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 Ilyrana Ivae'ss (Ghost Rider Inc)

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PostSubject: Ilyrana Ivae'ss (Ghost Rider Inc)   Ilyrana Ivae'ss (Ghost Rider Inc) I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 24, 2014 1:42 am

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The time of the elves as passed...but I shall see it ended on our terms.
Ilyrana Ivae'ss, the High Councilor of Ondolindë

Name: Ilyrana Ivae'ss
Codename: None
Alias: N/A
Age: over 2000 years old
Height: 5.7
Weight: 127 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Good
Citizenship: Elven nation (exiled)
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Elf
Ethnicity: Noldor/Vanyar
Personality: A stubborn, arrogant and proud individual, Ilyrana has a deep loyalty to her people and to the teachings of magic, although this in return causes her to share a very deep dislike for humans.Xenophobic, at her worst even genocidal, she sees little value in human life, and curses what their industrious development has done to her world. She also blames the passing of the elven kind on their waxing, robbing them of their old lands.
Despite her personal resentment, her actions demonstrate she is honor bound and impartial. Her time with Amber has also lead to disavowing some of her more radical beliefs, and despite her enduring hatred for Men, she wishes to if possible aid  and teach them, and thus aid the planet.
Her long life has given her a regal and almost unattainable presence, although she can be extremely friendly to people she knows
Base of Operations: Strange Mansion
Universe: Earth 616
Known Relatives: Niketu Ivae'ess (Mother)

Allies: Amber Parker, Keeth Blaze, Ghost Rider Inc

Enemies: Silverlance, Outer Gods

Occupation: High Councilor of Ondolindë, Member of the Elven Council
Religion: Paganism
Theme Song:
Howard Shore: Lothlórien [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Great knowledge of magecraft and elven mystic teachings. Having living for thousands of years, her general knowledge is also incredibly high. She can speak any human language.

She is also well versed in archery

She carries with her a bow and only four arrows at a time, each blessed with a powerful elven rune. For regular combat she uses mystical arrows.


Ilyrana is a Tar-Istar, a High Caster, considered one of the greatest mages of elven kind since the beginning of their race, up until the end that has now come. Practically speaking, her power is above any normal human mage. However, she does not compare to Sorcerers or magical beings above human magecraft.

Elven magic itself is intricate and can serve many purposes, and most of its attack spells share the attribute of light with Fae magic and Enochian sigils. However, it can be more easily corrupted and has such dark magic does exist far more prominently in elven spell books. Elven magic focuses strengthening of the body and nullifying other magecraft.

She is also adept in the usage of a very special kind of magecraft which allows her to materialize a soul into a physical object. In her case, she uses it to create various types of elemental arrows for her bow.

Also, as a High Elf, she is immortal and ageless, and her physical capabilities are above even the strongest of human. Her aim and eyesight in particular are such she can see miles away and shoot accurately at distances no human archer can


Ilyrana was born some two thousand years ago, during the age of the Roman Empire. At this time the elves and fae folk still ruled all of North Europe and Men of those lands payed tribute to and defended the land from the encroaching Romans along with the elves. Unfortunately, as the humans turned from the worship of the pagan gods and myths, they also turned away from the elves. Ilyrana in her youth greatly admired and fought beside humans, having stood ground for centuries over the black forest in Germany and the mountain ranges of the Alps. Here she also had dealings with Dwarves. It was this respect that generated her hatred of them when they came to betray elven kind. She sided with Silverlance against her mother on the usage of the Golden Army, unaware of the true nature of the evil that wrought it.

When Niketu came to the High Council with Heaven's Feel, and gave all elves immortality, Ilyrana finally believed they had a chance at repelling the humans. It caused them to ascend past the limitations of the flesh and gave their soul a higher existence. However, she tied them down to the fate of the planet. Unfortunately, that increased connection made them all too aware of the death of the wild lands, and so they began fading away from grief. Niketu, unfortunately, had abandoned the planet, and by the time word came to the High Council of her death, it was all too late to take action. By this point, Ilyrana had become a skilled mystic herself, and ascended to head of the council. She managed to put all three remaining citadels under magical protection, never to be found by men again, with expressive orders to never interact with mankind again. The elves of Earth have become all but a legend, most tales associated with them waved off as interaction with elves of other places, such of those from Asgard.

It is only when she met Amber Parker, and later Keeth Blaze, that she came to regret her decision. She aided them in their efforts to prevent the exiled Noldor prince from awakening the Golden Army. Unfortunately, her methods earned her a ban from the City of Scrolls, leaving her to take up residence with Amber in NYC. She has created a massive library using a pocket dimension magic, and even entirely purified the air around the mansion so she did not have to live with the smog of a big city.

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Ilyrana Ivae'ss (Ghost Rider Inc)
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