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 Diana Aleksandrieva (Ghost Rider Agency)

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PostSubject: Diana Aleksandrieva (Ghost Rider Agency)   Diana Aleksandrieva (Ghost Rider Agency) I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 15, 2014 4:00 am

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Many people that cross her path come down with a deadly case of being-in-the-way-of-a-centuries-old-vampire
Red Branch operative

Name: Diana Aleksandrieva Draganova
Codename: Red Branch Operative 13
Alias: The Countess
Age: Hundreds of years old
Height: 5.11
Weight: 134lbs
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: Modern day Republic of Ireland, Ottoman Empire, United Kingdom
Marital Status: Widow
Sexuality: Anything that bleeds red
Species: Vampire
Ethnicity: Slavic
Extremely jovial, whimsical and detached, Diana leads a life of vice and exuberance, always searching for the next pleasure and distraction, more novelty. As such she gives off a feel of decadence. And in keep with that, she has little care for anyone that crosses her path and is not of interest to her, or her missions.
Despite her calm and uncaring look, she is fiercely loyal to the Red Branch and to her missions. As one of the oldest operatives within the organization, she is looked up to by the remaining members as "The Countess", and her presence on any battlefield inspires her men. Whatever the young van Hellsing she met during the 1800s told her, she has had nothing but faith in the family since.
Base of Operations: The Hellsing Estate, the Red Branch HQs
Universe: Earth 616
Known Relatives:
Father and mother (deceased), brother (Janissary, killed), husband (deceased), daughter (status unknown), son (status unknown)

Allies: The Royal Order of the Red Branch Knights

Enemies: Burial Agency, PDF, paranormal and demonic threats

Occupation: Lieutenant of the 1st Division of the Red Branch
Religion: Orthodox
Theme Song:
Yasushi Ishii -  Left Foot Trapped In A Sensual Seduction [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Multilingual: She speaks Irish Gaellic, English, Bulgarian, Turkish and Romanian fluently. She's also faintly familiar with elven

Charismatic leader: She's capable of inspiring confidence in those she leads by just her presence and reputation. She's also a competent battle commander, especially in siege defense and guerrilla tactics.

Polearms master: She can wield any type of polearm, from a lance to a halberd, with extreme precision and deadliness. It's her weapon of choice

Master paranormal investigator: She is an expert of tracking and exterminating paranormal threats ranging from other vampires to demonic possession

Occult expert: Extremely knowledgeable in the occult, and in some forms of magecraft.

She wields lances as a primary weapon, keeping them stored within the runes on her shoulder and back. She usually carries around 3. She can wield 2 and has a spare third

-Lance of Longinus: The Holy Lance, the lance said to have pierced Jesus as he hung from the cross. The Lance is one of the most powerful mystic rights in the world, having been bathed in the blood of a divine entity as strong as Jesus. Capable of piercing any enchantment, and if in the hands of a powerful enough being, it can of course, kill Gods. Despite having a physical form, it typically manifests as pure energy while being used by beings bellow the rank of Angel.

Vampirism: Diana is a centuries old vampire and has such boasts of a number of superhuman capabilities. This of course comes with the set of weaknesses typical of her kind as well.
-Superhuman Strength: Capable of incredible feats of strength including lifting cars
-Superhuman Speed, reflexes and agility: Her speed, reaction time and movements are all enhanced to the point she can easily dodge bullets and keep up with most mid tier speedsters
-Superhuman Endurance: She can survive just about anything short of complete disintegration. Her glaring weaknesses are of course having her head chopped off, holy water and sunlight. A wooden stake to the heart is also effective. Garlic, while not deadly, causes an averse reaction similar to an acute allergic reaction.
-Superhuman Senses: All her senses have been enhanced to extreme levels, especially her sense of smell and sight
-Low level psychic powers: Due to her advanced age, she can manipulate and hypnotize weaker minds to an extent. She also exerts total control over any vampire she's freshly sired. It also allows her to create illusions like the sense of turning into mist or various animals

Runic magecraft: The magecraft typical of the Celtic peoples, it focuses on using various types of runes for numerous effects, especially in barriers, seals and storage of weapons. She uses it to store the various weapons she brings to the battle field, as well as create barriers for defense, and even offense, by storing mystical energy over time within her runes and then unleashing it.


Diana is a centuries old vampire, sired somewhere in modern Bulgaria during the peak of Ottoman Power. Her Brother was taken from her family at a young age by the Turks to serve in the fabled Janissary armies. Her father and mother were killed trying to prevent it, and she was left to fend for herself. Quickly adapting to the harsh reality of the times, she managed to con her way into the position of wife of a successful merchant in a village on the outskirts of Bucharest. Having two children by the merchant, that child was, like her brother before her, selected to join the Turkish Jannisaries.

Enraged and unwilling to give up her son, she brutally murdered the men that had been sent to the small town to round up the conscripts, leaving them impaled outside in a warning similar to Vlad Tepes, Dracula. This action earned her the scorn of her husband and she was cast out. Wandering the cold mountains of Romania, she was beset by a vampire and sired. Her first action was to take revenge on her former husband, but he had already been killed, and her children were nowhere to be found.

She spent the next hundred years terrorizing the Turkish countryside between Bucharest and Constantinople/Istanbul in an attempt to find any trace of what had happened to her children. Eventually, sometime during the 19th century, she was attacked by members of the Red Branch, including a van Hellsing. Despite nearly being killed, she spared herself by offering up her services to them as a warrior.

Spending the next hundred and fifty years in Ireland as one of their best agents, she became extreme familiar with Runic magecraft and began using it to store all manner of weaponry.

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Diana Aleksandrieva (Ghost Rider Agency)
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