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 Skrull Empire (Space Uprising)

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PostSubject: Skrull Empire (Space Uprising)   Thu Dec 04, 2014 5:50 pm

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Example of a warskrull

Name: Skrulls
Scientific Name: N/A
Origin: Andromeda Galaxy
Home World: Skrullus (home planet), Tarnax IV (capital)
The Skrulls are green skinned reptilian humanoids with pointy hears and enlarged teeth. Skrull females did not give live birth; instead, they lay eggs like their reptilian evolutionary ancestors. Skrull children were known as "hatchlings". Despite their reptilian evolutionary roots, however, Skrull females had mammary glands and nursed their young.

Skrull culture has gone through radical changes over their vast history. While at first a peaceful spare faring trade empire, contact and conflicts with the Kree lead to a militarization with focus on subterfuge and infiltration due to their natural abilities.
Skrulls worship two gods, the Eternal Skrull Kly'bn, and the one of many faces Sl'gur't.
The Skrulls are usually ruled by a single Queen or King, but recently there is a War Council that dictates measures. The Council is currently headed by fleet commander Valr'k Truk.
All Skrulls are fiercely loyal to their leader and race, acting in a fanatic zeal. Despite using counter-intelligence and infiltration, recently Skrulls have come to respect the values of an honorable fight, especially after their defeat on Earth.

Skrulls are capable of shapeshifting into nearly any object or individual within the same approximate mass. Regular Skrulls do not gain the targets abilities, but the special Warskrulls do. Their bodies are also highly malleable and they can form numerous shapes with them, including weapons or wings with which to fly. Their vocal cords can also perfectly mimic a wide range of sounds.
They cannot shift with anything substantially larger or smaller than their base form. Their range is between .75 and 1.5 their original volume

Skrulls are a militaristic space faring race with a small but extremely powerful fleet. Once ranking close to the Kree and Shi'ar, their utter defeat in the invasion of Earth and later skirmishes with the Kree reduced to just a few star systems within the Andromeda galaxy. Despite this, they are dangerous due to their mastery of infiltration technology
Their fleet is currently a mix of their original tech and a gift from a traveling Covenant of Celestial worshipers. Numbering only at around 20 ships, all of them are extremely advanced and boast the best cloaking technology in the know universe. They also utilize brutal glassing tactics, burning the entire surface of worlds if they prove too resilient.

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(Skrull flagship, the Grain Kaid)

The Skrulls of planet Skrullo were originally a race experimented on by the Celestials. Millions of years ago, they were divided into three groups, much like Earth. The normals, capable of evolving to Celestial levels of power, the Deviants, able to shapeshift to nearly any form, and the Eternals, immortal and powerful. Unlike on Earth, the Deviants won and exterminated just about all of the normals and Eternals, with the notable exception of Kly'bn, who would become their god

After their blood conquest, they set off into the stars. While at first they acted peacefully and set up a vast trade empire, their contact and conflict with the Kree lead to a blood millennia old war that militarized them into the greatest spies and saboteurs in the galaxy. The Hunter assault on their Empire was largely inefficient due to this, as the Skrulls merely blended into Hunter ranks and sabotaged them from within.

As the Earth was still barely recovered from the Hunter attack, the Skrulls tried to conquer them to harness their mutants. However, the Shadow X-Men pushed them back, and utterly eradicated their armies. Later assaults by the Kree weakened them further. Unable to recover, when the Kree came to finish them off, they were only saved by the efforts of Milo Ventro, Earth having been plunged into the Galaxy War. The Skrulls allied with SWORD, and since then, they have ranked as one of humanities closest allies and trade partners.

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Skrull Empire (Space Uprising)
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