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 Zachariah (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Zachariah (Heroes Uprising)   Mon May 25, 2015 1:55 pm

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"Hell hath no wrath like a woman's scorn."
Name: Zachariah
Alias: Zach, Zachriel,
Age: Very Old
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Alignment: Lawful Good
Identity: Public
Species: Seraphim
Race: Caucasian-variable
Personality: Zachariah is a "Domineering" figure who's very presence means disciple and order. Unlike most Angels he has a sense of humor, and doesn't like situations to be taken too seriously. He is very ruthless when it comes to goals, and views Soldiers as "expendables" for the "Cause". He's extremely loyal and devoted to Michael, and the Council of Thrones. He believes in paradise, and is very concerned with his reputation, and how other Angels view him. He does not respect biological life forms believing angels to be superior due to their semi divine nature, and believes most of what they do is the work of God. He enjoys tormenting humans out of jealousy, and enjoys using Human Vessels.
Known Relatives: The other Angels

Allies: Heaven, Council of Thrones

Enemies: Hell

Occupation: Director
Religion: Abrahamic Mythology
Theme Song: [url=[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]]Tech N9ne He's a Mental Giant[/url]

Skills: Zachariah being an Angel of Memory is very knowledgeable about the human memory, and vairous other biological life forms memories.
-Very knowledgeable in Biology, Chemistry, and Aviation.
-Being a Seraphim he's the definition of multi lingual capable of speaking Enochian, most current and ancient Earth based languages, and other languages across the universe.
-Master of several forms of armed and unarmed combat.


Powers: Zachariah is a Seraphim.
He has the typical abilities of an Angel albeit far more enhanced then those of a regular angel, and wields abilities normal Angels do not. While a powerful force he is nothing compared to the Arch Angels in sheer power. He is one of the few Angels who have mastered the art of Angelic Possession the angelic ability to overtake a physical body, and use it as a vessel or host. Being Zachriel the angel of memories he has complete control of memories erasing, deleting, creating, restoring, projecting and doing nearly anything with them. In the power ranking he is also far more powerful then Generals, and even Lieutenants.
-He is able to change his outward appearance at well, and has chosen an African american humanoid form when walking the earth.
-He has large winds which he can draw into his body at will. He is immortal and does not age.
-He has immense physical strength, durability, stamina, and other enhanced physical features.
-He is immune to conventions methods of weaponry, and abilities including magical due to his divine essence.
-Like all Angels they are unaffected by psioninc energies, no matter how large the source is.
-He can fire bolts of heavenly fire from his hands or summon Angel Killing Swords at will.
-He is also capable of teleportation through time, and space with himself or others.
-He can make himself invisible to humans, although rare sensitives may still see them.
-He can selectively appear to certain humans physically or in dreams, and deliver messages.
-He can generate illusions, and compel humans to obey his will.
-He can resurrect the dead by sharing his own divine essence with the deceased, and this can be used to heal.
-When murdered, his eyes and body light signifying his divine essence fading away. His divine essence alone can blind and deafen living creatures. He is capable of moving
-He is capable of Exorcism which is enhanced when making physical contact with the target. This can be used against any form of possession including demonic and psioninc possession, and this skill can be used to remain abilities even a connection to the Phoenix Force or mental stability.
-He has the ability to take away and restore a human's memories. Namek can also implant fake memories into a human as well.
-He has the ability to make living creatures go unconscious by placing two fingers upon their forheads.
-He is to maintain himself without food, water, or sleep, and to heal them after they are injured. He is resistant to disease
-He is capable of making soul deals, and can detect souls, and track them.
-Voice Mimicry-He can mimic the voice of any being, or when thinking of a being, can say what the being is currently saying if there not currently speaking the later aspect is useless.
-Skilled in Enochian due to training from his spies sent in the resistance.

Transformation-One of the most common used Angelic ability to change from human form to nearly any form the Angel wants. H can enter his "True" Form which emits a blinding light which blinds most humans, and his voice can shatter ear drums, glass and more even damaging souls. In his true form he is extremely massive to the point humans are like toys, and has six large wings, and four heads on each side of his "head", and all speak at the same time.One of his heads the main one is tht of a mighty Lion, and his divine roar releases massive Heavenly energy. He has a full connection with Enochian.

Bio: Zachariah was formed before the  rise of humanity and biological life forms by the Creator. As a Seraphim he found his place in Heaven as the master of memories used by the Creator in issues involving memories, Unlike Lucifer he enjoyed Heaven, Paradise, and order. Being an angel of memory order was something that came naturally to him, and he grew to enjoy the importance of memories monitoring humanity. However he failed to understand why humans could not obey God despite previous memories, and grew upset with them. However when Lucifer rebelled he did not rebel fighitng against Lucifer, and almost being slayed but saved by God who sent Uriel. He was promoted a Seraphim, given more power, and great speaker in heaven. He became one of Zadkiel's followers for free will until seeing how much and fought against  Zadkiel as well. However during Zadkiel's Second Rise to power he stuck with him as Heaven was growing more chaotic, and he believed if Zadkiel was the new "God" he'd gain control but still kept loyal to the previous God.

He lead the mission to eliminate David Fuller, even confronting Sandra until Kano warded him off. After Michael's death he joined the Council of Thrones as the 12th member, and is determined to get Zadkiel or Michael back to save Heaven and stop Castiel.


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Zachariah (Heroes Uprising)
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