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 Scott Young (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Scott Young (Heroes Uprising)   Scott Young (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 02, 2014 4:36 pm

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Name: Scott Young

Codename: Crusader

Alias: none

Age: 22

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 220 lbs

Alignment: Good

Identity: Public

Citizenship: United States of America

Marital Status: Dating Minerva Mercury of The Avengers.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species: Human

Ethnicity: Anglo-Saxon

Personality: Warm and outgoing, Scott finds it easy to make friends. He is brave, strong, kind, and caring, traits that make others gravitate to him and put their hopes in him. Using Valor Armor boosts these traits of his personality, making him courageous, fiercely determined, and slightly reckless, sometimes. He can sometimes be a bit oblivious to others and their needs, but his tenacious good-spirit means that he never loses hope or confidence in himself. Not afraid to think outside the box, he can achieve through brains what he can't by brawn. Scott has a tendency to try and accomplish things by himself due to almost always fighting alone, so he's not always the best in team situations. Scott also has a strong sense of morality and justice, combined with compassion for even his enemies, which can rub some less heroic people the wrong way. He is also very direct and honest, which sometimes puts him at odds with those he interacts with.

Base of Operations: His residence or PI firm Valor Investigations in Manhattan, NY. Sometimes the Shadowgreen Institute in Nice, France. Within Earth 616, Scott has spent the most time at the HQ of The Avengers.

Universe: Earth 1, but is currently inhabiting Earth 616.

Known Relatives: His mother and father, James and Eloise Young.

Allies: He has numerous friends from the Shadowgreen Institute, including its Head Mistress, Yvette Duchet, who also founded the Shadow Force. God, the Judeo-Christian deity who rules Heaven, created all within Scott's multiverse, and chose Scott as His Destroyer. Alan Arnan, his predecessor and the God of Fire who trained him in martial arts. Chiang Kaishu, a Bodhisattva who trained him in weapons and philosophy. He has off-world allies in the Kasha and Voltari, alien races from the planet Kasha that created the Voltari Soul called Valor that Scott gets his power from. The weapon itself is made from the body of another species on Kasha called the Voltari, and Scott has friends from both races. Valor, the Voltari that is like a brother to Scott and shares power with him. The Shadow Force, Shadowgreen's law enforcement agency of superheroes. The Shadow X-Men (SXM), The Avengers, and The Code: Breakers are Earth 616 factions he has worked with.

Enemies: The Grymwar, the sworn enemies of the Kasha. They came to Earth hunting for the weapon that the Kasha bestowed on Scott. Scott killed Dulzak, the leader of the Grymwar, to save the Earth. As such, the Grymwar consider him an eternal enemy and occasionally send agents or hirelings to try and kill him. Vizharr, the new Chieftain of the Grymwar, and his Voltari, Jukei. Blood Wolf and other enemies from Earth 1 and Earth 616. Godric and his Godkiller Mages. Anyone who hurts the innocent or his friends/allies.

Occupation: Private Investigator

Religion: Scott has a personal religious relationship with the Holy Trinity, but he is philosophically a Buddhist. This is due to his exposure to both Eastern and Western cultures.  

Theme Song: New World-Hokuto Musou OST

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Skills: High adaptability, has complete mastery of all martial/combat arts, has complete mastery of  all weapons, and a tough mind to deal effectively with stress. Scott has an in-born ability to adapt to his opponent and gain battle sense to match theirs, so a strong opponent will find themselves in trouble if they damage him greatly or the battle drags out.

Weapons: His body can be considered a weapon due to his knowledge of the martial arts. Otherwise, he can make use of anything on hand, should he need to.

Powers: Scott was trusted with the soul of Voltari, and had the soul placed in his body. This allows him to manifest the shell of the Voltari on his body, which acts as both armor and a weapon. The Voltari is named Valor, and their combined spirit energy fuels Scott's Destructive Aura and the energy in his techniques. At first, he could only cover his right arm in black and gold armor. Over time and with dedicated training, this spread over the rest of his body and he gained new and more powerful techniques. During his battle with Dulzak, he called upon the Forbidden Tenth Fist, which was similar to Valor's first form, only red and gold instead of black and gold. His ability to use Valor grants him incredible strength and endurance, and his combat experience and training allows him the adaptability that it takes to overcome any situation. The bond between Scott and Valor affects the durability of his armor and the potency of the rest of his powers. The stronger their bond, the stronger they are, for they are two that fight as one. There is almost no limit to how strong and durable Scott can become

Bio: Scott lived his early life as just a normal teenager of a middle class background in Detroit, Michigan. One day, he saw gang members in downtown Detroit doing a drive-by shooting on a rival gang in which a young girl would have been caught in the crossfire. Without a second thought, he threw himself in front of the girl to protect her. This noble action was seen by the Kasha, inter-dimensional aliens searching for a host for their weapon, the Voltari Soul. Empress Enjela, beloved ruler of the Kasha, manifested Voltari Armor on him, which protected Scott from the bullets. Amazed by this turn of events, Scott immediately told his parents about his situation.

Scott was no longer just a normal teenager, and would need special training to learn how to control this power. At age 14, he was sent to the Shadowgreen Institute in Nice, France to begin his training. Though his power could be devastating, its limitations earned him the scorn of some of his fellow students. Using their power, the Kasha linked him to Alan Arnan and Chiang Kaishu, two allies that could teach Scott to defend himself and prepare to save the world from an invasion of the Grymwar, the sworn enemies of the Kasha. As his training progressed, Scott progressed through the ranks of the school and defeated powerful naysayers to gain the respect of his fellow students, as well as making some friends. It was after his graduation from Shadowgreen that he was forced to go to New York to battle the Grymwar.

Normal Grymwar were no match for his skills, but their leader, Dulzak, was another matter. He had harnessed tribal shamanism, known as Blood Magic, to erase the impenetrable shell of the Voltari with his staff. His tough skin could take blows from Valor, and his Blood Magic could disassemble it. Having used up all nine of his summonings, Scott was forced to go beyond this to attempt to summon the Forbidden Tenth Fist, a life-threatening maneuver. When he finally was able to summon it, he used his Shining Fist of Valor to strike from a distance with ten times the strength of the original Fist of Valor. Dulzak was killed, the Grymwar on Earth were wiped out, and the Earth was safe from their threat.

Scott returned to Shadowgreen to seek medical care following the battle with Dulzak. After this, he returned to the United States and became a private investigator by day and a superhero at night. One day, Scott encountered a portal that took him to the dimension of Heroes Uprising, where he was to fight the Goblin Force alongside the heroes of that dimension. He ended up fighting a Godkiller Priest to a draw, but Godric was stopped by others. Meanwhile in his own dimension, trouble was brewing...Blood Wolf escaped from Shadowgreen and entered HU before being thrown out by Scott and rearrested by Shadow Force. He is now pursuing a romantic relationship with Minerva and allying with the Code: Breakers.

Scott has recently been applying his heroic skills in Earth 616's New York City, and it has gained him fame and adoration. However, it has also touched off a new struggle between heroes and villains. Scott has acquired new allies in Glory and Avery Goodman, and there may be more on the horizon.

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True Grave

True Grave

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PostSubject: Re: Scott Young (Heroes Uprising)   Scott Young (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 18, 2014 10:07 pm

This is a list of the techniques that Scott has thus far acquired.

1. Fist of Valor: After his arm has turned into Valor, it shines one bright mass of colors and hits its target with all of the body's weight. This technique was used to defeat Nick (Shell-Shock), which was able to counter his Shell Cannon finishing move.

2. Double Fist of Valor: lands two Fists of Valor on the same person, doubling the impact due to double the weight from the arms. Scott achieves this ability from the Kashans when he becomes a Medial.

3. Million Punches of Valor: After Scott learns the ability to metallize both arms and gains six Valor summonings per arm, he can use them to land tons of Fist of Valor punches on an opponent. Scott uses this finishing move to defeat Mike (Sandstorm), who could restructure his body with sand. The punches landed faster than his body could be reformed, rendering his defenses useless and causing his defeat.

4. Drilling Fist of Valor: Used during Scott's fight with Richard (Rocky), a Superlative student that can turn his body to stone. His fist rotates 360 degrees continuously, boring through armor to land a Fist of Valor strike.

5. Armor of Valor: Covers his whole body in Valor armor, making even basic strikes devastating. Gains nine Valor summonings per arm.

6. Forbidden Tenth Fist: When all Valor fists have been exhausted, Scott can endure great pain and suffering to summon a tenth Valor fist on his chosen arm. This forbidden fist is different, shining red and gold instead of black and gold. The only usable techniques with it are the regular and Drilling Fist of Valor, but coming from this arm, they are ten times as powerful as their regular versions.

7. Shining Fist of Valor: A technique only usable with the FTF. It sends a blast that contains all of the power of a Fist of Valor that can strike from a distance. With this technique, Scott no longer has to get close to attack.

8. Shining Sword of Valor: A technique only usable with the FTF. A Shining Fist blast is stopped once it penetrates an opponent, and becomes an energy sword that he can wield. The range of the weapon can vary greatly, and he can take down many opponents at once with it. It is also great for literally cutting enemies much larger than him down to size. This technique was born at Avengers HQ while competing with Kiya, and he has been perfecting it ever since.

9. Quick Armor: This technique has been with Scott ever since his days at Shadowgreen, and is a way for him to manifest his Valor Armor without damaging the environment with his Destructive Aura. He first began to use it as a New Blood at Shadowgreen to deal with sudden attacks and ambushes. During the time he was meeting with the Code: Breakers, he learned how to signal Valor to manifest his whole suit of armor by slamming his fists together in front of him. Over time, he will be able to do it with just a thought. This is one technique that will continuously grow with him.

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True Grave

True Grave

Posts : 425
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PostSubject: Re: Scott Young (Heroes Uprising)   Scott Young (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 30, 2017 6:56 am

Scott has appeared in two different forms within Heroes Uprising. The first was as Scott Kearny, an early incarnation that can be seen on pages 6-13 of Heroes Uprising Thread 3. This Scott was an ally of the Shadow X-Men, and fought alongside other heroes. He was presented as being born in the HU universe, but this is not true. This section has since been retconned to reveal that his true last name is Young and that all of that was a dream brought on by overwork and comic binging to relieve stress. This means that Scott Young, the real Scott, has had no dealings with the SXM and would know them only from the dream.
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PostSubject: Re: Scott Young (Heroes Uprising)   Scott Young (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitime

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Scott Young (Heroes Uprising)
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