like a cool series, but I'm not sure if I will stay with it. So far the protagonist isn't a whiny teenager and will actually take action pretty often. There are a few other fun characters, but the main issue is that there is a lot going on in the story than necessary.

Chaika Coffin Princess

Possibly my favorite of the season. Just to keep it brief its about a young veteran Saboteur who is hired on by a strange girl who carries around a giant wan in the shape of a sniper rifle (not joking). I don't want to go too much into this, but I think the main draw for me is the MCs motivations. He isn't in it for the good of mankind or anything. The guy isn't good at anything else but fighting, so hell if he's hired by fucking Sauron then fuck it why not. He's getting paid.

Now here are just the names because I'm too lazy.

Black Bullet - Kind of feels like Gunslinger Girls but with less depth and more Giant Monsters.

The World is Still Beautifu
l- Cute show with a questionable pairing. Its pretty funny though and I like it.

Knights of Sidonia
- The CG is kind of crap except for the action and OP monsters. Interesting society and it has a third gender.

Soul Eater Not!- If you are even slightly interested in Soul Eater series you may want to watch it. While it does give you a different glimpse into the world of Soul Eater and DWMA the show feels like K on but with more action.

All of these are on Crunchyroll except for Soul Eater Not!
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Interesting Spring Anime
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