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 Amanda Waller Jackson (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Amanda Waller Jackson (Heroes Uprising)    Mon May 25, 2015 1:54 pm

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"Any non Government sponsored Vigilante activity will be dealt with immediately. "
-Amanda Waller

Name: Amanda Montana Jackson
Alias: Ms Bitch, African Nightmare
Age: 34
Height: 5'5
Weight: 121 lbs
Alignment: Lawful Good
Identity: Public
Species: Human
Race: African American
Personality: Amanda Waller is dedicated to her job, and her position. She does not BS around when it comes to work. She is very authoritative and bossy nicknamed by her workers as the "African Nightmare." She is one who enjoys a  luxurious style of living, and enjoys flaunting her wealth. She is ruthless when it comes to those in competition with her, and will do whatever it takes to eliminate obstacles in her path. She is dedicated to her cause, and does not believe in heroes and villains believing in morally gray, and doing what's necessary to keep people safe.
Known Relatives: Wally Waller(Father), Shannon Waller(Mother,), Kerry Waller(Sister)

Allies: Templars, Hellfire Club

Enemies: SXML, Redeemers

Occupation:Ex - President
Religion: Athiest
Theme Song:[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Skilled Political, and Speaker
-Capable armed combatant.

Weapons: None

Powers: None

Bio: Amanda was raised in the South Side of Chicago, so she had a rough life style growing up.  Growing up exposed to crime and such in power she grew to resent criminals. Growing up she wanted to be involved in politics, and after finishing high school she went to College attending NYU on a scholarship. She joined the debate them their, and dealt with racism there, but matured past that. Dealing with all sorts of "isms" she still rose in power becoming a politician becoming the Mayor of Chicago upon returning home her idol being Barack Obama.  After his death she was saddened, but she moved on becoming the Senator of Chicago and after serving their she moved back to New York where she got a job their with SHIELD as an American executive in SHIELD, and learned a son Chris Waller. She raised her son, and eventually after he finished high school she helped him join SHIELD's SRU unit. However he died during the midst of a superhuman battle, turning her against mutants. She became known for her anti mutant policies and laws, and helped fund the Monitor Project HAMMER put together, and was a HAMMER executive during it's time of operations.

After HAMMER fell, and having nothing left she joined Damage Patrol as a side job to help people and wanted to help people who's lives were ruined by superhuman battles. Her Project gathered many followers, and this eventually lead her to research ways to stop the Superhuman populace. She ran into the Templars, and using HAMMER contacts she managed to take control, and use them to collect powerful weapons. Eventually she worked her up to DC, and ran for President after Carl's assassination. She won, and started her presidency, and joined forces with Yua funding her anti superhuman projects.


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Amanda Waller Jackson (Heroes Uprising)
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