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 Iko Nanaya( Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Iko Nanaya( Heroes Uprising)   Tue Dec 23, 2014 5:30 am

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Name: Iko Nanaya
Code name: None
Alias: several
Age: 26
Height: 5'9
weight: 189
Alignment: Chaotic good/evil
Sexuality: homosexual
Species: Human, oni
Ethnicity: Japanese/Korean
Personality: Iko was raised to be a blank space and have no emotions. This would better allow him to complete missions. He was also given a level of counterbalancing, making it easy for him to fake emotions when necessary. This explains his current, perpetually happy and smiling and how its nearly impossible to get a rise out of him or really bother him. A faint trace of past emotions is his jealousy of his younger brother, Kaiser, do to the differences in their upbringing. They both endured hellish training, but Kaiser had his mother Emmet and friend Riku at his side. Iko had no one but himself.

Relatives: Father(unknown), mother(deceased), Kaiser( half-brother)
Allies: Emmet, Christian, Yori, Sandra, True Notes
Occupation: Code:Breaker 04, assassin, spy
Religion: None
Theme song:

Iko was trained since birth to be a warrior, as is the way of the Nanaya. As the clans heir, he had the skills of a shinobi drilled into him, going above and beyond his clans standards.

Chi manipulation: Chi, ki, life force, or whatever you want to call it. To be a shinobi of the Nanaya, one must have incredible control over their chi. This control is built up over extreme physical training. Through this, feats of extraordinary feats can be achieved such as walking on water, as well as fueling ninjutsu.

-Shundo: Otherwise known as flash step, is the ability to move so fast that appears the user has " teleported " it is used by focusing chi in the legs and can described by simply taking a step. Iko is toted as being a master of it's use, even by the Nanaya's high standards, he is able to outstep anyone of the clan, on Kaiser is able to keep up with his speed.

-Bunshin no jutsu: the art of the doppleganger, by using his chi, Iko can create phantom clones, they are not solid and have no bodies and are primarily used for evasion and distraction. Iko is able to take this technique a step further and create solid clones, not illusions. This is a rare feat as it requires splitting the users life force among the clones. They possess a fragment of his overall power and are unable to use his eyes of death perception.

-Kawarimi no Jutsu: A technique that revolves split second timing between the user, another location, and a body or object to evade an enemy attack.

Taijutsu: Iko is very adept at martial arts, favoring Wing chun and aikido, he skilled enough to go toe to toe with best martial artist of the world.

Weapons mastery: His is proficient in a wide range of weapons,

Kenjutsu: Swordsmanship, one of the main weapons of the nanaya, he trained endlessly with the blade and achieved high ranks, but is easily overshadowed by Kaisers natural talent with the sword, he has since then thrown the sword away but is still familiar with it

Bojutsu: Staff techniques, Iko excells at wielding a staff and as a result, sojutsu( Spear), and naginatajutsu(naginata) come very easily to him.

Shurikenjutsu: This is Iko's bread and butter, for it is said that no one in the history of the clan can compare to him in the employment of shuriken, kunai, and hand blades. He is capable of throwing them with pin point accuracy, able to strike multiple targets repeatedly. With kunai and other knives, he can take advantage of their size to use them in close quarters combat to deadly effect, especially when combined with his eyes of death perception

Disquise: Iko is able to disguise himself to near perfection.

Espionage and infiltration

Knowledge of pressure points and human physiology

Weapons: A lot

Satsujink: Iko's key weapon and an heirloom of the Nanaya. A small dagger with a black blade, stained from centuries of bloodshed, it had become a sinister blade that can only be held by the heir to the Nanaya Clan, anyone else who attempts to touch it will have their body flooded by a deadly poison or the blades malice.


Iko posses the eyes of death perception, this due to drinking the blood of an oni on the verge of death when he was only an hour old. Iko s able to see the eventual fated destruction of an object or entity expressed as small points on the object or entity's body and as thin black lines that extend from those points and crawl over the body. Attendant with the perception is the ability to trace the lines without much exertion; doing so effectively realizes the fated destruction, and the victim is cut or cracked or broken along those lines. Because this destruction is destined, this method of injury ignores any of the victim's defenses; armor, magical protection, regeneration, and so forth are useless. While a line symbolizes "damage" along that part of the body, a dot symbolizes the totality of that body's damage, and by extension, "existence". When a dot is pierced, the victim's "concept" is destroyed.

The Eyes of Death Perception are not infallible. The human mind was not meant to perceive death in such a way, and using it is highly taxing on the human brain, causing headaches. In addition, there are multiple levels of perception; in the beginning, Iko could only see lines on people and objects, then progressed to seeing dots on living things, then dots on inanimate objects. Each step takes the mind further from natural perception, and each step is more damaging to the brain; eventually the stress leads the brain's blood vessels to burst and death for the user. In addition, there exist in nature entities which have no fated destruction in particular circumstance.

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Iko Nanaya( Heroes Uprising)
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