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 Hydra (Heroes Uprising

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PostSubject: Hydra (Heroes Uprising   Fri Dec 19, 2014 4:54 pm

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Cut off one head, two more will take its place. Heil Hydra!

Name: Hydra
Location: Current main base unknown
Base: Hamburg, Berlin

Prototype Bipedal Tank: A prototype unit not yet fully developed, it was fielded in the final hours of the invasion to push back the SHIELD-Shadow League counter attack. They have a powerful railgun weapon that can fire charged anti-mugen rounds that cause a massive burst of the radiation the metal emits on impact, proving a deadly projectile for any mutant. However, they were not finished and several were destroyed. It is unknown if Hydra continued the development
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Anti-mugen energy weaponry: Another cutting edge technology developed by Hydra, this weaponry harnesses the radiation that anti-mugen gives off, converting it into a burning energy projectile that can not only bypass mutant healing and the various elemental shapeshifting, but also any sort of interference created through the X-Gene. Walls of ice, fire, air, energy of any kind, if created by a mutant, will not be able to block the energy.

Goal: Global domination


Solf Z. Langley

Hydra's current numbers are unknown. Their invasion force from the blue area of the Moon counted a million strong, but casualties and the disarmament conducted by Helena von Richthofen left their current forces unknown.

Hydra's exact origins are unknown. Some say the organization dates back to ancient Egypt, but most records are of a dubious source or non existent to begin with.

Records of Hydra activity in the modern era began at around the closing days of WWII. Several politically oriented members of the Japanese assassin clan known as The Hand gathered the most brilliant minds of Nazi Germany, including such people as the Red Skull, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, Baron Zemo, Doctor Zola, and others, and formed the group known as Hydra to counter attack allied push into Axis territory. Unfortunately, and thanks in part to the effort of the original Captain America Steve Rogers, Bucky and the Howling Commands of Nick Fury, they were foiled.

After WWII's end, Hydra went into the shadows, but later emerged as a terrorist organization funded by the efforts of von Strucker, opposed always by SHIELD the brainchild of Nicholas Fury. Sometime after decades as the greatest terrorism and super villain organization, the Hunters attacked. Hydra like all major organizations was targeted, and did fight in the war, but elected to simply vanish into the shadows, with its members scattering and infiltrating governments all over the world as sleeper agents, waiting for a safer time.

Hydra continued to grow as a loose collection of individuals, often having a hand in anti-mutant and anti-superhuman bills and laws. It was by the will of John Doe, who fashioned himself the resurrected Red Skull, that they reemerged back into the open. He used the infiltrated members of SHIELD to attack their hellicarier and steal the cosmic cube and his possession, having the one that had made the cosmic cube for the organization killed. He retreated to his base somewhere in the Alps, where using the cube's vast powers and Shawkun's soul manipulation, he mind warped all members of the UN security council to turn against the Shadow League. Hydra's base was destroyed, but the organization survived, numerous cells still infiltrated on all levels of governments around the world, and John Doe's army having escaped. Not even a year later, the mind warped produced results as the MRD resurfaced with massive support from the security council and the conflict with the mutant members of the Shadow League led to its splintering, with SHIELD losing all power in favor of the anti-mutant paramilitary group.

This was however, not Doe's ultimate plan. After the MRD's defeat and the exposure of the Brood infiltration and invasion, SWORD had the Avengers investigate a signal in the blue area of the Moon, where the heroes discovered John Doe's gathering army. He then launched a full scale invasion of Earth, managing to completely overtake mainland Europe, Russia, most of China, and collaborating with MRD, under the control of Hydra plant Helena von Richthofen, to attack the eastern coast of the United States. However, the former mutants heroes of the Shadow League rallied behind the newly reformed SHIELD, and together with the Avengers they fought them back to Europe. Helena von Richthofen, sensing their eminent defeat, handed Red Skull over to the heroes and proclaimed Hydra disbanded, taking their technology and army and using half of it to form the bulk of a new German empire, with herself as chancellor.

Later underworld activities in Shanghai reveal to the assassin Hei that Hydra did not disperse as Helena had commanded, and maintained their clandestine existence. Investing the German chancellor revealed that the empire itself had been infiltrated, and Hydra was now operating out of Hamburg with splinter cells in every major corporate power of the reformed post-Brood world.

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Hydra (Heroes Uprising
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