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 Kiya Skies (hu alternate)

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PostSubject: Kiya Skies (hu alternate)   Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:51 pm

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Name: Kiya Skies.
Codename: X-32.
Age: Stopped aging in her young 20's.
Height: 5'8.
Weight: 137lbs.
Alignment: Neutral evil.
Citizenship: Undisclosed.
Sexuality: Female.
Species: Homo-Superior.

Personality: Kiya is always focused on the mission and completing the objective.   She can be aggressive when needed but can remain professional as well.    She does not care about making allies or enemies.

Base of Operations: Undisclosed.
Known Relatives: Unknown.
Allies: Greg, Troy, Mafia.
Enemies: True Notes, anybody in her way.
Occupation: Hired gun.
Theme Song:

- Close combat trained.
- Advance firearms training.
- Explosives training.
- Sword training.

- Sword.
- Pistols (2).
- Sniper (not always carried)
- Explosives (not always carried)

Powers: None, she's a cybernetic human.

Kiya cybernetic body consists of 2 metals. First her limbs or anywhere requiring flexibility consist of highly advanced mechanics which are flexible, have regenerative properties, and trance amounts of Adamantium for strength. This highly advanced, futuristic substance is unlike any other metal on Earth giving Kiya the flexibility of a human and strength of a tank.

Her inner core required a few human parts for her to function right. The scientists unable to replicate the problem solving and unpredictability of the human brain decided to Keep Kiya brain in tact. They also kept the heart to help regulate the brain and proper blood flow through the body to allow Kiya to maintain a coat of living human skin.

While these may appear as weakness, these vital organs are protected by pure Adamantium, a metal that is nigh indestructible.

Kiya has been seen to move small cars, run faster then the fastest known land animals, and survive long falls that would kill normal people.

Her limits are only truly known by the scientist that worked on her.

Bio: Kiya was a rouge mutant at one point until she was captured by the CIA and sent to a off the books division called Unit X.   She was held in a containment camp where she was mentally broken down and rebuild into a soldier.    After serving well and loyal to the unit she was put into a experimental operation where she obtained a cybernetic overall to increase her capabilities.

Owned consoles - Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4.

Previously owned - Playstation, Nintendo 64, XBOX, XBOX 360.
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Kiya Skies (hu alternate)
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