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 Laura Lawyer(Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Laura Lawyer(Heroes Uprising)   Fri Jun 05, 2015 10:21 am

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"Your wish is my command
-Laura Lomenzi

Name: Laura Lomenzi
Code name: Mistress
Alias: Author X
Age: 26
Height: 5'8
Weight: 141 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Divorced
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Homo-Sapien
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Laura is a very manipulative women, and enjoys getting people to do what she wants. She has no problem using her assets to reach a goal, and finds great joy in toying with people's goals and ambitions for her own amusement. She has a hatred of authority, and those who seek to control. She simply wishes to be free to do as she pleases, and spread chaos. She does enjoy companionship from time to time, and is often quite social but after her husband's death has trouble establishing any meaningful long term romantic relationships.  Despite this she's very flirtatious and not shy to vocalize her desires. Lastly while her agenda usually revolves around, she will go to extreme and vindictive lengths to get vengeance on those who she feels have wronged her.
Base of Operations: Atlanta, Georgia
Universe: Earth 616
Known Relatives: Father, Mother, Ariel(Sister) Brady Lawyer(Ex Husband, Deceased) Unnamed child(Deceased)

Allies: N/A

Enemies: MRD, Shadow X Men

Occupation: Writer
Religion: Agnostic
Theme Song:
Nicole Scherzinger - Whatever you like [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Master Manipulator: Laura is great at manipulating people  to get her to do what she wants. Her expertise comes in that she often tries to appeal to others goals, and try to work from an angle of how what she wants can benefit both of them, or not even mentioning her benefit as well.

Expert Seductress: Laura is very capable of using people's desire and lust to her own advantage, and capable of stringing people along emotionally to get people to serve her interests and in some cases fall blindly in love with her.

Capable Actress: Laura has taken acting lessons for a decent period of her life, and this has left with her the ability to feign emotions ranging from a simple conversation with a police officer to get off a minor offense to faking deep emotions such as burning passion for someone or a deep friendship.

Weapons: N/A

Powers: Desire Manipulation
Laura has the ability to manipulate desires, allowing her to see into people's minds to see their surface desires and hearts to see their deepest desires.  She is capable of adjusting her physical appearance based on someone's desires so she could appear as a grieving person's deceased lover or a lonely person's ideal lover.  She is capable of controlling the intensity of someone's desire so for a hungry person she can make them ravenous enough to try to eat a raw animal or someone in love to kidnap their lover  and force them to succumb to their own desires. Another aspect of her ability is make someone's desires a reality whether it be something they've longed for or something they merely just wish they had like a new material object like an ipad. Like the genie's of myth the way she animates desires is open to her own interpretation so someone who desires to fly can be made into a bird by her power as technically their desire was granted, although she is capable of granting their desire the way the target wants it as well. She is capable of feeding on desire as well, although only when the target fills fulfilled, and doing so grants her immense raw energy increasing her life-force and physical attributes,making her self sufficient without need for nourishment and the more fulfilled the target is the more energy she can feed off them, although she looses it when the target dies or they are no longer fulfilled.

Due to a  subconsciously self imposed mental block in her due to feeling inferior to her sister she is incapable of granting her own desires.

Bio: Laura Lomenzi was born and raised in an average suburban household with loving parents, and an older sister Ariel. While she had a comfortable upbringing she always felt ignored and inferior to her older siblings Ariel who was very talented in school, sports, and other en devours she attempted causing her parents to focus all their love on her. Laura became very jealous, and this reflected on her as she started to do poorly in school and other en devours her parents being constantly disappointment in her.

She always felt like she could sense that her parents regretted having her, wishing they had a son to go along with their star daughter Ariel. It didn't help that out of college Ariel got accepted into an IVY league school, and Laura only managed to get a partial scholarship to a a local state college. It was there she found her first love narcotics marijuana, and prescription opiates and benzo's seemed to satisfy this longing emptiness in her life that her parents lack of affections never seemed to cover. She eventually got arrested with weed and became an even bigger financial burden for her parents. It was after she got out that she met some-one who meant something Brady Lawyer, an aspiring TV director and screenwriter who seemed to have so much in common with her. She'd had a string of one night stands in college whoring herself out feeling she'd never find someone who meant something to her other then someone to satisfy her temporary lust.

Brady changed that forever, and she slowly but surely feel deeply in love with him. He seemed to be the answer to everything she'd been longing for her entire life. This all culminated when he convinced her to do LSD with him their sophomore year, and they explored the inner most depths of each other's souls and subconscious with him confessing his love for her. What began was her most serious relationship, and for the first time she was doing well in life. She quit all the addictive substances she was indulging in, and focused on her career and began writing amazing works. Her first book got published about a mutant who was alone her whole life, and fell in love with a regular human who made her feel open and accepting of herself during the time of the monitors. The book was titled IlliciX Romance, and became a best seller around the time HAMMER was pushing the monitoring act. Laura began learning about her power to control desires, and began to begin fearing that her power had caused Brady to fall in love with her. All her insecurities came back flooding her like a broken dam, and she sunk into a deep depression while not trying to tell him what was wrong.

Eventually she confessed her powers, and Brady himself was upset as the day she told him he had been about to propose to her. Laura ended up contacting her old dealer, and going to buy a bunch of xanax and got drunk and went driving in an attempt to kill herself. Luckily she didn't crash, instead overdosing in a baskin robbins and manipulated a police officer's desire to save her getting her rushed to the hospital. Her parents came but disowned her as a junkie as her older sister Ariel had just got signed into a multi motion picture deal. With her power she was able to sense her parent's desires with her to die, and she wanted to kill herself. A week later at the hospital Brady came revealing he'd sought out telepathic assistance and found out his feelings for her where genuine and not the cause of her powers. This seemed to be her saving grace, and  had a renewed vigor for life. She cut off contact from her family, and Brady proposed to her. They got married, and a year later her book was getting adopted into a motion picture that Brady was directing. IlliciX Romance became a major motion picture, however around this time Mutant Response Division had been restarted, and they saw the movie as couter-culture that could cause society's conscious to change towards the feelings of mutants.

Laura already had been monitored so that her family could live in peace, but with connections in holly-wood had gotten a faulty one to still have access to her powers which she'd been developing with Brady's powers. However she had used her powers to help him become famous and rich without telling him, and MRD confronted Brady to arrest him for using mutant powers for financial gain. The whole trial was swept under the ring by Evan Kingsfield, who sought to extort money from the movie to support MRD, and changed up certain things about the plot to make people less sympathetic to mutants. Brady felt violated that his rise to success was a byproduct of his wife's powers, and they had another falling out. Around this time Phoenix attacked Washington D.C, and the Government cracked down on mutants, and their was a raid on mutants with certain powers that could affect the world around them in disastrous ways. Called Operation X Tolerance, based off zero tolerance, her house was raided, and her husband was killed, and she was wounded. She learned while in captivity, sedated, and barely conscious being transported to the prison dimension supported by Chulance's ability that she had been one month pregnant and they'd intentionally shot her in the stomach three times to kill her child.

She learned operation X was based off the Phoenix's rampage in the city, and cried herself to sleep every-day, in prison she conversed with other mutants. She developed her powers, learning how to manipulate desires. When the prison she fled, and took advantage of generous rich people's desire to rebuild her finances and began working on her next work the X Prisoners. She published this under a false name Author X, and it became a hit in many mutant circle's, but most publishers avoided the work. Feeling crushed, she decided she'd exact vengeance on the Phoenix for ruining her life, but first headed to Atlanta going after her sister seeking out the city being dubbed the new Hollywood, seeking vengeance on them and everyone who crushed her dreams, stripped the love from her life, and severed her ties from her husband and child forever.


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Laura Lawyer(Heroes Uprising)
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