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 Akemi Ventro (Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Akemi Ventro (Heroes Uprising)   Wed Jun 10, 2015 2:25 pm

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Fear is freedom. Control is liberty. Contradiction is truth. That is the law I was taught by you Milo Ventro. And now, I will make you submit to that reality, you pig in human clothing!
Akemi Ventron, the Princess of Mutantkind

Name: Akemi Ventro
Alias: Princess of Mutantkind
Age: 17
Height: 5'4
Weight: 120lbs
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Identity: Public
Citizenship: Genosha/Japan
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Homo superior
Ethnicity: Japanese-European
Personality: Akemi is an honorable warrior and leader with a fierce resolve and loyalty to the Emperor. At only 17 years of age, her powers and magnetic personality have made her the leader of the Genoshan military, the main mutant army of future Earth. She commands respect and admiration of those that fight under her, and returns that respect and admiration with her own respect for her troops. She is especially fond of her four lieutenants.
She does not hesitate to kill anyone that stands in the Empire's path and squashes all rebel activities in her sectors with brutal efficiency.
Hidden under her facade as a fascist mutant supremacist, she truly remained loyal to her parents memory, and had been planning revenge from the start. She also loved her sister enough to simulate her powers in order to protect her. She none the less was willing to do great evil in her quest, and does not hesitate to sacrifice other lives to take her revenge.
Base of Operations: Genosha Island
Universe: Earth 13091215

Known Relatives: Hasaka Yamairo (father), Isabel (mother), Hasaka Haruka (sister), Milo Ventro (adoptive father), Amy Ventro (adoptive sister), Danny Ventro (adoptive brother), Iliria (adoptived mother)

Allies: James Howler, Genosha Island, Terran Army, Anti-Fusion rebels
Enemies: Omega, Emperor Fusion, The Empire of Mutantkind

Occupation: Royal princess of mutankind, Commander of the Genoshan military
Religion: Christian
Theme Song:
Hiroyuki Sawano: Kiryuu G@ KiLL [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


-Expert swordsman: She has trained herself in Japanese swordsmanship since she was 10 years old, and using it in combination with her vast temporal and spacial powers she can produce devastating effects. She is most experienced in combat draw techniques.

-Charismatic leader: She is a charismatic and magnetic leader and can inspire those that fight under her to perform the most inhuman tasks secure of their righteousness.


-The adamantium sword: She wields Hasaka Yamairo's adamantium sword, with a specially fabricated hilt and wrist guard.

Akemi is one of the most powerful beings of her reality. Due to her biological father's blessings of the Styx and the existence of Kronos' essence within him, she was born with the same powers as Yamairo, enhanced to God like proportions. She possesses two abilities that are unique to her, but require intense concentration. As a testament to her powers, she was able to both fight for herself and for Haruka, simulating the latter's powers entirely for nearly two years.

-Temporal Manipulation: She can manipulate time to produce a variety of effects, including stopping or slowing down time, de-aging opponents to non existence or aging them into dust, or anything in between, creating powerful temporal loops in which to trap targets, the ability to see the history of an object or being both past and future, and the reversal of events to a previous state such as fixing wounds. She can also enhance her own speed by increasing the flow of time around herself. Her range is such she can easily perform temporal effects on a planetary scale.
--Complete time control: By sitting down and focusing intensely, she can assume total temporal control over a limited range the size of a large city. Within this field she can exert all her powers and as total control over the flow of time for anyone that is within it, as the ability to predict events as they happen or even alter them

-Spacial Manipulation: She can also manipulate the fabric of space. The principal ability she can perform with this is teleportation across intergalactic distances for herself or anyone else. She can create warps in the fabric of space that allow her to cut through any substance or energy, usually focused through her sword. She can also warp people out of existence entirely. She can exert a spacial sense on a planetary scale allowing her to easily locate anyone or anything.
--Omnipresence: Her other intense concentration ability, it allows her to project a physical presence anywhere and everywhere within the same limited range. She can use it in conjunction with her other ability. Unlike her time ability, she can use a smaller far more localized version of just a few dozen feet by quickly closing her eyes and concentrating for just a couple of seconds.

Born Hasaka Akemi, she is the child of Isabel and Yamairo. When she was only three years old, she witnessed the great battle between her parents and Milo Ventro that culminated in their deaths. Milo took her in out of regret for his actions, but Akemi never truly forgave him. Harboring a desire for vengeance, she none the less played the role of Emperor Fusion's loyal daughter. From an early age she demonstrated great powers over time and space, and was trained from a young age to harness and use them. During the early days of her life, she became close friends with both Leo Costa and Stella Costa, who had followed their mother to Milo's side of the superhero civil war due to their father's disappearance. Both of them held their own resentments of their uncle, and the two, especially Stella, grew to respect Akemi's authority as not just the princess, but the daughter of Yamairo. They became the first two of her lieutenants.

At the age of just twelve, she became the supreme commander of the Earth and Genoshan military, a position of great importance. Ruling with an iron fist over the entire planet, she was none the less a fair, magnanimous leader. Inspiring greatness in her men, they never wavered when she gave an order. After taking over Earth, she met there two of the more powerful and unique solders, Avery, an honorable captain of a fighting squad, and Anya, a researcher on Genosha. She saw in both of them great potential, and had them, as well as Leo and Stella, made into her four lieutenants. Together, the five began to plan the downfall of Fusion's regime, unbeknown to them, shielded by James vast psychic powers.

At the age of 14, she met Haruka for the first time. Recognizing her right away as her sister, she since their first encounter has been essentially serving as the girl's proxy powers, using her temporal vision to predict Haruka's actions and then acting accordingly. She does this at every waking moment, perfectly synchronized with her sister to the point Haruka never suspected a thing, a testament to her temporal and spacial powers.

After numerous fights on Earth with the weakening resistance, she finally sprung her plan, and allowed Haruka to steal a vial of empowering chemicals. She then sent her back in time to kickstart a series of events that would hopefully lead to a rescue. She specifically chose the reality that currently held the Amber capable of sorcery, and furthermore was both closest, and yet still salvageable. From that reality did indeed come people to investigate. Her father in the past, as well as her mother, Sandra, Katy, Tifanny, Riku and Ashe. However, despite their efforts, they realized they could not battle Emperor Fusion, so Sandra went back in time to get help from Amber, who Akemi had planned to be the aid from the start.

However, before Sandra could return, Amy Ventro, the other mutant princess, arrived. Baelfire did battle with her, but she was proving too strong, until one of Akemi's fail safes came into play. The antimugen field that would normally not work on those allied with Fusion was in fact calibrated specifically for them, and once James activated the shield, Amy lost her powers, and Akemi decapitated her.

Confiding that she had been waiting for her moment of revenge for his future self's death, she and Yamairo prepare to face off to Fusion, Iliria and Sandra in the future. However, back in the past, Sandra and Amber decide to simply shut the dimension away. Akemi realizes this was in the end, the right choice, and engages all three of the greatest powers in the known universe to stall for time. Code:Breakers evacuate Genosha along with her lieutenants, as Akemi is last seen being pierced in the chest by Emperor Fusion.

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Akemi Ventro (Heroes Uprising)
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