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 Rachel Ventro (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Rachel Ventro (Heroes Uprising)   Thu May 08, 2014 12:26 pm

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I could see and prepare for anything I wanted, but life is so boring without a little surprise in it.
Rachel Ventro

Name: Rachel Ventro
Codename: Foresight
Year of Birth: 1993
Height: 5.6
Weight: 124 lbs
Identity: Secret
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Citizenship: USA
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Rachel is a very open and anarchist girl. She doesn't really care much fore rules, she was flirtatious and teasing of men, although this part was something she moved on from (if no counting what she does to Filipe), and she can be aggressive and obstinate in getting what she wants.
Despite this, she has a great deal of love for those close to her, and this showed most when Filipe "died", which lead to a spiraling depression that culminated in the loss of control of her powers.
She doesn't really have it against anyone she meets, and perhaps the only person she genuinely hates is her mother, because of the neglect she suffered at her hands. She goes out of her way to disagree with her, and at one point in her life made sure to do anything she could to anger her (this included her flirtatious attitude). This relationship has mended greatly over the last few years, in part thanks to Filipe's influence on her.
Known Relatives: Henry (Father), Angel Ventro (Mother), Milo (half-brother), Leah (half-sister), Filipe (boyfriend that might as well be husband), Stella (Adoptive daughter), Gally (Adoptive daughter)

Allies: SXM

Enemies: MRD

Occupation: Fortune Teller, Currently none
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song:
Original - Bon Jovi: You Give Love a Bad Name [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: Her seduction can be considered a skill when applied the right way.
Filipe has also taught her basic self defense.

Precognition. She can trigger visions of the future or the past. The difference is that her power is developed much better than Holtz, as it doesn't require a medium. She can keep her sense while having the vision.
She can control what she wants to see perfectly. Her emotions can affect her visions, showed when she lost control over her powers during her more depressive moments


Rachel Ventro was born in NYC, the daughter of Henry and Angel Ventro. However, she was born due to an assault by Henry, and as such, Angel looked at her as nothing more than a reminder of the man she hated. As a result, she was shipped away. Her entire childhood and teenage life was spent going from place to place without friends on intimate connections. She grew to resent her mother so much she'd go out of her way to get off her radar.
Perhaps as a result of this connection with her mother, either out of hatred of need for love, her manifested power was similar to her mother's. When it first did, she used it to save a man from an exploding bus, but instead she was accused of being a suspect. Angel had German make everything go away, and while Rachel thought she'd finally get what she wanted, her mother's attention, it proved to be for naught.

She was shipped off to Paris, and kept away from Milo and Leah. While there, she finished school and College, and took up a job as a fortune teller. She also became a manipulative woman who would use men around her to her own gain, especially to avoid having to ever deal with Angel. During this time, Angel had her name officially changed to Ventro, despite her not being Samuel's daughter.

The heroes at some point came to know of her existence, and required her help. While she initially flat out refused, Angel forced her to assist the SXM in stopping Legacy. During this time she took a liking to Filipe manly due to her flirtatious nature. He didn't like her because she saw her as someone who only wanted attention and was compensation for something. Perhaps the fact he touched the sore spot caused Rachel to become even more interested in him, either out of need to spite him or otherwise.

Filipe was forced to take her along to Japan by her own blackmailing. During the trip she started to actual care for him, understand why he didn't like her, and look into her own faults and weaknesses. Due to this, she began to change a little, only actually messing with Filipe to get into his head. When they returned, she was kidnapped by Akatsuki to get Milo to do as they say, but was saved in the end.
When they returned, she continued to mess with the cryonkinetic, until Filipe finally started to admit that he actually had feelings for her. During the Phoenix Alliance arc, she was almost killed when Genosha was attack, but managed to save herself from the major attacks.
After, as the SXM dealt with the after match of the Hunters revelation, she managed to convince Milo to let her take Filipe with her on a trip. During it, she forced him to admit he liked her, and the two started dating.
When he was kidnapped by Akatsuki because of his status as an elemental, she was furious with the others for not helping him and protecting him.

She continued to remain with the SXM, helping them in any way possible, through such events as the Olympian invasion, the Sefirot incident, and the Legacy Virus and Decimation. Filipe disappeared during the Legacy Virus incident, but Rachel helped Harry locate him against Milo's wishes
Finally, the Hunters attacked full force. During the struggle, Filipe was considered MIA. Grief ridden, Rachel's usual happy attitude was replaced with sadness and great and many alcoholic drinks. Marie, who shared a similar problem, helped he greatly during these times.

Finally, when even her powers were failing her, it was revealed Filipe was not dead, and after dealing with the things he had to deal with, returned to a crying Rachel, showing just how much really did love him.
After Milo retook Genosha, Rachel essentially forced Filipe to move in with her outside of the mansion in one of the residencies on the island, the two living together ever since. She occasionally helps the SXM with their various problems, serving a powerful source into the events that are transpiring.

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Rachel Ventro (Heroes Uprising)
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