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 Silver Rider (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Silver Rider (Heroes Uprising)   Silver Rider (Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2014 5:41 pm

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Silver Rider

Name: Jason Radd
Codename: Silver Rider
Alias: N/A
Age: 20's
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Public
Citizenship: Zenn Lavian
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual(Questionable)
Species: Cosmic enhanced Zenn Lavian
Ethnicity: Variable
Personality: Jason Radd has an extremely inflated ego, and to many is the definition of conceited. He thinks highly of himself and will sometimes speak in third person when making boastful claims about himself. He has no problem abusing his powers to get what he wants whether it's things or people. His only interest in being a hero is for the attention and fame it brings, and otherwise he's not concerned with others. He'll do anything to survive even if it means risking's others safety, and the only other people he has legit concern for are his own parents. Due to his upbringing he's spoiled and used to people catering to his every whim. He's well known for his reckless behavior and tendency to indulge in narcotics, heavy alcohol consumption, gambling, and loose women. One of his favorite past times tends to be putting others down to make himself feel better, and he's always itching for a fight.
Base of Operations: His Board
Universe: Earth 616
Known Relatives: Norrin Radd(Father), Mother,

Enemies: Monel, Black Zero, Nova Corps,

Occupation: Adventurer
Religion: Believes in himself
Theme Song:

-Basic Hand to Hand Combat Knowledge: He's received some training from his father, and Zenn Lavian military but due to inability to listen only has mediocre combat abilities.

-Hyper Intelligent: He shares his father's vast intelligence, although his mind isn't as scientific due to not honing his studies he's still smarter then the average Zenn Lavian, and knows his way around most labs.

- Ace Pilot: He's an expert pilot, one of the few things he actually wanted to learn about. He's a natural in almost any vehicle specifically those take flight from helicopters and jets to vehicles that enter hyper space, although his primary mode of transportation is his board his father constructed for him.

Weapons: Cosmic Surfboard
When flying, the Silver Rider  uses a construct which resembles an earthly surfboard. This "board" is made with the same silvery material (The Galactic Glaze) that composes the Rider's body, thus making the board indestructible. Few forces aside from the power cosmic itself can affect it, and if it is somehow damaged, the Rider can easily repair it in an instant.  The board is psionically linked with the Rider's mind in some unknown fashion, and it follows his commands instantly. It apparently taps cosmic energy in much the same fashion as the Rider himself, and although the Rider could theoretically use the power cosmic to fly without his board, the construct enables him to do so without expending any of his own energy. The Rider generally limits his speed to Mach 10 (ten times the speed of sound) within the outer layers of a planet's atmosphere, can attain 99.99% the speed of light in regular space, and can exceed light-speed within hyperspace. The Silver Rider is also able to trap living matter into his Surf board for extended periods of time, or even destroy living matter within the board itself. Unlike his father's board this one is capable of assuming virtually any shape or size allowing it to become a multitude of things from a bus to a space ship. It's also capable of functioning like a computer and a communications system that can contact anything from a phone to a space station.

Powers: Power Cosmic
The Silver Rider is empowered by the power cosmic as his father, and is capable of manifesting it for a variety of purposes. He typically assumes his father's silvery shape when he's using his powers, although he sometimes retains that appearance even when not in combat.

-Energy Absorption and Manipulation: The absorption of electromagnetic energy is the base of the Rider's life and power. Rider has complete control of the four fundamental forces of the universe, reaching nearly any effect he desires. As a result,Rider can absorb, manipulate and discharge energy of the entire electromagnetic spectrum at incredible levels surpassing the Nova Force and Milo's quantum bands and with sufficient destructive force to destroy planets. Additional abilities include erecting force fields, phasing through solid matter, accelerating the evolution of lifeforms on a planet-wide scale , seeing the past by peeling back the layers of time, time travel , trans dimensional travel, bestowing limited cosmic powers to others, reading minds , casting illusions , and influencing human emotion and sensation. Rider also possesses the ability to suppress or absorb the powers of other mutants/beings, making them temporarily or permanently unable to use them, like he did once with the Hulk. He can heal living beings, even if they are near-death[. He cannot, however, raise the dead.

Matter Manipulation: Rider can rearrange matter to create other objects of importance by rearranging molecules. He can also change the state of matter, such as changing solids into gas. Transmutation helps Rider escape traps and prisons, and can also be used to make an enemy's weapons inactive.

--Superhuman Physical Abilities:

-Superhuman Strength: Rider possesses enormous superhuman strength. Though the exact magnitude remains vague, he has often been shown to fight evenly with people who can lift far in excess of 100 tons. He can also use the Power Cosmic to increase his strength to incalculable levels

Invulnerability: Rider's silvery "skin" was designed to easily withstand the rigors of deep-space travel, and thus far, it has proven to be virtually indestructible. Among things that include simple blunt force, like withstanding a punch from Riya without flinching back when her power level was still just class 75, and not far above class 100 as it is today. Rider can withstand even the most extreme conditions, like the crushing pressures of a black hole. He is not bothered by the friction associated with atmospheric re-entry, and has withstood plunges into stars and supernovas unharmed. He also routinely weathers the stresses associated with high-speed travel through space and hyperspace.

Godlike Stamina: Rider's highly enhanced musculature generates no fatigue toxins, body stress, or even sweat, granting him inexhaustible physical stamina, which allows him to fight other beings for prolonged periods of time before tiring, if he even gets tired.

Flight Speed: Rider is one of the fastest beings in the universe, Rider can travel at speeds faster than light. His mind and body can be used at these speeds as well, making the Rider extremely reactive and agile.

Cosmic Senses: Rider has certain cosmic-energy enhanced perceptions which enable him, through concentration, to become aware of the patterns of energy anywhere in the world. These abilities allow him far-ranging vision (in space he can see people clearly over a light year away), the ability to see sub-atomic particles, superhuman hearing, the ability to detect fields, traces, and concentrations of pure forms of energy and discern their natures.

Cosmic Self-Sustenance: Rider does not need to eat or breathe since he absorbs life-maintaining cosmic energy directly through his skin.



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Silver Rider (Heroes Uprising)
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