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 Sandra Fuller (Heroes Alternate)

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PostSubject: Sandra Fuller (Heroes Alternate)   Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:14 pm

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Name: Sandra Fuller.
Alias: Sandy.
Age: 16.
Height: 5'4.
Weight: 131lbs.
Alignment: Neutral good.
Citizenship: Genosha. (Was born in Phoenix, Arizona)
Sexuality: Female.
Species: Homo-superior.
Theme Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Personality: Sandra is a sweet girl who's never the cause of trouble, but is always the center of it.   She started off somewhat withdrawn and shy, though the True Notes has helped her break out of that shell.    She cares passionately for her friends, especially Tenesha and Emmet who she has the greatest connection to.  

On the other end of the spectrum Sandra is also capable of great hatred.   Troy and Karen are the main two she despises although Megan is a pretty high third.    When pushed to far Sandra can turn merciless, seeking vengeance on those who've hurt her or her loved ones.    Prime examples of such is her fight against both Eva and Troy, or her revival against Karen.

Known Relatives: Faith Fuller (mother), Tomas Fuller (father), Tanesha Mack (girlfriend), Juliet Velaraah (sister)

Allies: Emmet (close bond), the other True Notes.

Enemies: Megan (brutally tortured her), Karen (tortured her as well), Troy (the ring leader behind all Sandra pain), Mafia (by acciation with the other 3).

Occupation: Student.

Skills: Sandra is a above average natural singer.   While a little rough around the edges compared to Emmet or Tie, Sandra makes up for the inexperience with heart and emotion.     Her performances pulls audiences in and gets them emotionally hooked.

Sandra is also a impressive dancer and at one point was starting to adopt well to cheerleading.

Powers: Telekinese and telepathy.    She has 2 mind based powers, telekinese lets her move objects with her mind without touching them.   Telepathy lets her speak to others though their thoughts and read minds.    Her telekinese is really low level right now but she's started training it.    Sandra currently has a hard time getting clear telepathic messages across, often causing those she tries to reach a lot of static and severe headaches.

Phoenix Force Avatar: Sandra is being targeted from all sides for being the main Phoenix avatar.   Sandra herself, as well as the other True Notes are completely unaware of this and the Phoenix has yet to shown any great deal of presence.

Bio: Sandra started off alone in the rp.    She made her first close friend when she bumped into Emmet in the halls.   This friendship deepened when when Troy assaulted her during class and Emmet confronted him to defend her.    She grew close to Emmet to where it seemed as if they had a sibling relationship.     Sandra was later kidnapped and tortured as a means of revenge on Emmet.    Sandra had no hope of defending herself against Megan at that time, and Megan put her though pain and torment like she'd never felt before.

After suffering a near death experience from that day Sandra moved on to officially join the glee club, which would later be known as True Notes.   She made lots of new friends and getting on stage and singing her heart out, those turned into some of the happiest moments of her life.   After relating with all the True Notes Sandra was later kidnapped a second time by Karen who had orders to kill, Troy having gotten word at this point of the Phoenix possibility.

Sandra was again victimized and brutally wounded, though she did get a counter strike in against Karen, it wasn't enough for the doll sized Sandra to escape.   With help of the newest member Noah, Karen was found and stopped, and Sandra was rushed to Dr. Spyade for the second time in the span of a few weeks.

After this two things happened.   Codillia took Sandra under her wing for lessons, and Sandra started developing a friendship with Tenesha.    At first Sandra brushed of Tenesha seductive antics as just some girl play.   But when a  string of spguattie caused the two to lock lips, something happened.     Sandra found herself left confused and afraid of what she was starting to feel towards another women.     Sandra withdrew from Tenesha a bit following this, not wanting to risk their friendship.    She latter opened up to the only person on the island she felt comfortable to talking about this, Emmet.

Emmet took Sandra's feeling into consideration and helped convince her to follow her heart.   Sandra would soon open up to Tenesha following a musical number, laying all her cards on the table in a make or break situation.    Tenesha would quickly accept Sandra's passionate confession and a relationship was formed.

On that same night Sandra would show some light signs of dislike towards Victoria, this was do to Victoria stealing the spotlight from Sandra and Tenesha during such a heartwarming moment.   Emmet stepped in before anything could start though, helping put the spotlight back on Sandra and Tenesha where it belonged.    Later the following day Adrian would present the two girls a gift on Victoria's behalf, to try and do away with any lingering hard feelings.

Sandra would soon move in with Tenesha.    In addition to staying hidden from the Mafia as much as possible, Sandra would also learn the joys of hot lesbian sex from Tenesha, which would become a event the two girls would experience many times going forward.  

Sandra connection ran so deep with Tenesha that it seemed as though she could sense her girlfriend in peril.   When Tenesha life was hanging in the balance after she confronted Troy, Sandra woke abruptly from her sleep, knowing something was seriously wrong.    Sandra ran to her lovers side, knowing exactly where to go and understanding the situation fully, knowing what had to be done to save Tenesha.     When Tenesha life was secured Sandra would faint on the spot.

Sandra and Tenesha would be placed in the same hospital room overlooked by Katy.   Sandra would awaken first soon followed by Tenesha, who would come clean about being blackmailed into working as a double agent for the Mafia.    At the moment Sandra didn't care, she was to happy to see that Tenesha was alright and fully understood Tenesha was not with them by choice.

The two girls would patch things up right then and there, making out out in the hospital room.   Later when Tenesha revealed the same truth to the other True Notes, Sandra stood by her lover, defending her every step of the way, so confident Tenesha was now finished with the Mafia that Sandra said if Tenesha was voted out, she to would leave the True Notes as well.

During the True Notes raid on the Mafia HQ, Sandra remained hidden with Tenesha.    Tenesha decided to teach Sandra some self defense moves while Codillia gave Sandra a few tips on how to use telekinese and motivated the gentle girl to take action when time is needed.   Before Sandra would get the chance to put her teachings to use, the Mafia would strike back.

Troy and Eva attacked Sandra and Tenesha.   Sandra ended up fighting Troy, she tried to defend herself but Troy just had to much experience and controlled most of the battle.    Sandra got beaten up badly and ultimately started fading.   When her vision faded to a strange white place, she had thought she died until she met a little girl named Phoenix who explained where she was.   Sandra was grateful and enjoyed the girls company,but had to insist she get back back to her body so she could save Tenesha.

When Sandra returned she heard Tenesha screaming, those screams triggered something and Sandra tapped into a deep power taking Troy and Eva both down before passing out.    She and Tenesha was helped by Tesla to the medic bay for healing and after learning of Emmet's capture, met up with the other True Notes present at Emmet's room to form a plan.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Sandra Fuller (Heroes Alternate)
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