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 William Spayde( Heroes Alternate )

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PostSubject: William Spayde( Heroes Alternate )   Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:00 am

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Name: William Spayde
Code Name: Doctor Death, Miracle Doctor
Age: 62(alters his physical appearance a lot, currently looks like he's in his early thirties)
Height: Varies( 5'10 at the moment)
Weight: Varies( 190 at the moment)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Species: Homo-Superior
Ethnicity: Caucasian( but he can change it at will)
Personality: William is more or less insane, he puts on a normal, average front, but deep down he's a pretty effed up person. Like kicking puppies and kittens for fun fucked up and spoiling the ending to a movie your really looking forward to seeing fucked up. Partaking in cannibalism, partly due to it helps stock up energy for his power easier and partly because he was initially curious and got hooked. A " reformed " mass murderer who works at the high school as it's head doctor. Though he could very much care less about any of the students, fully aware of all the dangerous activities going on and not lifting a finger to stop it then grumbling about the work it forces him to do. Brutally blunt mixed in with jacked up sense of humor make it difficult to tell what he will say in any given situation. One of his favorite phrases being " Well your life sucks ". Deep down he seems to have some unresolved parental issues, considering he keeps his mothers skull around at all times and often indulges in very disturbing conversations. He also feels a slight sense of inferiority and wanting to prove he's capable of greatness as his mother is.

Relatives: Emmet Alexander Jones( Mother), Father(unknown), Kaiser( Half-Brother)
Allies: None to speak of
Enemies: Plenty
Occupation: Doctor, mass murderer
Religion: Agnostic
Theme song:


Elite doctor-He's been to medical school several times under different aliases, honing his knowledge of the human body and everything it's capable of.

Singing and dancing-A trait all of Emmets children inherit from him

Powers: Biokinesis

William is able to control and manipulate all form of biological matter, be it his own or any other individual, the capabilities of this power are very expansive.

Bio-Strength: Increases the amount of strain muscles can take and how much force they exert.

Bio-Speed: Changes breathing speed, heart rate, ATP production, and muscle capacity to induce super speed.

Bio-Vision: By changing the genetic structure of ones eyes, he can imploy thermol vision, heightened vision, etc

Bio-Healing: One of Williams strongest uses of his power, by speeding up cellular duplication he had instaneously heal most wounds and even rebuild entire organs.

Bio-Armor: Changing skin density and texture to match steel

Bio-Breath: Changing the repatory system to allow breathing in otherwise noxious environments, such as toxic gases or underwater.

Bio-Detox: expulsion of foregn chemicals from the body such as poisons and drugs

Bio-Camouflage: Changing skin color to blend in with his surroundings

Bio-Disguise: Shape shifting

Bio-Age: can change a persons age at will


Bio-Size: By increasing or decreasing the amount of cells a person is made of William can achieve growth and shrinkage respectively

More offensive uses of this power include

Bone Manipulation: Growing and manipulating bones to form blades, claws, etc

Cellular destruction: Telling cells to perform apoptosis, the act of literally destroying itself, as cells are destroyed, the body begins to fail.

Cancer inducing

Wound Memory: More of a torture tactic than anything else, when a scar is formed the cells that make it up have a " cell memory " which can be accessed, allowing William to literally open up old wounds.

I'll add more stuff as I go.
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William Spayde( Heroes Alternate )
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