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  Omega (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Omega (Heroes Uprising)   Sat Jun 06, 2015 10:44 am

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"Isabel Sephira...how nice to meet you, my name is..Omega..and I murdered your husband."

Name: Omega
Codename: N/A
Alias: Perfection & Destruction
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'2/Variable
Weight: 270 lbs/variable
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: N/A
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Combination
Ethnicity: Variable
Personality: Omega is a strange entity and one dedicated to his mission. He will not stray and will try to achieve it all costs. He's the definition of ends justify the means and considers failure of his mission. Despite being dedicated to his work he takes great pleasure in it and has an extremely dark sense of humor. While he see's what he does as necessary he takes pleasure in causing havoc, and taking part in violence. One of his great joys is breaking people down mentally and physically especially people of supposed greatness. He enjoys experiencing things , and seeing things he's only seen about in his memory storage bank, and is one of the most fascinating and fufilling things to him.
Base of Operations: Mobile
Universe: Earth 13091215
Known Relatives: Creators(Builders, Celestials, Zenn Lavians)

Allies: N/A

Enemies: The Emperor, The Empire, Shadow X Men, Avengers, X Force

Occupation: Soldier
Religion: Athiest
Theme Song:  Terminator Theme Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Skills: Omega has been uploaded with various skills of various people from all over the world, and has knowledge of various things ranging from armed & unarmed combat, survival skills, explosive making, war strategies to cooking, and operating various vehicle's. His range of vast knowledge includes
-Fluent in several human languages as well as some extinct, and various alien ones as well.
-Skilled in almost every form of human combat art, and several from other planets such as Kree, and Skull.
-Knowledge on how to operate almost any vehicle from cars, planes, boats to space ships.
-Knowledge of various things about the universe including it's functions, species, and planets.
-Able to use almost any weapon


Powers: Absorbtion Cells
Omega was built with the DNA of several species including mutant, human, inhuman, eternals, skrulls, kree, and many others as well. He's also being outfitted with a body capable of absorbing other DNA and adding it to it's own form gaining powers, memories, and knowledge from those he consumes. Due to the nature of his body he's capable of handling these various genetic alterations, and in it's prototype stage was built in with several abilities including:
-Superhuman Strength
-Superhuman Speed
-Superhuman Durability
-Self Propelled Flight
-Healing Factor
-Optic Blasts
-Mutant Sensing/Detection
-Self Duplication
-Superhuman Absorption(His main ability is to painfully convert superhuman into genetic energy and absorb them into his body, altering his DNA to include their own in him. He's absorbed the following mutants/superhumans in this order.

Bio: Project O.M.E.G.A was conceived in the far far future even past the time of Smash. The project was conceived as a last resort option to be used in the even that the Emperor and Empire's rise to power could not be quelled by the resistance or any force. The definition of a ends justify the means as it was developed with the intention to be sent in the past to cause untold havoc and chaos to the universe at large in order to prevent the horrors of the time-line it originated from. Omega was created by some of the most intelligent beings in the universe including Lex Leven, Zenn Lavians, Celestials, and Builders seeking to develop the ultimate weapon to prevent the chaos the Emperor would bring to existence.

Omega was infused with the cells of various beings across the galaxy, and the ability to absorb more DNA and adapt to grow stronger. It was also pumped full of knowledge about the universe, and skills from all across it as well. He was worked on in secret, and a mere rumor to the Empire but upon finding about him they sent forth a large massive force to prevent him from being created. They nearly managed to wipe him out, but he was activated and sent to the past as his creators present were all murdered, and/or captured.

Omega was sent to the past where he was conscious and free for the first time. There he began his mission seeking out Dimitri, and converting him to energy to absorb him and his powers. He continued to hunt down super-humans coming to conflict with the Shadow X Men, Avengers, and X Force. He eventually confronted and did battle with Sandra, and managed to absorb her as well, revealing he'd absorbed enough power and sought to use his new found arsenal to aid him in part 2 of his quest which was to gather the infinity gems and wipe out all life in the universe.


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Omega (Heroes Uprising)
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