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 Hell City, Year ????

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PostSubject: Hell City, Year ????   Hell City, Year ???? I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2014 10:05 pm

"It only took one whisper to break the silence.
And then, the whisper grew into a million chatters. The sound swept across the
valley of dreary grey clouds, breaking their hidden white faces and scattering a billion
fragments of echoes.
The blackened city danced with surreal light as the echoes vibrated off the
jagged, ebony buildings. Just a sliver of light shot through the sky, its arching path
tracing the darkness beneath it. Lurid statues, faded and hidden under the taller,
looming buildings, momentarily leapt into prominence under the light.
And then, they disappeared, swallowed into the darkness again as the light
retreated back to the sanctity of the clouds. The large, grey clouds seemed to hover
hesitantly before once again, another brave whisper sought to end the silence.
The whisper again grew into a roar, and the roar into rumble, soon
complimented by another brilliant arc of perfect-blue light.
And watching it all was the city. The blackened city, with a million histories, a
millions stories, a million secrets. Forgotten. All forgotten.
Gone, just like that streak of light, to be lost again.
In the once-splendid network of concrete buildings and wires lay a shell of
broken cement and metal.
And now, even illuminated by the glorious display of light and sound, the city
knew no other name.
Welcome to Hell City, year 5093 AD.
Sector: XX09"


Many centuries ago, pure, full blooded humans were all but wiped out by an oncoming darkness, now only a few remain in each sector. The sector's are all labeled XX and then the number of humans that are left in the city. They are hunted by monsters, and unknown to the peaceful hybrid cities that dwell underground. In this broken city of monsters and blood shed The Darkness creeps through the cracks of all the city in search of 'It.' No one knows what, 'It,' is but if The Darkness fears, 'It,' everyone else is frightened of it as well. After all, The Darkness can kill anyone it wishes too and nobody knows how to stop it.

Nameless now, the planet that everyone used to inhabit is nearly desolate. Cement structures lay in ruins, and wild plant life struggles to overgrown the dissolving concrete and rusted metal. Before the 'The Darkness' came and destroyed everything, including the majority of the human race, the human race had abolished disease by splicing a small amount of animal cells with human DNA. The government found a perfect balance to abolish poverty and famine. They cloned plant life and animals to stop the decline in animal extinction. In a sense, the world was perfect. Robots, and AI were invented to make life luxurious, but their technology wasn't ready to handle the amount of data the computers learned. It began processing it's own form of subconscious.

A glitch in the main cloning network developed that began splicing the DNA of creatures that weren't thought to be compatible and the first monsters were born. A sinister AI protocol program called The Darkness was planted into the internet main frame network to try and abolish the glitch, but it corrupted the AI programs and chaos fell. Robots began killing the humans one by one, monsters began mass producing, growing faster and stronger every day. The human race tried to fight back, but as their cities and their numbers fell, they realized they couldn't repopulate fast enough to make up for the sheer loss of man power and began retreating underground.

The colonies that couldn't sink down deep enough began dying off until only a few remained, and The Darkness had won. Over two thousand years later the human race is thought to be extinct and strange anthropromorphic human like hybrids lived under ground. Monsters still ran through the broken city streets, traveling in the shadows of the dark. The Hybrids were generally left alone, only occasionally getting eaten by a hungry monster or two but they still whispered nightmarish stories about The Darkness when they thought no one was listening. They didn't dare talk about 'It,' not that they knew what 'It,' was but those that did were tracked down and eaten by the monsters before they could talk about their findings.

It will basically come to light that a few humans still managed to strive through the centuries unchanged and they alone hold the only power capable of destroying The Darkness and freeing the planet from it's sinister reign. They alone hold the power of, 'It.'

Also, the monsters are like shadow beasts now. They are all black, crawls on all fours like wolves, and have glowing red eyes. Because of the imbalances that happened when Earths eco-stabilizers fell the climate and atmosphere are in constant turmoil and it rains almost all the time so it's nearly impossible to avoid the shadow beasts that only travel in the darkness. They also rarely travel in packs unless they smell a human presence nearby, then they go crazy.

Unbeknownst to everyone but the Darkness, 'IT' is an anti-encryption software that only humans are able to access. It was created specifically to destroy the Darkness, but no living beings know of it's where a bouts
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Hell City, Year ???? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hell City, Year ????   Hell City, Year ???? I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 15, 2014 10:08 pm

Two figures made their way through the forests of broken buildings and twisted metal. The darkened clouds overhead cried endlessly. The streets were almost always flowing with the tears from the sky. They had grown up learning how to scavenge for necessities, and tread quietly. Thankfully they never grew ill otherwise the bitter chill and constant rain would've done them in long ago. It had been so long since they had seen anyone except each other, they didn't have a word for what they were anymore. Not that they needed words, silence was their salvation.

They wore deep red, dingy cloaks with large hoods, blocking out their faces  until only shadows were left. They had learned to control their breathing instead of their ABC's, so even as they rushed quickly, they barely made a sound. The shadow beasts could be anywhere, anytime. As they were rushing someone stepped onto a plank of wood and it snapped, a piece of wood flying off into their ankle. There was a sharp gasp and they all had a moment of panic. They heard a howl and rushed to yank the wood shard out of the person's injured leg. The leader, Ashleen grabbed her companion by the wrist and turned to began running, "Hurry," She spoke sharply as she looked at the other one. The shadow beasts had heard them...

Several more howls began ringing off in the distance and Ash cursed softly to herself. She began looking frantically for a way out but with the beasts gaining on them and her brother Tamill's injured ankle bleeding a trail of bread crumbs, she had no idea were to go. Their hide out was not an option... young Susan was only 6, and right now her safety was their priority. She figured another piece of wood must've still been deeply lodged in his ankle, which would explain why it hadn't stopped bleeding yet. She began panicking in her mind.

In her panic she didn't see the pot hole... Her legs seem to float over it like a gazelle, but her brother was another story. All she heard was a sharp, 'crack,' and her brother scream. That's not what made her head spin however, or what made her stop, it was the feeling of her brothers hand slipping from hers. The last thing she saw and heard of her brother before his death was his eyes looking into hers and his mouth moving in slow motion, the words ringing out, "Run!" Loud enough that they echoed off the concrete. Snarls then followed and the beasts began swarming him, ripping into his flesh piece by piece until there was nothing but a crimson smear...

She needed to get out of there... Ash froze for only a moment before she turned "Come on." She snapped to herself, sprinting this time. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her, even for her, this speed made her breathing harsh, and her legs burn. As she ran, the rain pelted her harshly and blurred her vision. She found a perfect nook to hide in and hid there until all the beasts were gone. Hours later she crawled from her spot, her limbs stiff, her body cold. She turned and began walking mechanically back. Her brother would be alive, and they could continue with their mission. They would find food and she could return to Sue just like she promised. They both would come back!

Once she got there she saw a red smear, that seemed to ooze from a prone figure on the ground. As she got closer the tufts of matted black hair told her it was her brother. How silly of him to be sleeping here! Once she got closer though, her denial could only stretch so thin. It was Tamill alright, but he was ripped to pieces, mangled limbs lay strewn about this faceless corpse, the meat stripped bare. The chest lay open, and empty, bone, blood, and tissue lay everywhere. This wasn't her brother... This wasn't human... Looking over a golden glimmer caught her eyes and she saw her brothers presious locket laying there, the cord had ripped, and crimson tainted it's beautiful surface. It lay clenched in this figures hand.

She felt the remaining sainty she held onto slip when she reached out to grab the locket and accidently set her other hand inside the other things chest. She felt bile creep up inside her and she emptied her stomachs contents. Begining to shake all over, she jumped back, away from the thing, the locket clutched in her hand, and she began sobbing slightly. She needed to go, she needed to leave... Standing, she turned, slipped, and cracked her head hard on the pavement. The blinding pain erupted from her skull, then she felt sweet darkness creep over her.
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Hell City, Year ????
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