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 Munkar (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Munkar (Heroes Uprising)   Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:42 am

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"Munkar stop drooling dear your scaring the demons."

Name: Munkar
Age: N/A
Height:  5'7
Weight: 136Ibs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity:  Secret
Marital Status: N/A
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Angel
Personality: Angels and change rarely go together well but Munkar was forced wasn't given a choice. His personality now, is a far cry from who he was originally. Now he is a man driven by his eccentricities, madness and the occasional gibberish. He could spend a thousand years in a infinite library of knowledge until an idea pops in his head involving swimming, monster baiting and suplexes.

Munkar has grown an almost sexual obsession with violence and will occasionally act as a sort of vigilante in warzones. He is extremely impatient and loves to take action, but it isn't always on impulse. There is a method to his madness. The good of all should always be protected and his loyalty to God and Avacyn is intense. However what he considers loyalty may not be the same as others.

Base of Operations: DC
Known Relatives:
Allies: US government (occasionally) Tie and Earrings (occasionally)
Enemies: Demons
Occupation: Vigilante, Secret Service Agent, Warrior of God
Theme Song:  Genesis OP
Munkar is a powerful hth fighter preferring the use of his fists over weapons ever since the loss of his hammer. He is a fighter capable of going toe to toe with some of the most skilled immortals and surviving. If someone saw him fight they could pick out similarities in other human martial arts. More knowledgeable fighters could see the styles of many other worldly beings.

- Munkar was never truly a soldier and his duties would occasionally involve choosing the worthiness of souls. He is even able to see the potential of seemingly ordinary individuals. He could ask a young Hannibal three questions and see his worth.

- He was partially responsible to pushing his close friends into learning the skill of Bards. A human from the ancient world could use his gift of song and dance as a magical tool. Munkar found his exploits humorous and decided to see if there was any use in it. Turns out another man shared the gift but was almost impossible to find. With this ability music can be used to enhance his natural abilities mainly physical.

Holy fists- The only weapon Munkar uses is a melted down version of a Holy Angel blade. To use he melts them onto his fists causing constant agony while in use. They causes a huge amount of damage to most supernatural beings.

Book of Barzakh- Not necessarily a weapon but it can be used as one. Its a book used as a way to manage the souls of any creature upon death. It can even be used to keep them safe from the dangers of beings attempting to suck power from them. If in use during Shawkun's attacks it could've been able to keep him from taking too many souls.

Stolen Shades- When Munkar was released from his prison he found herself near a pair sunglasses that gave him the ability to warp reality in a way to conceal his form. Its as powerful as the host of an Angel would have to be to contain its grace. With some tinkering Munkar was able to project specific images. Mostly the image of a man or woman of his choosing.
Powers: Basically the power of any Angel. Teleportation, flight, Holy flames, Enochian magic etc.


The first Munkar was a holy angel. A loyal soldier and kind brother. Vengeful when those have betrayed his family but will seek to help find their way. This belief that even demons can be brought to the light eventually led him to a terrible trap. He was imprisoned by Demons and a certain talented torturer learned much about what mage an Angel tick. She broke Munkar down to his most basic form.  All he could ask were three questions. "Who do you serve?", "Who do confide in?" and "What guides you?" always these three questions constantly spoken but no information on entry into heaven was provided.

When he was rescued Munkar seemed like a shell. It took time before he was able to communicate but even then he was like an erratic child. Barely capable of keeping his thought processes stable but still able to serve. In a few centuries some of his thoughts became more coherent and his own ideals were making sense to him. Tie was his commander and knew how to treat and use him effectively, but never coddled knowing the being still willing to survive. In the end Munkar himself changed and it was clear this Angel was a different being from what came before. He went from peaceful to heated battles in a calm and slow progression, to punching the crap out of the foe like a rabbid dog until it gives up as a diplomatic option.

In a battle with a Mayan god being born into the world Munkar found himself imprisoned after destroying the summoning ritual. The magic used was of a level that it would take one of the Five sorcerers to break. It had a time limit however. He waited a millennia until two old acquaintances broke him out when the time came. In the chaos of this Munkar appeared on the moon with a pair of sunglasses that contained a very familiar magic. A troublesome Angel had to be responsible for its creation and he decided to have fun with it for now.

His current alias involves acting as a magus adviser for the US paranormal agency. They seem like an okay group to aid and help keep the nation in order. He decided not to get involved with Tie and Earrings until recently. No one knows where he is and the US government doesn't know who he really is other than his fake name and identity of Darren West.
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Munkar (Heroes Uprising)
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