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 Kree Empire (Space Uprising)

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PostSubject: Kree Empire (Space Uprising)   Thu Dec 04, 2014 4:46 pm

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Name: Kree Empire
Scientific Name:
Origin: Large Magellanic Cloud
Home World: Hala

Morphology: Kree resemble humans in most aspects, with the notable exception of their blue skin. However, Kree also have a perfectly human like variation, who seem to be overall weaker, with the notable exception of the Inhuman descendants. All Kree require more nitrogen than oxygen to breath, and are physically enhanced due to the higher gravity on Hala

The Kree are a militaristic and aggressive race ruled through absolute monarchy and a High Council.
While the blue skinned Kree hold a vast amount of power, the pink skinned are more durable and more likely to respond positively to the Terrigan Mist, which turns them into Inhumans, powerful super powered individuals, that in the Kree hierarchy are second to none, command entire space fleets, and are an army unto themselves due to their powers.
Kree names are usually short. Given names are separated from surnames by a hyphen. Examples include Mar-Vell, Yon-Rogg and so forth

All Kree have enhanced strength, the blue Kree being stronger. The Inhumans have a wide variety of superpowers
The Kree were at one point in evolutionary stagnation. Current weaknesses are unknown

The Kree are a space faring empire with the entire LMC under their immediate control, and outposts in various other places. Despite the smaller size compared to the Shi'ar, they are capable of matching them through the usage of their super humans, the Inhumans. As such, Kree military tactics usually focus on warp blitz tactics, which involve quick warp into the opposing lines of battleships and having their superhumans break through the enemy while the ships provide fire support.
As a result, Kree ships are fast, not as resilient, but exceptionally powerful in weaponry

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(Son-Aris' flagship, the Scream)

Terrigan Crystals: The Kree also possess the unique Terrigan Crystals, which when irradiating pink Kree or humans cause the spontaneous development of powers. This only happens in a select few individuals, and as such previous genetic screening is required.

Omni-wave Projector: A technology that allows communication across hyper space, facilitating the coordination of Kree fleets.

Psionic Technology: The Kree possess advanced psionic technology, such as the Psyche-Magnetron which allows for the shaping of matter using psionic energy.

Advanced robotics and cyborg technology: The Kree are also adepts at cybernetically enhancing individuals and at the construction of advanced AIs and war robots, such as the powerful Destructois, ships that could transform into large mecha.

Advanced genetics technology: The Kree, due to their stagnant evolution, specialized long ago in genetic engineering and manipulation and they keep a tight control over the genetic stability of their population. Son-Aris allows much more freedom than before, but still insists for regular genetic screening.

Millions of years ago, the Kree shared the planet of Hala with the peaceful race of the Cotati. At this time, they came into contact with the Skrull empire, which was a peaceful space faring civilization in those years. Deciding to give warp technology to one of the races, they set up a contest between the two, which the Cotati won. Enraged, the Kree exterminated the Cotati, and then killed the Skrull delegation and took their starship, beginning to reverse engineer it. Once they became warp ready, they took to the stars, and began expanding through the LMC, eventually coming into conflict with the Skrulls.

This was the beginning of the millennia long Skrull-Kree war, as hostilities have never ceased since then. During the height of the war, the Kree set up a base in Uranus, and experimented on the nearby still primitive planet Earth, that had been the subject of Celestial interest. They did so both to solve their own evolutionary stagnation and create super soldiers to use against the Skrull. They managed to create a separate race of super humans, the Inhumans, but abandoned their experimentation. The Inhumans would later travel to, and take over Hala, becoming the royalty of the Kree and using the Terrigan Mist to continue their rule.

Eventually, the Hunters came to their world as well. Wiping out a good majority of the Inhumans and the native Kree, they were pushed back by the sacrifice of Black Bolt, who set off an Earth shattering electron bomb using his own body, wiping out the entire Hunter fleet that had besieged Hala.

Years later, the Kree rebuilt, and return to Earth to demand they hand over the most recent host of the Phoenix Force, supposedly because she had caused destruction in their sector. The truth, however, is the the Great Intelligence was manipulating the current King Son-Aris in order to use the Phoenix and jumpstar the Kree evolution to new heights. The Avengers managed to stop them, destroying the Intelligence. However, Son-Aris and the royal family, as well as many other Inhumans, were banished from Hala by the leader of the blue Kree, Orla the Accuser.

Without Son-Aris, and with the Skrulls utterly ruined from their own failed invasion, the Kree set their sights on the Shi'ar. As tensions along their galactic borders grew, it eventually erupted into war. The Kree allied with the Phalanx hive, but despite their best efforts, the Shi'ar detonated a massive nega-bomb that destroyed most of their fleet. Son-Aris returned with his own exiled fleet, and together with the new Accuser Eres, they set about rebuilding the empire.

Unfortunately, they were once more brought into war, this time against the Annihilation Wave. Hala was taken, and Son-Aris captured, his fate unknown.

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Kree Empire (Space Uprising)
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