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 Marvel vs Heroes Uprising

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PostSubject: Marvel vs Heroes Uprising   Tue May 26, 2015 4:13 am

Plot: The stories of two generations of heroes, and villains forging their own journey's in their own respective universe's comes together. The resulting mesh bringing together these two worlds will no doubt cause untold chaos, as people from both sides struggle to deal with the fused worlds. Flashes of brilliant envelop various people in the HU world transporting them only through time, but through space, and reality to wind up in the world of Earth 616. What was the cause of this merging, what's happened to the world of Heroes Uprising, and what dangers will come about as a result of this union of worlds? Find out in Marvel vs Heroes Uprising!
1. Have fun
2. Marvel characters are first come, first serve.

Marvel Characters

"Fuck mutants!!!!! Fuck all of em! They ain't nothing but trouble!"

"Hell Yeah!" Another man seemed to agree with the first bigot who was speaking, both of them at a bar enjoying some drinks talking or rather bonding over their shared hatred of the mutant species.

Better get out of here...before I slice one of there necks. Logan got up placing some money down on the counter and leaving outside to his motorcycle. While another man in some nike sweat pants and a T shirt that said X-Rated was seen splashing his face with water before pushing the door open and walking out towards the counter.

"Lemme get..a shot or two..actually..hmm..just one shot..and a Rum & Coke" The bar-tender nodded leaving to go make the drink, while the guy got comfortable in his chair. "What the hell is going on today..Milo" He shook his head as the bartender returned with the drinks and he downed the shot quickly, before taking a sip of his mixed beverage. Today's gonna be weird.


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Marvel vs Heroes Uprising
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