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 Mary Howler (X-Force)

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PostSubject: Mary Howler (X-Force)   Mary Howler (X-Force) I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 04, 2015 8:01 am

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Come with me if you want to live.

Name: Mary Howler
Codename: N/A
Alias: N/A
Year of Birth: 2021
Height: 5.5
Weight: 127 lbs
Alignment: Neutral Good
Identity: Public
Citizenship: Genosha
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Homo superior
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Mary is harsh, serious and always on guard. A lifetime of conflict and bloodshed have turned her into someone who only cares about one thing, survival. As the world fell to Darksteel's rule, she was broken and left without hope, and without a desire to be a hero. She has a tendency to be snarky and humorous to any survivor she meets, not having much in the way of manners.
Base of Operations: NYC subway system
Universe Earth 11014 (Age of Darksteel)
Known Relatives: James Howler (Father), Carmen Lopez (Mother)

Allies: X-Force, Shadow X-Men
Enemies: Lord Darksteel, the Four Horsemen

Occupation: X-Force member
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song:
Steve Syz - Live, Die, Repeat [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Computer Engineer: She's capable of building and repairing advancing computing system from spare parts, and maintain a work defense grid in the NYC subway system. She can also built and repair energy artillery batteries

-Weapons training: She's trained in handling most weaponry from handguns to heavy Celestial laser weaponry. She can repair most Earth origin guns and keeps them in a good state.

-Hand to hand combat: She's trained in self defense by Fawkes since a very young age, but most of her experience is through self teaching.


Guns: She has access to many weaponry and items stolen off of the drones that patrol her world. Handguns, long ranger energy rifles, EMP cannons and RPGs. She also possesses a single celestial lasergun

Computer defense system: She has the NYC subway system lined with energy artillery guns, that she operates from her computer terminal.


-Telekinesis: She has the power to move objects with her mind. Her upper limits seem to be the ability to lift the weight of a car, so around 5 tons. She can precisely lift multiple small objects and keep a steady grip on all of them.


Mary Howler was born in 2021, three years after Simon Kostas, taken over by his Darksteel persona, detonated several celestial genocide bombs around the entire world, virtually wiping out the human population. In the years that followed, Simon began attempting to finish the genocide of the human race, while the Shadow X-Men, remaining Avengers and X-Force attempted to stop him. However, due to the advanced weaponry of the celestial warship Darksteel had unearthed, the heroes were slowly wiped out.

Mary consequently spent all of her life running and fighting for survival. Trained from a young age by Fawkes and James, her father, in how to fight and operate under harsh conditions, she mostly traveled with the X-Force as they underwent several high risk missions to hamper and sabotage Darksteel's effort.

When she was five years old, her mother died after a battle to defend one of the last remaining human settlements in the Himalayas, killed by the Horsemen of Pestilence by having her entire body riddled with fast growing cancerous tumors. Despite stranding the Horsemen that killed her in some fictional world, Carmen succumbed to her injury. Most of the remaining Shadow X-Men were also killed during that mission. This is one of her earliest memories, the sight of her father James and adoptive family the X-Force watching in horror as Darksteel and his Horsemen slaughter their friends.

Five years later, the X-Force undergoes a mission to sabotage a weapon that would unleash a worldwide genocide blast that would kill the remaining homo sapiens. During this mission Fawkes and most of the X-Force die in combat, but manage to not only prevent the firing of the weapon, but permanently disable it, as well as kill Hank Pengrove. The only survivors of the event are James, Molly and Mary herself.

Henceforth Mary starts assisting her father on the field. She takes to collecting damaged drones from various battlefields, as heroes from other timelines arrive only to be killed off by the enemy. Two years after the X-Force die, both Molly and James are killed in a raid on the X-Force's last safe house in the basement of Samuel's mansion. Mary manages to escape due to James putting all his psionic power in shielding her, even as he bleeds to death.

Mary runs, and spends the next four years collecting more scrap, and just surviving. She watched the extincting of the human race and the near total submission of human kind, reduced to either following lord Darksteel, or surviving in a post apocalyptic world.

Eventually, she manages to rescue and meet Alex and Peter from the main timeline, who had been sent there by a freak interaction between Peter's speed powers and Simon's energy beam. She leads them to her hideout, and shares with them the events that had transpired in her timeline. Eventually, Alex manages to use the leftover parts she harvested from the various attack drones she took out to build a possible time machine, but it required more power than they could muster. She sees through Alex's suggestion of using his gamma energy, correctly identifying that Alex would need to remain behind. Instead, she helps them break into Avengers HQ and use the arc reactor there. However, right as they were about to escape, and bring Mary into the past where she could escape the bleak reality, she was shot and killed.

Once returned to the main timeline, Peter hides her body somewhere safe, and he and Alex rush off into battle with Simon in Baghdad. However, she is somehow revived through yet unknown means. Having nowhere else to go, she stays with the X-Force.

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Mary Howler (X-Force)
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