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 Kana T'wor (Space Uprising)

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PostSubject: Kana T'wor (Space Uprising)   Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:06 am

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Name: Kana T'wor
Alias: Champion
Height: 5'8
Weight: 147 Ibs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Public
Citizenship: Thessia
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Asari
Personality: They say The Champion of The Asari Republics is an inspiration to all Asari. A representation of the Goddess Athame and all who live under her. In reality Kana represents very little of it. Kana is a patriot and has done her duty for the Republics for over a century and it has cost her. She's lost friends and loved ones. As a result Kana is very calculating, careful, insular, cynical and even outright ruthless when necessary. Even her confidence is a result of her own experiences and accomplishments.

What few people she has left that are called friends truly know her. Even when speaking to strangers its still clear from what society she was born in. Kana still loves decadence, music, food, love and mystery.
Base of Operations: The Ascension- an Asari Castle which is the center of their intergalactic espionage operations.
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Universe: (Earth 616, 617, 1656 ect)
Known Relatives: Nearly all of her family have been killed. Anyone alive are essentially distant relatives.
Allies: The Asari Republics
Enemies: Enemies of the Asari
Occupation: Champion/Saboteur
Religion: Siari
Theme Song: The Spine
- Master Close Combat Specialist
- Skilled Weapons User
- Hyper Intelligent Analyst
- Brilliant Tactician
- Advanced Technology Specialist
- Subterfuge
- Dancing
- Singing
- Poetry

Spear of Athame
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Indestructable weapon built by a living Asari Goddess. Capable of an extensive manipulation of mass. It can be used to make an object tear itself apart, become nearly as dense as a neutron star or even lighter than air. The destructive power is all based on the knowledge and skill of its user. Kana just so happens to be a genius and essentially an unnaturally skilled combatant.

Warp- A Biotic power capable of ripping a target apart at the molecular level.
Singularity- Creates and Artificial singularity that uses gravity to pull apart anything near by.
Reave- This ability is seemingly mystical. Any organic being hit with this ability is caused intense pain and has its life drained away. Kana is capable of healing herself by stealing the life from her opponent.
Charge- This allows Kana to charge across the battlefield nearly instantaneously. Its possible she can go through solid objects, but hit her target with enough force to crack a mountain.
Barrier- Kana is capable of raising a shield that stops any object from entering. Even light can be affected by it. Anything with mass is however immediately stopped in place.
Mass Manipulation- Kana can throw, lift, slam and even fly using her Biotics to manipulate the mass of her opponents. She is the closest thing to a savant to her people when it comes to her usage of Biotics in any situation. With the power granted from becoming the Champion her power has grown.


An intractable will, a studious mind, the heart of a sun and the anger of a thousand scorned Republics. This is what it means to be a Champion and Kana was rarely ever close to the ideal. Instead she was a successful intelligence operative in the Asari government. It wasn't the profession her family wanted, but every noble family would be hard pressed to hate the idea of having relatives with skills in espionage. Kana was an extremely skilled field operative and occasionally operated in areas where the rule of law was non existent.

This was sufficient for her. Kana earned respect from her peers and was the youngest intelligence agent at the age of 123. There was nothing truly stopping her from becoming one of the best agents the Republics have known. Not until she stumbled upon a plot to tear the Republics apart. It involved dozens of different family's even hers who planned a coup that would reshape the entire system. The Game as they'd put it caused secret wars, but never something that completely remade the Republics. Even her own family asked for assistance. The next fifty years of her life involved a personal war involving Kana and her own loyal colleagues, assasinations, backstabbing, bombings, space battles, rigged elections and even the purge of several families including Kana's when it was al over.

In the end she was largely responsible in uncovering the plot and making sure it not only didn't succeed, but never showed to the public the many secrets the government hid. Her service to the Asari granted her the title of Champion and she was taken to the distant shrine of the Goddesses. It took a decade of training that erased her mind of all emotions. When her emotions were given back the training was complete. Kana was a champion of the people and was sent to do the work of one.  

Several new galaxies were discovered and explored by drones then eventually agents to learn about the major powers. Kana is currently the leader of this information network and they have reported the rise of a new threat that has been seen at home. Her mission is to learn about it and find effective ways of combating the Annihilation wave.
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Kana T'wor (Space Uprising)
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