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 Twilight: Blood Wars

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PostSubject: Twilight: Blood Wars   Tue Aug 12, 2014 2:10 am

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An alternate universe of Twilight in which Bella Swan chooses Jacob Black over Edward Cullen and stays humans. This goes against the will of the Volturi and through the machinations of everyone, the Volturi have been destroyed. The vampire world is thrown into dissaray as factions fight for control. Amidst all of this, Carlistle Cullen, with his family form the vampire council and begin plans to push the vampire world in a more pieceful direction.

The Cullens and several of their allies live off of animal blood as opposed to killing humans. This notion is met with much outrage by the Vampires who see Carlistle as weak and a turncoat against his own kind. But the Cullens have a particular ace on their side, Shapeshifters. It turns out the Quilletes are not the only vampire killing pack to exist, several exist all over the world with their packs.United to fight against the Volturi, their victory has given them a new sense of purpose, for they were content with just protecting their own territory.

Now they wish to protect the entire world, as opposed to launching a mass genocide, they have Sided with the Cullens to help change the vampires,by force if necessary, and seems to be. A few vampires have concented to changing, some like the Cullens, wishing to live more compassionately, others curious about the strange Golden eyed ones. As the rest, they are vehemothly against this, seein it as a betrayal of their very nature. Now lines are being drawn and sides picked.

Things are further complicated as the three first vampires collide in this frey, their blood fued driving them to take opposing sides.

The Originals

In times immemorable, the first vampire spawned was a woman named Akasha. How she became a vampire is still unclear, but it wasnt long before she craved companionship and set out to create more. But it was not to be an easy task, for her venom was incredibly pure and as such lethal. Everytime she tried to turn a person, the venom would prove to much and the human's body would reject it, killing them. She scoured the world to find humans she thought would survive. Eventually luck began to favor her, for she found three humans. Two men and a woman, something about them just seemed right and she was compelled to spirit  them away and attempt the transformation. For three days she stood by motionless and watched them writhe in anger, on the third day the transformation was complete and her " childred were born ".

On a whim she decided to give them new names, names she thought would fit them perfectly, for they were the first to be produced from her lethal bite. She named the girl Eve and the two men were to be Adam and Lilith. She taught them all she knew about being a vampire and loved them as any mother could. The three of them were all incredibly different. Adam was strong willed and dominant, dictating to his " siblings ". Eve, dutiful and submissive followed his every word, having fallen in love with him. Lilith was more assertive and every bit as strong willed as Adam, the two constantly coming into conflict with which Akasha would have to end the disputes.

But amidst the animousity was a deep passion, carnal and wild. Lilith brought out another side of Adam that Eve could not, she watched the two from the background, growing angry and jealous as their connection grew deeper. Eve beseeched to Akasha that Lilith was unnatural and wrong, he didnt deserve to be in their Eden, but Akasha would hear no word of it. She loved them all so much. One day Eve caught Adam and Lilith in the throws of a passionate embrace and could do nothing but stand and watch as the two destroyed and recreated the very landscape around them.

Completely outraged, Eve went to Akasha again, wailing about the situation, that Adam was her mate and Lilith was stealing him from her. Again Akasha would hear nothing on the matter, in an action rage, Eve struck Akasha down, tearing her to pieces and setting her alight. She regretted her actions immediately but another part of her saw it as an opportunity. Adam and Lilith were devastated about the loss of their maker, but Eve twisted it around and blamed Lilith for only another vampire could destroy her. Lilith was wild and violent, massacreing whole villages and guzzling down their blood.

Adam lashed out against Lilith, the two battling for a solid year before Adam condemed Lilith and left with Eve, never to cross pass with Lilith again. In time the three began to pass the dark gift of vampirism on as Akasha had, and thus the species was born.


1. This is not a cheerocracy, I am the cheertator and I will deal with the cheeroncequences! LOL

2. Stephany Meyer overpowered the living fuck out of her vampires but lets " try " to show a little restraint, but still have some fun!

3. I dont know how big this will get(honestly it probably wont go past Mike, HB, and Myself) so no set limit on characters

Banned powers:
-Reality manipulation
-Molecular manipulation
-fiction manipulation
-empathic mimicry(for the moment, might cool to introduce a character with it later on)
-Honestly any power that Chu would pick
-Complete mind control(some is fine, not all)
-Space/Time manipulation
-Ability theft
-Ability bestowal
-Ability negation
-Canon powers are possible but must be tweaked

Character Skeleton

Physical appearance:
Race:( Vampire, shifter, child of the moon)
Abilities:( For Vampires this can include if they have an added special power)
Side: " Vegetarian" or bloodthirster
Theme song:
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Mike B


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PostSubject: Re: Twilight: Blood Wars   Thu Aug 14, 2014 1:58 am

Name: Raphael Vasquez
Age: 762
Physical appearance: Though he is a vampire, his skin has a dark olive tone to it. Raphael remains clean shaven with short black hair. He nor longer wears the traditional Volturi attire, but only chooses to wear black and red. Raphael has an athletic build and usually sports a smirk. He stands 5'10".
Race: Vampire
Alignment: Anti-Cullen
Personality: Raphael is a very upbeat man as far as old people go. He has never been the type to remain in a dull moment, even before he had been turned. He’s always showed a friendly side toward other vampires, and few humans. Most humans he sees as a food source, but others are sort of like actors in a giant show to him. When solitary, Raphael usually just listens to the music on his ipod. His friendly nature is something that is usually taken for weakness, but Raphael is extremely clever, a reason he even had place in the once mighty Volturi.

When with his wife, Olivia, he finds himself as her following companion. Though they are mates, Raphael doesn’t ever seem to be the one making any decisions for the two of them. He respects Olivia’s decisions, but may sometimes argue with her if he disagrees. He’s more loyal to Olivia than anyone else, for she was the one who gave him new life.

Abilities: The ability to cast illusions on others that are able to mask the target’s perception.
Hobbies: Enjoys listening to up-beat music on his treasured ipod, wandering, trickery, and people watching.
Side: Bloodthirster
Theme song: Monster by Kanye West
Likes: Up-beat music, pleasure, dark humor, new things, magic tricks.
Dislikes: Authority and dullness.
History: Raphael was born in Valencia, Spain during the early late 1200s. He was born of Moor decent, and due to this fact, he was heavily looked down upon. Though his mother died during labor, Raphael was raised as best as he could be by his Spanish father. Raphael’s father was a performer of the “mystic arts” and he made sure his son learned the family trade as well. Raphael caught on quickly, but tended to favor optical illusions. He enjoyed playing tricks on the wealthy Spaniards, which made him somewhat infamous in the slums of Valencia. He was called the Diablo Moreno, Brown Devil for is acts of mischief.
In adulthood, Raphael found himself at odds due to his Moor features. Due to an injury his father had received after beaten and mugged, Raphael had to perform on his own. Though his performances were great, Spaniards could only focus on his heritage and current events of the Spaniards taking the peninsula. Raphael could only foresee his own demise, either by starvation or violence. However, due to his father counting on him to make enough earnings to keep them both fed, he continued. One evening, during one of his performances, he spotted a beautiful woman in the crowd. Though her skin was pale, she was possibly the most beautiful he had ever seen. His lust took over, leading to him performing a trick for her. Others scowled at the young man who dared even laying eyes on such a woman. She was clearly royalty of some sort. When Raphael performed his trick with just a coin flip, he succeeded in deceiving her. The woman was confused at first and then she departed. When most of the crowd saw this as him cheating her, they erupted into a holler which sent Raphael on his way. He was prepared to make it home to his father, only find that his father had murdered in his sleep. Carved on his father’s chest was “MOOR LOVER”

That night, Raphael ran from his tent of a home and fled the city. He didn’t know where he was headed, but he knew to travel south. It wasn’t long until he was stopped, but not by a mob. Raphael found himself face to with the beautiful spectator from before. She made her identity known before biting Raphael with the goal of changing the young man. With time, Raphael became her mate and eventually her husband in later years. Raphael was brought forth to the Volturi after gaining control after his newborn years. It was then that he found a suitable crowd for his talents. He worked for the Volturi for centuries alongside his mate, Olivia until the once powerful group fell. Raphael and Olivia had made it back to Italy late enough from a mission to not have been caught up in the destruction. To this day, Raphael wonders how lucky was he to be one of the few survivors of the fall.

Name: Olivia Armenti
Age: 1004
Physical appearance: Olivia's is as pale as any of her kind. She has a few sharp facial features that make her look a lot fiercer than most females, but has enough soft features to show natural feminine beauty. Her hair is a glossy black, but kept cut short. Her body is sleek and curvy. Like Raphael she chooses to not to wear the traditional Volturi cloak. she stands at 5'5".
Race: Vampire
Alignment: Anti-Cullen
Personality: Olivia’s personality is… flexible. Yeah, flexible is the best way to put it without her threatening you with her piercing stare. At most times Olivia is calm, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t cold. She could watch a child be eaten alive rats without flinching, and that says a lot about how unaffectionate she is towards things. The only person she seems to show a warmhearted side to is Raphael, her mate. Other than Raphael, Olivia may tend to joke, but her humor is usually dark and threatening. Her lack of humanity is not only due to her vampirism, but her gift of being overly analytical.

Olivia is incredibly intellectual and uses her very mind as a weapon when coming up with tactics and decision making. She believes that the Cullens should not have destroyed the Volturi. She sees them as the ones in the wrong for allowing a human to know of the existence of vampires.
Abilities: Intuitive Aptitude
Hobbies: Reading a variety of books. Her favorite are fictional stories as they leave her entertained.
Side: Bloodthirster
Theme song: Dark Horse by Katy Perry
Likes: New things and entertainment
Dislikes: Abandonment, ignorance, other females.

History: Olivia was born in Sicily, Italy just after the first 1000 years after the death of Christ. Olivia was born into wealthy family. Little did she know that her family had acquired its wealth by the selling of slaves. She thought nothing of it as a child,but as she grew older, she found her family’s devotion to the task excessive. Olivia was fortunate enough to learn to read and was even given her own library due to how much she enjoyed reading works from across the continent. Her father knew that his daughter would make the perfect wife for someone of true royalty. He treasured her, and was only going to accept the wealthiest of bachelors.

One day, Olivia had noticed how stressed her father had been. She was confused by his mood and questioned him. It was then that he told her that he and his whole family would die very soon. That his buyers weren’t satisfied with his lack of “product” and they would have to look for another distributor. As he looked to his daughter, a selfish and dark idea entered his mind. That night, he had his daughter bound with rope and sent off to his buyers. He was sure they’d be happy and pay him handsomely. He sent a young educated beautiful virgin woman to them. She was worth a thousand common slaves.

Days later, Olivia’s father was given a letter stating that his buyers were impressed and would send their payment as soon as possible. They also stated that they would end their contract with the man, but spare his life for his gracious payment. Months past and still no payment, but the father was just happy to be alive. Almost two years passed before a carriage arrived at his manor on a cloudy day. He guessed it could only be his compensation from years ago. The courier had been the same man from years ago. Unfortunately, when he opened the carriage, his beautiful daughter stepped out with crimson eyes. She killed her father and all who had a part in her kidnapping. From then on she served the Volturi switching roles between being a recruiter and going out to kill those who had broken the laws put in place. To this day, she is loyal to the vampire coven that spared her.

Name: Chelsea Davis
Age: 20
Physical appearance: Chelsea now has pale skin and red eyes. She has wavy dirty blonde hair that goes down to the middle of her back. She has a little meat on her bones, but in the right places. She has soft facial features. She stands at 5'6".
Race: Vampire
Alignment: Unsure
Personality: Chelsea is a woman who has always wanted to see the good in people. Not only is she compassionate, but she enjoys life in general. Well this is how she used to normally be until she was bitten. She pretty much hates her life now. She fights for humanity and any goals she’s had have been flushed down the toilet. She believes that she may be the end of her own being.
Abilities: None.
Hobbies: She used to like to charity and food drives
Side: Unknown
Theme song: Outsider by A Perfect Circle
Likes: Music, helping anyway she can, her humanity, reading.
Dislikes: vampirism, sadists.
History: Chelsea was born and raised in Dallas, TX. She had a pretty simple life; the stereotypical blond haired cheerleader. She had her fair share of teenage experiences and did well enough in school to get to go to Portland, Oregon for college. She was aspiring to be a song writer for orchestras, solo instruments, and vocal artists.
Everything changed a few days ago when she was attacked while entering her apartment and left for dead. No has heard from her since then, and her professors with concern ask a fellow classmate and friend of Chelsea to go check on her. What happens next?
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PostSubject: Re: Twilight: Blood Wars   Wed Aug 20, 2014 9:47 am

Name: Floyd Banker

Age: 21

Physical appearance: It’s me nigga so naw I don’t look like no model

Race: Human

Alignment: Cynical Good

Personality: Floyd is a “Realist” aka cycnical bastard, he takes a depressing spin on most things, and dosen’t have faith in the greater good or that things will end up good. He’s naturally distrusting of people, and feels people are the real monsters, and that vampires are better for giving into hteir nature. He’s got religious views that fall in line with Christianity but believes himself a lost sinner and has no hope of redemption. He is suicidal and often tosses himself into the dangerous situations in hopes of getting to the end, which some people mistake for herorism. He’s got signifigant substance problems, believing sobriety to be the true hell.

Abilities: Hand to hand combat, and use of most guns.
I think I’m a great driver, but only cars can’t operate planes, boats or none of that shit
I can speak some Spanish
I know a lot about drugs and alchohol and have a high tolerance to them.

Well I have a gift if you can call it that
Ability Dampening: I can dampen/weaken things around me, I can turn it and off, I mean I should be able too most of the time I have no control then again what the fuck do I have control of? It’s a field around my body that affects living creatures in the area supernatural and otherwise. It weakens them, dulls them, so I suppose my power reflects on my purpouse making shit worst.

Hobbies: Sex, Drugs, Alcohol consumption, fighting, doing reckless activities, breaking the law, hunting dangerous supernatural creatures,

Side: “Vegeerian”

Theme song: Biggie – Suicidal Thoughts

Likes: Drugs, Alcohol, Sex, Partying, Money, Food, Defying Authority, Violence, Xbox, TV, Movies, Internet, Reading(Sometimes),

Dislikes: Pointless activities, life(sometimes), hypocrits, bad food, People who move slow

History: Floyd Banker really a pointless life to be honest, born in a bad part of Chicago, Illinois. Doomed from the start, his parents had come from similar impoverished situations. But they managed t do their best to raise him and keep him off the streets as hard as that was. He ended up moving to Atlanta sometime later where his life really took off. Had a mostly average wild life, as he got into high school, drank a lot, did a lot of drugs, fucking bitches, doing dumb and dangerous shit. Somehow along the way he crossed paths with the supernatural, a vampire killed his girlfriend. He managed to escape, or more likely the vampire was full and wanted him to live in fear. He was pissed, scared, had trouble sleeping for weeks, and was self medicating more then ever. After graduation he went on to college, and although he’s a self proclaimed vampire, he’s never seen or killed another vampire to this day, but he’s preparing himself, training himself, even taking breaks from day time drinking and drug use.


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PostSubject: Re: Twilight: Blood Wars   Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:15 am

Name: Adeline Chastain
Age: 282
Physical appearance: Small girl in both height and weight only 5,4 with a thin petite appearance. Adeline is just as pale as many vampires with Chestnut brown hair and crimson eyes standing out from her pale face. To many she seems like a young teenage girl on first appearance, but she never slouches or appears extremely relaxed. Almost always standing, walking and sitting with elegance and grace. There is a maturity in her actions that many vampires her age have mixed with a sense of danger like an animal encircling its prey.
Race: Vampire
Alignment: Anti-Cullen
Personality: Picture the daughter of 18th century French nobility, add the abilities of a vampire and a huge chip on her shoulder and that's Adeline. That is at least part of what makes her the woman she is now. What she is greatly known by is her words and actions. Simply talking to Adeline makes one feel as if they are talking to Royalty. Her voice and expressions are those of a Queen always at war. Adeline has sense of honor, arrogance, elegance and once she's angry Adeline's downright relentless rage changes her from a pretty young girl to a berserker.

Hobbies: Sky diving, partying (both High society and clubs),Fencing, going through town and talking crap about everyone around her, and hunting
Side:  Vegetarian
Theme song: Over Night Le Chevalier D'eon ending theme
Fight song: A Stranger I Remain
Likes: dancing, gardens, massive estates, music
Dislikes: show offs, unnecessary destruction, injustice and cynics
History: Born 1732 in one of the many estates outside of Paris, France Adeline was part of a rich noble family. There nobility came from an old line of Knights that fought bravely for France against the British in the Hundred Years War.  In short she was raised into a high standard of living and expected to represent that.

Adeline was taught how to be a proper lady. How to speak, dress, eat, walk, dance and many other rather mundane activities. They would appear mundane to most, but families like hers held these things under great importance. However Adeline was far less thrilled about this than her siblings. Always the wildcard she found her self more interested in the knowledge she was taught about politics and the other families. These were taught as ways of educating the girls on how they should interact with nobles, but to Adeline she often pointed out how they should be used much to the dismay of the teachers and humor of her father.

If life for Adeline went as it normally would then a promising young girl would have her head taken by a bloodthirsty French mob. However life was never mundane for her. Not when she met Frederic did her fate change. A young parisian she met during one of her outings into the city. The first time she was simply drawn to him. He appeared like any other handsome man, but something about him was just strange. In the seedy bar she met him Adeline noticed things about him most would miss. His eyes wondered examining those near him like a hunter eying his prey. She couldn't help but talk to him before her servants found her there.

Frederic showed interest in her on occasion, but mostly asked for her to meet him at night. They spoke whenever she could sneak out. Her own intelligence and wit impressed him. Adeline even had fun speaking with this man who actually at times treated her as a possible equal. Saying they were friends may not be accurate, however they would admit finding some comfort in just speaking to each other.

Soon their relationship was put to the test during the revolution in France. The streets were filled with masses of civillians and soldiers in constant conflict. When the fighting spilled out into the homes of nobles the Chastain estate was one of the first to be hit. Guards and the mob fought in the courtyards and even soon stained the marble floor of Adeline's home with blood. It was at night when they attacked and Adeline was able to escape outside and into one of the stables. Screams, gunfire and the sound of flames was the cacophony of violence that Adeline feared would occur.

Frederic soon came in a blur removing the hay she was hiding in. Adeline was frightened seeing blood covering him and his crimson eyes. Then she knew he was not human. He simply offered her a deal to join him. If he joined his family forever and abandoned this one then she will be saved. In her fear of death she immediately took the deal with one condition. Destroy everyone that has hurt her and her family.

When she was turned Adeline learned that everyone at her estate was dead. Servants and most of her family were killed or gone and dozens of the mob that attacked were ripped a part. Frederic Degarmo's new family welcomed her, but for years she was seen as the most arrogant member of the family. Adeline wasn't the strongest or fastest, but was the most manipulative and resourceful in and outside a fight. Even though she occasionally fought with Frederic over decisions she never did hate her new life.
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PostSubject: Re: Twilight: Blood Wars   Fri Aug 29, 2014 4:12 am

Name: Lilith
Age: 4546
Physical appearance: Lilith is incredibly good looking as vampires tend to be but it can also be said to be a subtle beauty. Possibly because he was created by the first vampire and his human appearance is still apparent. His hair is a stunning white color, that acents his pale skin tone. Do to his advanced age and excessive consumption of human blood, his red eyes are said to be an entirely new shade of the color. Body wise is slim, standing at 5'6
Race: Vampire
Alignment: Anti-Cullen
Personality: Lilith is an enigma, outward he appears to be a whimsical and outgoing, somewhat flamboyant individual. He's purpetually in a good mood, nothing being able to hamper this in the slightest. But it covers his true, demented and brutal persona. He lives by moral nihilism, meaning he believes nothing is inheriently right or wrong and all that matters is living or dying. He views humans as solely a food source and nothing more, but rarely he'll come across one that can catch his attention for whatever reason, always other men. He believes vampires to be profoundly more superior to any other race and holds their pride above anything else.Lilith is also fairly well versed in fashion as he loves clothes and the arts, only his love of violence and fighting surpasses this akin to hedonism.
Abilities: The represenation of physical special powers, darkness control
Hobbies: Murder, collecting clothing and paintings, singing
Side: bloodthirster
Theme song:
Likes: Murder, collecting clothing and paintings, singing
Dislikes: Women(specifically Eve), self-delusion, being bossed around
History: Lilith was born around the time Troy was founded, anything else about his former life was completely forgotten after he became a vampire due to the strength of Akasha's venom.

Name: Vincent Voltur
Age: 989
Physical Appearance: Vincent stands at around 5'7, he's a little on the thin but in an anorexic sense. His skin has the usual pale sense but with a slight shading, hinting at a mixed heritage. His hair is a metallic grey that rest atop his head in curls. He has a perpetual look of uninterest on his face, making it difficult for people to tell what emotion he's portraying.
Race: Vampire
Alignment: Anti-Cullen
Personality: Vincent takes introverted to a whole new level, he is incredibly apathetic to other living creatures, having no interest in humans, outside a food source, and other vampires. His one true passion is literature, he could spend his entire existance in a library and be content. Any book will do from the great classics of old to modern day teen drama, even every day manuals. He's amassed a sizable amount of knowledge and likes to put what hes learned to reality sometimes. He can be called a neutral person though recognized the importance of the Volturi and vampire lifestyle.
Abilities: Psychometry
Hobbies: Reading, reading, and more reading
Side: Bloodthirster
Theme song:
Likes: Books
Dislikes: People
History: TBA

Name: Michael " Mike " Newton
Age: 20
Physical appearance: Mike is described as having pale blue eyes, blond hair, a baby face, being 5'11" tall and being altogether good-looking. His transformation into a vampire has only hightened these futures, his blue eyes of course becoming red.
Race: Vampire
Alignment: Unknown
Personality: Mike can be described as being loyal and good natured, a competitive person that doesnt like to lose. He has always been able to get along with most anyone and not let things bother him, a friendly person but can be quick to give into jealousy. After his transformation into a vampire he became embittered and hostile, his mood going up and down constantly. He hates Lilith for changing him but at the same time he is also reliant on the ancient vampire. During times of danger and stress he emulates Liliths sadistic and brutal nature.
Abilitie: None
Hobbies: Sports, outdoor activities
Side: Unknown
Theme Song:
Likes: Sports, Animals, socializing with friends, Lilith
Dislikes: Lilith, Edward Cullen, drinking blood, not drinking blood, The shifters
History: TBA
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PostSubject: Re: Twilight: Blood Wars   

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Twilight: Blood Wars
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