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 Mordecai (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Mordecai (Heroes Uprising)   Mon May 25, 2015 1:50 pm

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"Life is all about relationships love and hate, two different sides of the spectrum true enough, but still the concept nonetheless remains the same."
Name: Mordecai Mas-eh
Codename: Marvel
Alias: Big M, DJ Arabian Thunder, Iranian Nightmare,
Age: 25
Weight: 215 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Identity: Secrete
Species: Homo-Sapien
Race: Iranian
Personality: Mordecai is someone who's very playful, and somewhat of a mischievous trickster. A Child at heart he never gets old with tricks/pranks, and helping people have a hearty laugh believing laughter is the best medicine. He has a sense of pride when it comes to his people, and will go to any lengths to defend them, as well as friends and family. He's known as the "Go To Guy" by his friends as he will do his best to help those closest to him. He is somewhat insane, and often suffers flashbacks from overuse of acid which can lead to outbursts or random mellowing. Above all he is a romanticist at heart believing life is self is based on relationships be they loving or hateful. With romance at heart he has an appreciation for the arts especially those relating to the heart, and encourages people to pursue their dreams no matter what. Despite all these traits he does not consider himself a hero of sorts, and just strives to achieve his own dreams of success. He can be somewhat of a jack ass as well often starting things due to his acid induced anger management issues, and can often make jokes about touchy issues. Due to his experience of the south he is tolerant of racism, and anything similar supporting mutant rights.
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Large Family.



Occupation: Stage Magician/Taxi Driver
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:Aladdin-You're only Second Rate

Skills: He is a skilled stage magician, and master of deceit and mischief. He is very knowledgeable about the Middle East, his people, and their religion. However he is knowledgeable about religion in general.

Weapons:Magic Wand-He has a fake Magic Wand that he often uses in his performances. However due to not carrying anything else his wand is modified so that there is a knife within it.


Bio: Mordecai Mas-eh was born in Afghanistan, and from a young age was interested in a better life. His family made sure he was educated by the rabbi's about Islam, wanting him to be a child of Allah. However Mordecai was a man of many questions, and was more interested in tricks and pranks then religion. He grew to idolize Loki of Nordic Mythology and other divine tricksters. He realized he had an interest in magic which he hid from his family knowing they'd condemn and upon learning more about other religions and his country's conditions his faith faltered. He did see the importance in education wanting to escape home, and through his family they managed to escape to America when he was a pre teenager after his sister and a cousin of his were raped and burned by members of the Fitrah a raising terrorist group in his home. It took months but they managed to get to the land of free, and his parents and remaining family shared an apartment complex getting crappy jobs to support the family. Mordecai took a liking to New York, and furthered his interest in magic.  Upon dealing with High School in America he developed his romanticism their, and upon finishing decided to go to College in the south wanting a new experience.

He went to Alabama A&M on a music scholarship something his family approved of discarding his ideas of furthering his magic career. He also decided to delve into Physiology wanting to help integrate Middle Easterners into America who suffered, wanting to also help people in general who were suffering such as the famished in Africa, and homeless. However he experienced southern racism, and got into several physical altercations. He was expelled and moved on to resume his schooling in the North. This time he resumed in Chicago making new friends, and getting a job as a Taxi Driver. However after his violin was crushed in a car accident, he was re inspired to become a magician upon doing tricks in the hospital. He began doing tricks, working with his friends in Chicago, and starting his own tricks. He started his own business, and moved to Orlando, Florida where he got a job working in the magic show in Jurassic Park. He grew more acclaimed for his magic shows, and got offered a position in Vegas. Packing his bags he moved becoming a famous magician in Vegas, and getting offered a position in Broad-way shows, and such.

His life grew better and better, until issues with mutants arose, and feeling obligated to help mutants he hid them from HAMMER's forces. He helped several mutants forming an underground mutant rail-raid system to Genosha, but was arrested by HAMMER Agents and given 10 years for treason. He reunited his family seeking to help them, and he escaped from prison during a battle against Hammer. He moved back to Manhattan  in hiding, but was forced to leave helping the Fire Department save his family whom where in a Mosque set on fire by anti Islam radicals. He was given a job at the Fire Department, who seeing his heroism hid him from Hammer, and he served well fighting under-standing people more. He met up with a man involved in Castiel's gang and seeking business he helped him regain his position in Vegas after Hammer's fall and clear him of his crimes. He resumed his position against his family's wishes, working with Castiel. However upon people growing less interested in magic he lost money, and struggled to get shows renting an apartment with a drug dealer named Clark Patterson. He resumed driving a taxi in Vegas, and recently almost died in a traffic because of a broken air condition in combination with Vegas's intense heat.


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Mordecai (Heroes Uprising)
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