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 Al Haqq (Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe)

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PostSubject: Al Haqq (Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe)   Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:09 am

Name: Al-Haqq
Base: Moira

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Think of an evil floating castle that can change into almost anything very sinister looking. A Pyramid floating on top a sea of tentacles? Why not?

It's home is in purgatory. Anyone entering the realm can sense it from a great distance. Many creatures are drawn to its power, but know not to get too close. The inhabitants of that fortress will if they're feeling generous, turn them into a new decoration in the structure's many halls.

Equipment: An armory of magical weapons and souls to power them. One powerful demon and even one very unlucky captured angel are used as permanent powersources for their base.

Goal(s): Their goals are a mystery even to their greatest enemies. Only a few know that they want to uproot hell and tear down Heaven in the process. How this will be accomplished is unknown. They consider themselves a representation of something in this world.

Maalik is Faith.

Dragon embraces Power purely for the sake of it.

Scanty and Kneesocks brings Order to the masses.

Deathgun is death the end of all things.
Leader: Maalik/Faith

Knight of Hell

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Abilities/Powers: Faith is a Knight of Hell. One of the many Angels who fought no Lucifer's side and eventually cast down from Heaven. She's stronger than most demons and still have similar powers to many Angels, but its been corrupted and twisted into something else. She wears incredibly strong armor that can resist an incredibly amount of damage and wields weapons on par with Angel blades. Even in terms of skill there are few that can match her in martial combat. However, her true power comes from the soldiers she commands.


Vampire shapeshifter
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Abilities/Powers: Dragon is a powerful vampire and magus. He uses his magic and vampiric abilities in ways most of his kind aren't capable of. He has super strength, speed and enhanced healing. However he carries many weaknesses of a specific group of vampires. Sunlight reveals his true nature along with weakening his powers and the only way he can be killed is through fire. However his magical abilities has made it less likely he'll be killed so easily. He even uses a staff in the shape of a cane as a way to easily channel his immense magical power.

Shapeshifter- Before he was a vampire Dragon was an incredibly intelligent magus who was always looking for new ways to increase his knowledge. Specifically involved researching non human beings and finding ways to use their own stengths to enhance himself. Through years of trial and error along with becoming a vampire in order to give him more time he found a way to change into a number of beasts including some mythical ones. His most powerful form is that of a Dragon.

Force Magus- While a shapeshifter Dragon is still capable of massive control over physical forces. He can shift the world around him or tear it apart at will by manipulating space itself. Its even possible to create something similar to a singularity in order to immobilize or even tear apart his enemies. Its still nothing compared to an actual black hole, but he can simulate with magecraft.

Dragon Form- His most powerful form is of a Dragon. While most would assume its a real phantasmal being in reality the shapeshifter simply is creating a copy of the mythical creature. Its similar in some ways, but no where near as powerful. However, this doesn't mean he isn't a threat and in this form his power grows immensely making him potentially the most dangerous member of Alhaqq.

Demon Commanders Scanty and Kneesocks

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Abilities/Powers: These twins are incredibly powerful Demon Commanders. They are stronger than their lower rank brethren in every way along with being more cunning and skilled combatants.

Scanty's Revolvers- Magical weapons handcrafted by the demon herself she uses them to destroy any manner of creature be it mortal or immortal. Similar to the legendary colt made by Samuel Colt these guns can eliminate most supernatural creatures. Unlike the original colt it takes much more than a single shot for stronger beings such as Angels. They can also be transformed into different types of firearms for greater range and more destructive power.

Kneesock's Scythes- Similar to Scanty's revolvers these scythes are also able to eliminate most supernatural beings. They are destructive and were strong enough to even clash with Tie's mighty blade without breaking.

Break a Leg- A unique ability that allows Scanty to effect Destiny to a minor extent. Her opponent's luck can suddenly decrease as if cursed. Its particularly effective against abilities that manipulate causality which makes Riku's Gae Bolg less effective. It can be overcome with pure skill or overwhelming force. Riku is capable of this but it becomes more difficult with each battle.

Predicted Doom- Kneesocks has incredibly god precognition akin to Sarah's quantum precognition. She can judge an opponent's actions with perfect precision. The only time this was overcome was in her fight with the Fallen Angel Tie whose level of swordsman ship defied logic.


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Abilities: Like most demons DEATHGUN is incredibly strong, fast and is essentially immune to most forms of mortal weaponry. He even has the capability to possess other individuals and some control over souls.

Concept of Death- While a demon DEATHGUN uses powers similar to a Reaper. He imbues specific items with the ability to manipulate life itself. The bullets from his guns can cause anything they hit to decay into nothingness. Even immortals are forced to die or at least become weakened due to being hit by a weapon similar to the Reaper's scythe.

Sword of Punishment- A weapon created from the remains of old dead soldiers it acts as a channel for DEATHGUN's Demonic and Reaper based powers.

Cloak of Silence- An old magical invisibility cloak that conceals one's presence perfectly. Even with enhanced senses its impossible to locate the user.
Henchmen: Demons, vampires, ghouls and whoever else can be manipulated into being use for their goals. However they do prefer those who consider themselves monsters in some way. Maalik believes its part of their style.

History: No one knows how this group was formed and only a few have some idea on what their intentions are. They've rarely ever acted in the open and only recently have been so blatant in their actions its likely they're risking the intervention of forces from Heaven.
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Al Haqq (Heroes Uprising: Alternate Universe)
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