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 Jonathan Maberry( Heroes Uprising )

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PostSubject: Jonathan Maberry( Heroes Uprising )   Mon Feb 16, 2015 7:03 am

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Name: Jonathan Maberry
Age: 45( Looks 25 )
Code name: Wolfman X
Height: 5'10
Weight: 245
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Marital status: Single
Sexuality: Homosexual
Species: Werewolf
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Scottish
Personality: Jonathan is a carefree and laid back individual, prefering to spend most of his time caring for his mechs and mobile suits. Do to his base of operation being a giant hunk of space rock, he's accostomed to being by himself, save for his pet pug, JB, and his the occasions his daughter Elspeth would visit. This isnt to say he doesnt get out to socialize sometimes. He pops down to earth or whatever planet thats nearby and has a decent bar where he can get a drink and satisfie his sexual needs. Theres also the times when his inner beast needs to get let out in the form of running or more brutal activities.

Base of operation: Space rock
Known relatives: Elspeth Maberry( Daughter ), Emmet( Mother of his child )

Enemies: Space pirates

Occupation: Mercenary, mechanic
Religion: Paganism
Theme song:


Giant Robot 101: Jonathan is heavily knowledgable in giant Robo's, repair, creation, and maintenance. He's created a number of them over the years and even made a few bucks on the side by selling them. Though he's incredibly selective about whom he sells too. He's able to make on out of anything he gets his hands on to a scary degree, though making one out of junk doesnt tend to work out to well.

Expert pilot: As he's able to build them, he's the only one able to bring out the true potential in his creations and thats how he likes them, with two exceptions

Hand-to-hand combat expert: Not bothering with real style, he preffers to overwhelm his opponents with sheer power, making use of his claws and fangs, or trying out random attack moves he saw in a movie/tv show/manga

Weapons: Gundams, claws and fangs

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Jonathan Maberry( Heroes Uprising )
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