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 The Asari Republics (Space Uprising)

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PostSubject: The Asari Republics (Space Uprising)   Fri Dec 12, 2014 6:55 pm

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Name:The Asari Republic
Scientific Name:
Origin: A Galaxy in the Seyfert's Sextet
Home World: Thessia
: The Asari Republics are generally ruled by Asari, but contain multiple other races. The ruling group are Humanoid and possess semi-flexible, cartilage based scalp crests that grow into shape. Their skin are typically blue but can sometimes vary. The Asari can have a lifespan up to a 1,000 years.

They rely on mind melding instead of physical contact for sexual reproduction and can do this with any other species. However the child will always be Asari. Many of their characteristics are very similar to a human female. Its theorized that at some point they actually had to sexually reproduce physically but somehow evolved beyond that.

: The Asari praise themselves for being an open and inclusive culture however at best they merely find aspects of an alien culture they find acceptable or quaint and consume it. Otherwise they support complete assimilation. The tattoos they have date back to a time when they were separate warring tribes. Many noble families still represent their ancestors through these tattoos.

The government is ruled by a group of Matriarchs across the empire. These Asari are 700 to 1000 yrs old and have a naturally patient view in terms of progress. It is a direct democracy that allows every citizen to vote. The use of advanced AI helps create order and a stable system. However, most of the Asari in charge are from old noble houses who have gained power through more sinister means. Assassination plots that last for centuries. Blackmail of an entire planet. Spies, secrets, and even backdoor civil wars have turned a political culture of lies and deceit into a game that sometimes have millions of lives at stake. Most Asari have some idea of this, but if the average Asari truly knew the dealings of their rulers then there would be a complete uproot of the system.

Throughout the Republics most Asari and even the other races are very homogenous culturally. Some aspects of other cultures can be seen but often is brought out through the latest fad. One of the more aggressive races the Krogan used to do a sport called 'Nova Surfing'. It was popular in the Republics for centuries.

: Each Asari have an ability called Biotics. They are capable of great telekinetic and mass manipulation feats through a mineral called element zero. The home planet Thessia is rich in it. Even the animals their have some biotic abilities. The average Asari can lift a chair. A commando could turn several people inside out.

They also are capable of a mind meld with any species. This allows them access to another's thoughts, emotions and physical experiences as their own. It helps when relaying information to another, but also used with others who share a deep bond.

: No specific weakness.

: The technology used is heavily based around Element Zero. Their ships can move at incredible speeds by manipulating mass. They are also capable of making super dense material for buildings and space vessels. They have harnessed their ability for technology. They have been capable of manipulating the gravity of a sun at times.

They have large constructs called Mass Relays which essentially catapult space vessels from different areas of a galaxy instantaneously. These were once ancient devices they simply found but were still capable of replicating them and using them for instant communication from light years away.

Militarily they focus on mainly projectiles or using mass as a weapon. They are capable of speeding up a projectile with mass drivers to the point they leave mass scars on a planet or worse completely go through the core. Their ships can manipulate their own mass of the mass of others as weapons. Their own shields can manipulate the mass of objects and even particles making it difficult to penetrate their shields with both projectile and energy based weapons.[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Typical military doctrine for Asari is meet the enemy with overwhelming force. They use large bases called Landing Castles. Each castle is the size of New York and has its own military force. They aim to land in a major population center on a planet by essentially slamming into the planet at hypervelocity speed wiping out the inhabitants in a wave of destruction. Its purely for terror and after they launch a massive invasion force.[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


The Asari evolved on their homeworld Thessia millions of years ago. There they survived, fought and thrived creating civilizations that have rose and fell from grace. It took thousands of years of constant disagreement and fighting before they could find cause to unite. Someetimes it was over large pandemics and even others when hostile mindless aliens attempted to consume all life on their world. They continuously thrived in the face of extinction and eventually were able to form a united world. Travel out to the stars began slowly and with research experimenting with their own systems. Eventually they discovered ancient alien ruins that also learned FTL tech that was unnervingly similar to what they were developing. Not long after they discovered Mass Relays which allowed them to expand their reach.

First exploration was barely restricted and soon discovered whole host of intelligent seemingly peaceful races. For a time knowledge was shared and there was peace until the eventual betrayal and sometimes conflict over certain planets began. First it was the Dilensians then the Foracs and many more. The Galactic community they were apart of maneuvered between peace and war that would last a millennia. Even after victories that resulted in occupation of a planet there were still revolts, so the Asari began to adopt a different approach to war. When they suspected an enemy of hostility they attacked first without warning and hesitation. If another entity wanted a skirmish they sent in fleets for full scale war. When they occupied they indoctrinated or simply eliminated the native culture. This worked for them and has helped keep peace.

The Asari continued to prosper and even now are working towards building a Dyson Sphere around a star. It will be made for all peoples to live and used for conflict with any adversary.
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The Asari Republics (Space Uprising)
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