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 Avery Goodman

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"I'm about to tell you two important pieces of information. One I kick ass and two don't be an asshole."
Name: Avery Goodman
Alias: N/A
Age: 17
Height: 6'0
Weight: 176 Ibs
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Citizenship: United States
Marital Status:N/A
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian American
Personality: Brash and in your face kind of guy. He acts far more often on impulse then even he would like to, but has a strong sense of justice with some leeway. Avery was sort of a hero in every school he went, but it was difficult to make friends. Being an aggressive kid who generally acted as if he didn't care about getting any approval. That didn't mean he doesn't respect anyone especially since he has a weakness for strong women.

Extremely confident and his own arrogance gives off the sense he looks down on most people, but it betrays how surprisingly selfless he really is.
Base of Operations:N/A
Known Relatives:(Mother) Lara Goodman, (Father) Charles Goodman, (Sister) Emma Goodman
Allies: N/A
Enemies: N/A
Occupation: Volunteer at a Hospital
Religion: N/A
Theme Song:


Swordsman- Through some family friends Avery was able to get lessons from famous fencers and even Kendo masters. Avery is almost unnaturally talented to the point where he could wield a kitchen knife and win a fight against a man using a Halberd.

Hand to Hand Fighter- Skilled combatant due to both experience and martial arts classes. His sister an ex soldier turned contractor helped teach him how to defend himself. Avery isn't a master but is capable of using multiple styles to beat his opponents.

Artist- Not necessarily one on the battlefield but an extremely skilled artist. He is a fan of French impressionists and is capable of capturing the look and feel of any place or anyone.

Value- No matter what the object is even if its magically hidden he can find the value in it. A mundane object that has the power to destroy the world would draw him to it. Avery may not know what it exactly can do, but to him what he is looking at isn't some ordinary chalice.

Dagger of Fate-  Its one of the treasures of Gilgamesh. Possibly the one that is worth the least among his collection but extremely useful. It can call upon an element that most represents its user but more importantly sever the Fate of others. Occasionally the user will receive glimpses of his/her or others future making it possible to change there Fate.

The weapon is quite fickle and it seems to act with its own will, but it is useful. Its other capabilities involves it extending into a larger but darker sword. Depending on the users will power its possible to enhance their control of a singular element. It can turn a spark into an inferno or even make it so cold that it freezes anything on contact. His hands become dark and even start to grow its own thick exoskeleton as armor.


E-Gene Holder- Avery is one of the few chosen by an unknown alien creature before the Brood invasion. The small emotionless catlike being gave him a small metal orb that would allow him to communicate with his ancestors. Of course it only activated until the invasion. His immaculately dressed ancestor the King of Uruk gave him a weapon from his treasury.

Force of Will- The Brood War forced Avery to push his limits. Taking certain wounds from nearby explosions and shrapnel forced a teenager to endure pain and suffering most teenagers don't bare. Even his ability to heal has increased leaving few lasting scars. If anything it made him stronger. Abilities like this make him out to be a mutant. In fact its part of what he inherited from his ancestor.

Enhanced Endurance- His athletic ability is partially thanks to his inhuman endurance. Running 20 or so kilometers for him is a light jog.

Future Abilities:

As a E-Gene Holder Avery possess the capability of using his own ancestor's knowledge and power to his advantage. These people are incredibly rare and in the future many have perished due to being potential threats to those in power. Avery however was one of the very few who survived.

Avery's ancestor was a Demi-God who's power came from an immense treasury. Avery is able to draw on the power from this treasury, but it is very limited. Instead of summoning a shield that reflects all attacks he is simply far more likely counter most physical blows without issue.


The United States of America have many normal teenagers that go about their daily life worrying about social media, allowances, relationships and other things Avery Goodman would typically call "Bullshit." Born in Chicago into the Goodman family Avery is an abnormal kid. Always out to kick anyone's ass he deem annoying as hell. It just so happens a lot of people he call 'assholes' annoy him.

Ever since he was a child he would have a scowl on his face that generally warned anyone to stop and what they were doing was wrong. When he first saw his father robbed at gunpoint and there being nothing he could do about it made things click for him. There were the weak and the strong. Anyone with too much power hurting the weak unnecessarily needed to be taught a lesson.

He is known as a bit of a Demon amongst his enemies in Chicago. Even ignoring the issues with mutants the city can be dangerous for people or teenagers who think they need to teach some people a lesson. The one story of how Avery took out three mutants who were robbing people using ice, sound and invisibility power was kind of popular. Not everyone loved him for it and his parents especially wanted him to constantly fight. Every time he came home a little beat up consistently forced him to be isolated in his room.

Avery never thought of himself as a hero, but mostly as the type of guy who had to teach some lessons to a few people. Of course the last straw was when he punched out his principle when he was willing to suspend his friend for simply fighting back against a few guys who jumped her on school grounds. That itself nearly put him in jail at 15 yrs old, but instead he sat in a room with a therapist. Of course when he went back home and found himself looking at talking cat in his window things started getting strange.  The boy was given a device that could only be used when he was ready. Whether or not he believed the cat was up for debate until the Brood invasion. At that point he spoke to an old King and was given a weapon that helped him protect his family.
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Avery Goodman
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