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 Amelia Gunn

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"Demons, ghouls, vampires it doesn't matter what the monster is. With my right hand I'll slap down anyone with the stones to approach me. With my left I'll punch out their hearts."

Name: Amelia Gunn
Codename: Crusader's Fist, Beauty by the Lake
Age: 25
Height: 5'6
Weight: 145 Ibs
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Identity: Secret
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Sensitive, selfless, brave confident and energetic. Amelia has all of these things in spades and when speaking to her its obvious what she believes in and why. She's a devout Catholic and loyal friend, but when she sets her sight on something both seem irrelevant. That focus is what made her seem like a good Executioner.
Base of Operations:
Universe: (Earth 616, 617, 1656 ect)
Known Relatives:
Allies: HU alt the Vatican, HU Tie and Earrings, Knights of LA
Enemies: The Forces of hell, Milo
Occupation: HU alt Church Executor, The seventh Knight of LA
Religion: Christianity
Theme Song:
Master Hand to Hand Combatant- As a teenager she's still growing but is almost a genius when it comes to combat. Amelia as an Adult can take down almost any human up close. She was trained at an early age by the forces of the Catholic church. The training an executor would go through was meant to destroy the weak, test the strong and reveal those beyond that. Amelia became an extremely deadly weapon.

As a result of her mutant powers she's beyond even that. She has an entire library of knowledge showing various forms of combat.

Weapons Specialist- Her mutant abilities helped not only in martial arts, but also when it came to learning how to use weapons. She's gained an understanding of various weapons. Through her life she's encountered exotic magical and alien weaponry. She would be both a useful assassin and amazing soldier.

Magus Training- She learned a few abilities from a magus. Mainly Reinforcement and healing. Amelia is able to enhance her own physical capabilities beyond normal. Healing allows her to heal even fatal wounds.

Writer- Amelia isn't an extremely popular writer, but she's known for writing a few series in genre fiction.

Blessed Brass Knuckles
Chainsaw Rifle Staff


Adoptive Muscle Memory
Limited Intuitive Aptitude- The ability to understand how many complex entities work. Amelia's ability is focused on the ability to understand the body and mind to a certain extent. It extends to machines, but some are beyond her.

Combat Perception- Able to understand how someone thinks and fights.

Ability Plunder- Directly Related to Adoptive Muscle Memory. Not only is Amelia able to copy specific attacks and moves. She is also capable of removing the ability for her opponent to use it temporarily. It works almost perfectly on the first strike, but a skilled enough opponent can prevent it the second time.

Limitless Stamina- Amelia has often mentioned she once fought for seven days and seven nights non stop. No one believes her, but she has shown an almost inhuman amount of stamina in battle.


The daughter of a proud Catholic family in West Virgina. Amelia Gunn was a devout christian. Her parents successful upper middle class Americans. A seemingly normal life was something she experienced every day until the age of seven. On a school trip she went missing for over a week. Church executors were looking for necromancer but instead found dozens of dead bodies and Amelia as the sole survivor.

Instead of following the path of her parents, she chose the church. Trained by Church Executors to become a magus killer. Gone rogue due to distrust and betrayal, Amelia Gunn as had an interesting life filled with battle. Amelia has often been on the run from those who wouldn't allow a traitor to leave.  

Eventually her travels led to LA and the two Angels who ruled there. The reasons she had for staying are unknown and what is even less known was why Amelia risen to a rank above most security personnel in the city. The title she was given felt too noble for someone like her, but she accepted it. A new life with a purpose that involved protecting the innocent no matter who or what they were. Amelia accepted it and never looked back.
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Amelia Gunn
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