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 Erica Strauss (X-Force)

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PostSubject: Erica Strauss (X-Force)   Erica Strauss (X-Force) I_icon_minitimeThu May 01, 2014 3:07 am

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She's emotionless, devoid of a soul, no remorse or guilty consciousness. The perfect soldier
Fawkes Logarth

Name: Erica Strauss
Codename: Morph
Alias: N/A
Age: 25
Height: 5.4 (can vary)
Weight: 134 lbs (can vary)
Alignment: True Neutral
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: USA
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Asexual
Species: Homo-superior
Ethnicity: Caucassian
Personality: Erica, as a result of being brought back with only her memories and no soul, feels no attachments to these connections. As such, she's emotionally void and will feel nothing about taking a life or otherwise
Before she was turned, she was an average girl, with a dream of one day changing the world and making a difference. She enrolled in the marines exactly for that, before she was caught up in the struggle of the evolved humans, and killed by Zulan
Base of Operations: Genosha Mountain
Universe: 616
Known Relatives: Father and Mother

Allies: X-Force

Enemies: MRD

Occupation: Covert Operations, X-Force member, sharpshooter
Religion: None
Theme Song:

-Hand to hand combat: Trained both in the Navy SEALs and by Fawkes personally, Erica is a brutal hand to hand fighter that will not hesitate to perform crushing physical blows to either kill or permanently injure her target

-Sharpshooting. Erica is an accomplished sharpshooter. With deadly accuracy, she can take down multiple targets consecutively, on one occasion has disabled a ground to air missile by shooting a precise point that caused it to explode in mid air and can shoot fast moving targets without much difficulty.

-Infiltration and special operations: A combination of her powers and tutoring under Fawkes have made her an expert on infiltration, sabotage, espionage and assassination.

-Barret M84 Energy Rifle: A state of the art, customized energy rifled based on the US issued M84 multi-round anti-armor sniper rifle. The original rifle is capable of firing various types of rounds all in the 50 caliber range, ranging from hollow point to armor piercing to anti-mugen, Erica's has been modified personally by Aaron Stark. Capable of both firing plasma energy in a single straight beam with high armor penetration or concentrated bursts of highly incendiary properties.

-Shape Shifting: Erica can alter her own body to take appearances of other human beings, as well as taking on their physical traits (but not their powers), such as strength and conditioning. She can alter the position of her organs to avoid major damage to them, but this can cause problems in her case as she doesn't possess an healing factor like the people that have copied her powers. Her clothes do not shift with her, unless she is using a specially constructed suit


Erica was born into an average family from the southwestern countryside, growing up around livestock, farming and taught very early on how to handle herself. Feeling a sense of monotony and boredom with her life, when she turned 18 and finished high school, she enlisted in the army. Looking to both challenge herself and make a difference in the world, she further applied for both the Navy SEALS and the Marine Corps. Being rejected from the Marine corps, she never the less manage to slowly ace the SEALs training with recommendations from various instructors, particularly due to her talent for long distance assassination and sharpshooting. It was around this time of street and constant physical effort that her powers manifested. She kept them hidden, fearing repercussions on her career, but immediately saw the potential applications in stealth missions.

When her future self was revealed to Yamairo, Milo in the past decided to recruit her help in stopping German. At this time, she became entangled in the fights of the evolved humans, and it soon cost her her life at the hands of Zulan

However, she was brought back by James, Nate and William with the intention of killing Sandra, by having her turn into Dave so as to fool her. The attempt failed, and she was almost killed herself, but was saved.

Fawkes invited her into the X-Force, knowing her lack of emotions would prove useful. She remained with the X-Force from there, undertaking various missions as the team's sharpshooter and scout.
Her lack of emotion has been address numerous times by the new members of the team, and Amber has made attempts to fix it. However, most have failed.

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Erica Strauss (X-Force)
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