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 Noah Arkson(Alternate, Heroes Uprising)

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Noah Arkson(Alternate, Heroes Uprising) Empty
PostSubject: Noah Arkson(Alternate, Heroes Uprising)   Noah Arkson(Alternate, Heroes Uprising) I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 19, 2014 1:02 am

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Name: Noah Arkson
Code name: Executioner
Alias: None
Age: 17( Alt), 24( HU)
Height: 6'2
Weight: 193
Alignment: Lawful/Chaotic good
Sexuality: Homosexual
Species: Homo-superior
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Noah, do to his upbringing, is very serious and stoic. His perception is alway to aim ahead and keep his senses open, for attacks can come from anywhere. His ability to interact with other people in normal settings is a little hampered, do to being so anti social when he was younger and devoted only to training and his adoptive father, father Alexander Anderson. In alt, he upholds the the teachings of the church to the point he can be seen as extremely pious, but has been moving away from that, little by little. He detest demons, vampires, and anything deemed unholy by the church.

In Hu, he's more relaxed, his faith in the church shattered, being around Riku has made him more tolerant of demons, but old habits still come up. In battle he is utterly mercilous, his title as an executioner well earned, in that every battle he's been in has left a mountain of corpses.

Relatives: Mother(deceased), Father(deceased), Father Anderson(adoptive father)

Allies: True Notes, the church( Alt ), Emmet, Yori, Sandra, Code:Breakers(HU)

Enemies: Mafia, demons( Alt ), idk( HU)

Occupation: Student, executioner for the church( alt ), Code:Breaker 03( HU )

Religion: Catholic( Alt ) up in the air( HU )

Theme song:


He was trained by the church from a very young age in hand to hand combat, mastering several forms of martial arts but favoring chinese kenpo and Bajiquan. He is very knowlegable of demonology, able to determine a demon and it's origins by a mear glance.


Rosary beads, bathed in holy water and blessed by the pope, wrapped around his fist, these beads are capable of doing tremendous damage to demons and people full of " sin "

Bayonets: He mastered these because of his adortion to father Anderson but is reluctant to rely on them in combat.

Black keys.


Noah has a limited form of light manipulation, though he initially thought it was a manifestation of his faith. He can arm his body with a " cloak of light " this explosively increases his strength and durability. The true role of it is his speed, while his power is activated, he can reach near light speed levels. The highest level he's reached is entering a state where time seems to freeze around him. This is still in the beginning stages however after use of it leaves him entirely drained and needed to enter a hibernative sleep.

This cannot match up with true light manipulation as he cannot form constructs, enery blast, or elemental shift

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Noah Arkson(Alternate, Heroes Uprising)
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