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 Korin Valamos (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Korin Valamos (Heroes Uprising)   Tue May 26, 2015 5:27 am

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"Hmm...I figured you would Stark, which is why I have no qualms in taking you down and why I despise you pitiful humans. You fear what is superior, and rely on tricks to go against us."
Name: Korin Valamos
Codename: N/A
Alias: N/A
Age: Over 1000
Height: 6'1
Weight: 200 lbs
Alignment:  Lawful Evil
Identity: Public
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Widowed
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Homo-Sapien/Vampire
Ethnicity: German
Personality: Korin is a withered individual who's survived centuries of watching the oppression of mutants & others , and seek' vengeance against humanity for their constant mistreatment of those they fear. He's a strategist and known for elaborate plans however at the same time he is more then willing to deal with conflicts directly rather then using pawns. He cares deeply for the plight of mutants, vampires, and all minorities and has no tolerance for racism or bigotry of any kind. Although he's grown tired of bloodshed he is a strong advocate that violence is necessary at times for bringing about change. He has a deep loyalty to those in his inner circle, and is able to see the good in even the most twisted of individuals such as Tess. He is however against senseless unwarranted destruction, & most of all he despises manipulating and coercing people preferring to persuade them to adopt his views with facts rather then force.
Base of Operations: Vampire Coven, Mobile
Universe: Earth 616
Known Relatives: Father(deceased), Mother(deceased), Kelsey(Sired)

Allies: His Vampires, Terracorp

Enemies: SXM, Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, World Security Council

Occupation: Social Activist
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song: Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: Having lived many years he's acquired quite the skill set.
-Bi Lingual: Korin is capable of speaking quite a few language's including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Japanese.
-Proficient in Hand to Hand Combat: Korin was a trained viking warrior, and has also studied a couple forms of martial arts.


Powers: Reflective Immutability
Korin has an immunity to all alterations due to his ability to transfer them to others. He can push any alterations affecting them onto others, either before (immutability) or after it happens (restoration). It notably applies to any ill effect: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, magical, power-induced, etc. This works both as perfect defense and perfect retaliation, as he can both shrug any damages and send them back on the target of his choice (living things or inanimate objects).

This reflection can also be used as a mean of direct offense, by causing himself damages that will be preemptively transferred to others like a living voodoo doll (before causing him any actual harm).

He can transfer a single effect to several targets, stack up damages for more powerful counters, and extend the concept of "ill effect" to negative situations not directly affecting his body or mind (like restrain/imprisonment).

Vampirism: Korin has the powers of a millennia's old vampire and as such boasts of a number of superhuman capabilities.
-Superhuman Strength: Capable of incredible feats of strength including lifting cars
-Superhuman Speed, reflexes and agility: His speed, reaction time and movements are all enhanced to the point he can easily dodge bullets and keep up with most mid tier speedsters
-Superhuman Endurance: He can survive just about anything short of complete disintegration. His glaring weaknesses are of course having his head chopped off, holy water and sunlight. A wooden stake to the heart is also effective. Garlic, while not deadly, causes an averse reaction similar to an acute allergic reaction.
-Superhuman Senses: All his senses have been enhanced to extreme levels, especially his sense of smell and sight
-Low level psychic powers: Due to his advanced age, he can manipulate and hypnotize weaker minds to an extent. She also exerts total control over any vampire he's freshly sired. It also allows him to create illusions like the sense of turning into mist or various animals

Inertia: Due to being exposed to the initial surge of evolutionary acceleration by Project Inertia like Tess she has a level of enhancement far superior to the rest of the vampire mutants. His vampire powers are enhanced vastly beyond the level of even regular vampire mutants and are on par with Tess's. His mutant powers are similarly boosted far beyond the regular limits of regular vampire-mutants and are enhanced on the same level as Tess's. He is immune to all the traditional vampire weakness's such as sunlight, stakes, fire, decapitation, ect and typical mutant weaknes'ss of anti mugen, and power suppressing technology.

- 100X stronger then basic vampire/mutant
- She no longer need that much blood to survive only for fun and to feel a rush.
- Can travel through shadows.
- Regenerate from a single cell.
- Shape-shift into other creatures, people ect but cant copy powers if they turn into mutants.
- Generate fog.
- Manipulate the temperature.
- Telepathically communicate with other vampires.
- Read minds of humans.
- The ability to mind control several people at once instead of one and also control people's perceptions and beliefs.
- Can control any vampires she sire.
- The ability to manipulate pheremones.
- Blood manipulation.
- Immune to every vampire and mutant weakness. (so sunlight, stakes, fires, anti mugen, power dampners ect do nothing).
- Her powers cant be replicated or copied or manipulated
- Can generate powerful illusions that can cause realistic pain.
- Can fly faster then the speed of sound.
- Blood mimicry.
- Can manipulate/raise undead human/animals and control them.
- Has super sense like sight, hearing, vision with a city wide radius.
- High resistance to manipulation powers like time, matter, energy ect.
- Vast Weather Manipulation
- Shadow manipulation(tendrils ect)
- Gains the strength/durability of those he feeds on.(Unique to Korin not Tess)
- Absorb knowledge, memory, and souls of people she feasts on and/or absorbs.

Area Omnipresence: After feasting on Mia Donovan, he managed to obtain her mutant power. He is capable of appearing everywhere in an area, the radius being that of a city. He can appear everywhere and know here making injuring/killing him near impossible as you're merely destroying one part of him. He is not even limited to appearing everywhere in an area physically, and can even appear in places such as people's minds in an area. This ability allows him to simulate speeds faster then light as he can attack omnidirectionally. He can choose whether this ability is passive or if he wants to remain in one spot.

Bio: Korin was born the son of a viking warrior, and a mother who was a mutant just as him. Korin was raised by his mother to be loving and accepting of everyone in a time where that was not the norm. Despite his mother instilling her affections into him he was never a weakling, and took up after his father training and becoming a warrior viking himself. He was a strong believer in the gods dedicating himself to the beliefs of Aesir and wanting to be a legendary warrior like Thor and Odin. Korin initially manifested his power on the battle-field using it to become one of the most blood-thirsty vikings but kept the secret of his success hidden from all including his mother even though he knew of her own power. His life took a drastic turn when his mother was outed as a mutant and slaughtered, and being her son was nearly killed as well as her attackers figured he had the potential to be a monster himself.

However he was saved when his attackers themselves were killed by a vampire they'd attempted to kill by stake but failed. The vampire took pity on the bleeding Korin and turned him. Korin after adjusting to the curse of vampirism and sought out the relatives of his mother's killers. He hunted them down and wiped out their entire village, and everyone they loved. After exacting vengeance for his mother he decided not to return to his own village as he could no longer walk in the sun and didn't want them to find out he was a monster preferring his father to think he died in battle.

Korin left to travel the world and understand the nature of people and oppression. He crossed the globe fucking, and fighting until he found love and sought redemption for his various violent acts. This was in the 1800's, and his relationship with the human woman led to the creation of a mutant child. However the woman whom he impregnated had a husband however he was an abusive drunkard which is why she fell for Korin's charms. When the husband uncovered her betrayal he murdered the child, and his wife. Korin was plunged into another murderous rage, and brutally tortured the husband and killed him but not before making him watch as he brutalized everyone in the town to make him suffer.

However even the blood of all the villagers could not heal the void in his heart left by her death causing him to slip into a depression where the only thing he found solace in was sinking his fangs into the throats of those who sought to eliminate or abuse minorities. His favorite victims in this era where slave owners, and other forms of bigots. Korin eventually became involved in the plight of modern mutants through his relationship with Kelsey a tormented soul due to her X Gene. Korin eventually turned her, and the budding romance set him off on a path to change the world. He began building an army of vampire mutants to go against the government and help liberate mutants. He began investigating Terracorp's Project Inertia seeking it to remove typical vampiric weakness's as well as cause him and the rest of those mutants he turned into vampires to the pinnacle of power. He used Kelsey to seek out Rachel and the SXM.

He managed to slaughter the Terracorp board of committee and stole Project Inertia. He began using vampires to compel various people working in the Government to have eyes and ears everywhere. He eventually turned Tess Summers into a vapimre, and recruited her to his cause. Another person he struck an alliance with was the revived former X Men Leader Scott Summers, and with his daughter Ellen Grey's chaos magic managed to finally complete Project Inertia. Korin used it to vastly enhance him and Tess's power, then spread a portion of that power to the army he sired. With his new found powers he sought out CIA agent Mia Donovan eating her alive to absorb her power to become invincible.  Through Tess he used the Project Fission weapon to wipe out China's anti mutant oppressive government, took control of their Sentinels, and took over the country. He did battle with Aaron, Nono, Sean, Laxus, Natsu, and Elsa.  After defeating the Avengers, he went to New York with Tess to wipe out the rest of the heroes, and lead his army to America to take over. He ended up doing battle with Amber, and realized that she utilized runes built into the city to utilize her second magic.

Korin managed to damage those runes, and brutally beat Amber. Before he could kill her Cassandra Fuller who had been assumed dead earlier returned with hte Goblin Force, and murdered Tess. Korin attempted to flee feeling he had no chance of beating cosmic forces, but was kidnapped by Carmen into fiction. He tried to control her through the sire-bond, but Sammie had used her powers to break it, and together they defeated him with Carmen imprisoning him in the Phantom Zone for eternity.


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Korin Valamos (Heroes Uprising)
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