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 Shi'ar Imperium (Space Uprising)

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PostSubject: Shi'ar Imperium (Space Uprising)   Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:01 pm

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(example of a Shi'ar)

Name: Shi'ar Imperium
Scientific Name: N/A
Origin: Triangulum Galaxy
Home World: Aeries (home planet of the Shi'ar), Chandilar (Imperial Throneworld)

The Shi'ar Imperium is a collection of numerous races and aliens, with varying characteristic and morphologies.
The Shi'ar specifically are Avian like creatures with feathers instead of hair, and hollow bones which are vestiges of their avian ancestry. Some of them are born with wings. Their children hatch in eggs.

They are ruled as a constitutional monarchy, the title of Majestor or Majestrix. The Shi'ar aristocracy rules the remaining empire and the Shi'ar in general have a much bigger influence in politics and government than any other species. Some species are allowed full autonomy and representation on the High Council, while others are kept under martial law, usually defeated enemies.
The races of the Imperium worship the Phoenix Force and the M'Kraan crystal as Gods, The Shi'ar specifically also possess other gods, such as Sharra and K'ythr, the gods of marriage.
They believe in forceful assimilation of other cultures and the growth of the larger Imperium by incorporating the best parts of them, and removal of the old. In unity, they find strength. This philosophy leads to an aggressive expansionist culture that will easily go to war on the slightest offense, and every member of the Imperium is fiercely loyal for they are allowed to keep their own culture and belief systems.
The Shi'ar consider artistic creativity to be a sign of insanity and deviance, as they lack the ability to dream. Since their return they have been more permissive of other races within the empire, but do not allow it amongst themselves.

Shi'ar species has enhanced physical capabilities compared to a human. Several other species along the Imperium boast special abilities, such as space travel, psionic powers, affinity for magic, and so forth.
No singular weakness. The vast majority of the Shi'ar race can not dream.

The Shi'ar are a space faring race and one of the most advanced societies in the universe. They possess the largest space fleet in the known universe and are only kept in check by an alliance between the Humans, Skrulls and Kree. Shi'ar battleships are the largest and bulkiest in the galaxy, and their strategies involve slow advancement and firepower, supported by cloaked smaller crafts

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(Shi'ar flagship model Liliandra)

-Cosmic Flame Technology: Despite having been forbidden from doing so, they still experiment with M'Kraan crystal based weaponry, which harnesses cosmic flame for usage in ship armaments and bombs.
-Magitech: Due to the vastness of the Imperium, they also boast one of the bigger concentration of magitech weaponry and equipment.
-Holograms: They are the pioneers in hologram technology and many technologies around the universe are based on theirs. For example, the Danger Room tech on Earth
-Cloacking technology: They posses advanced cloaking tech able to massive flagships from detection by interstellar radars.
-Stargates: They are used for travel to faraway distances including instantaneous travel between galaxies. There are planet-based Stargates (used for personal travel to other solar systems and galaxies) and enormous space-based versions (used for starships to travel through).
-Starcracker technology: This is the Shi'ar ultimate weapon. The Starcracker causes stars to go supernova.

The exact birth of the Shi'ar Imperium is unknown. By the time humans first had contact with them, they were already an advanced space faring race with powerful technology. In the old days before the Hunters, the X-Men had many dealings with the Shi'ar and were counted as close friends of the Majestrix Liliandra, considered by many the greatest ruler in Shi'ar history

However, it was not to last. The Shi'ar like many others were assaulted by the Hunters during the First Hunter War. Fortunately, and through many sacrifices, they Throneworld and home worlds were kept safe, and the Shi'ar survived. However, Liliandra was killed, as well as all of her Imperial Guard.

After a period of unrest, a woman by the name of Cereza Selstone and her family took over rulership of the Imperium and rebuilt it to it's former glory. Unfortunately, in the process of reclaiming lost quadrants, they came upon conflict with the Kree, also in the process of rebuilding. While at first relations were amicable due to the level headed Son-Aris acting as ruler, when he was expelled and the Accuser Orla took over, the aggressions escalated until all out war broke out.

It eventually came to the Milky Way, and to Earth. SWORD, and later the Skrulls, fought back, and contained it. While Cereza was left humiliated, she conceded defeat to avoid any further harm to the Imperium. After that, she ordered the rebuilding of the Imperial Guard.

Just as the Guard was beginning operations, a strange human freed Ganiorgi, the former adviser and betrayer to Cereza. He then managed to present to the High Council the true heir to Lilianadra. Manipulating this young girl, he sent Cereza to prison under war crimes, and used Shi'ar tech to blow open the negative zone portal in the Kylt, which unleashed the Annihilation Wave.

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Shi'ar Imperium (Space Uprising)
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