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 Jade Donovan (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Jade Donovan (Heroes Uprising)   Fri Jun 05, 2015 12:21 pm

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"DON'T LIE TO ME!!!! Why are you being a fucking idiot, you know my power, do you want me torture you for fucking ever!"

Name: Jade Donovan
Code name: Gateway
Alias: N/A
Age: 25
Height: 5'7
Weight: 138 lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: American
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Species: Homo-Sapien
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Jade is a quick tempered girl who is quick to anger, and actually seems to enjoy violence. She has no problem hurting others to get what she wants and takes great pleasure in doing so. She does not like listening to others, and loves bringing down people who usually are authoritative over others. She treats life like a game and much prefers meaningless flings over long term relationships. A negative trait about her is that she's quick to jealousy making it hard for people to be in a relationship with her, and can get very paranoid over little things. She has a hatred of humans and their fearfulness towards mutants often having no problem being the monster they fear since she considers herself and other mutants superior.
Base of Operations: Mobile
Universe: Earth 616
Known Relatives: Father, Mother,

Allies: Claire, Emma, Angie,

Enemies: Shadow X Men, Avengers, HAMMER, MRD

Occupation: Criminal
Religion: Atheist
Theme Song:

-Street Fighter: She has been in the streets and is a decent fighter with no formal hand to hand combat training.

Weapons: She carries a 9 mm pistol and also owns an assault rifle and has both regular and anti mugen rounds.

Powers: Mindscape Transferal
Jade has the power to convert physical matter into thought waves. She can  trap things in her mind, where the subject is rendered under the power of her imagination. Jade can release objects from the mindscape at will, and collect items. Her potential is limitless and it's stated that she may be able to transport and contain entire cities in her mindscape as her powers grow. After developing her power she's learned to do several other things including
-Trapping people in their own minds
-Trapping people in their minds during their sleep
-Counter-act telepathy and other powers due to being in complete control of her mind, and can absorb telepathy into her mind who try to pry or manipulate her.
-Siphon psionic energy
-Highly resistance to psionic powers
-Drain powers of people trapped in her mind
-Can enter the minds of others and travel into their subconscious, and even realms of another's imagination.
-Can divide her mind into various minds capes for each person, object she has, and no limit to how many she can sustain.
-When using her power she can keep her body running as a sort of auto-pilot, or even leave it still to rest, however she's also capable of using her body and being in a mindscape or several at the same time.

Bio: Jade was a troubled child who never had the easiest life, her parents earned a decent living but her dad had a gambling problem, and her mother dealt with drugs.  She was often neglected growing up and left to explore on her own. She never really listened to her parents seeing them as hypocrites leading her to get in a lot of trouble in school, and she didn't pay much attention either. She started smoking cigarettes towards the end of middle school and moved on to smoking weed and drinking her freshmen year of high school.

She eventually got expelled from school her sophomore year for having sex with another guy in the bathroom when she was high on cocaine and Xanax. Her parents got mad, and her mom drunk and high on coke herself beat her. She was sent to alternative school, and became very promiscuous eventually dropping out of school and running away with a guy to sell drugs, and drive around America.  Her power manifested around eighteen when she trapped herself and her boyfriend in her mind and they wandered around, nearly going insane. She learned her power and left escaping and taking the car and money to start a new life in Las Vegas where she continued to deal drugs to survive. She eventually found out about her power, finding her boyfriend in her mind but messed around with him finding out he'd had several flings via her power. She ended up using him as a guinea pig to test the limits of her power, before finally killing him.

She ended up using her powers for the next few years as a criminal living doing whatever she pleased going around the country, and even managing to go to Europe living in London, Paris, and Germany partying, doing drugs, and stealing. She was eventually captured back in America by S.H.I.E.L.D agents, and placed in Lex's Mutant Holding Facility. In MHF she met and befriended Claire a mutant with excruciation, Emma a former SXM member grieving her boyfriend Dracarot's death, and Angie a mutant with plasma manipulation looking for her boyfriend Zulan. When Riya destabilized the prison's omega machine negating their powers to rescue Terrell, she escaped with her new female friends. They stole a car and fled D.C after causing some havoc, planning to avoid HAMMER, but eventually got tracked down by HAMMER Drones and later SXM members Mikey and Tanya. Jade ended up using her power to trap both of them in her mind, torturing Mikey to gain information about the SXM, before cutting his throat to kill him anyway not planning on freeing the SXM. The mutant Strade managed to activate her power to enter her mind and rescue Mikey and Tanya using her power to escape but not before seriously injuring her and leaving her to die, while her "friends" had abandoned her to escape HAMMER.

Jade wound up getting arrested by HAMMEr, and being imprisoned. She managed to escape some point later, and resumed her relationship with Claire on the run and causing havoc. They wound up in MRD custody, but Jade managed to escape during a break out caused by Jet's darkness. She briefly was under it's influence murdering several with her new-found power, but after he was defeated she was purged. SHe sought out Claire, and apparently resumed her relationship with her, only to break it off for one of her ex-boyfriends from Europe who re-kindled their relationship revealing he'd also become a mutant. Their relationship flourished, and Jade started a life with hi getting a false identity, and began smuggling cocaine with her power to support them as he worked at a studio as an audio producer. Eventually he broke it off with her, and she tracked him down finding out he had no memories of their relationship, and she sought vengeance believing he was lying, and also felt infuriated as she'd ended her relationship with Claire for him.


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Jade Donovan (Heroes Uprising)
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