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 Fear Factor (Heroes Alternate).

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PostSubject: Fear Factor (Heroes Alternate).   Fri Jun 26, 2015 2:47 am

Name: Fear Factor.
Location(s): Genosha.
Base: Genosha School Of The Gifted.
Theme Music: Veil Of Fire - Jim Johnson.
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- Mafia: Mafia and Fear Factor are 2 opposing groups clamoring for control of Genosha high.   Troy's contacts and the power of his growing team had kept Mafia on top for a while, and they showed it openly running the halls of Genosha with a iron fist.    Fear Factor had a plan to assassinate Troy and recruit several of his key members, but True Notes took care of Troy first.     Now Fear Factor is free to run the school as they please.

- True Notes: Wanting darkness, fear, and despair to rain supreme.   The happy go lucky, always positive True Notes are viewed as direct opposites to their goals.   Their growing team of powerful members also give reason for concern.    Deemed a threat Fear Factor has labelled True Notes a group that must be taken care of.

Goal(s): To spread fear for the sake of their own amusement.   They wise to rule Genosha and break the will of those holding on to hope and happiness.

Leader: Nightmare: Name unknown, codename Nightmare is a mutant with dream manipulation.   Attacking while you sleep his attacks range from terrifying dreams, to mental scarring, mental break down, or complete collapse of ones mind causing death.


- Jet (aka Darkness): Jet, known as Darkness is a mutant with shadow manipulation.   He is the brute power of the group with attacks ranging from being able to form physical shadow limbs that can grab hold of opponents and attack, to piercing shadow tendrils, to being able to increase/decrease gravity in large dark areas to being able to open mini black holes and shadow portals (which can be used for teleportation purposes).

- Nina (aka Night Walker, aka Vamps): Nina was once a obsessed and delusional mutant with the power of pulse waves.   Her attacks range from shockwave like pulse waves she could fire through the air to being able to impact the ones heart causing stroke, heart attack and death.   Through experimentation Nina's dreams of vampire was realized.    Unlike what's common in movies, Nina won't burn up on exposure to sunlight but will start to slowly burn over extended periods in sunlight.   Best estimates says she can safely withstand sunlight for about 20 minutes before it starts killing her.    Nina is also in need of a source of blood on a nightly bases.   Nina is able to feed on 1 person and get enough to sustain her without causing said person death.

The trade off for these draw backs are above human speed, reflexes, durability, strength and senses.   She is suspected of being able to turn others to vampires if she wanted, but has yet to show any signs of doing so.


- Joe Dark: Once part of the Mafia that was lead by Troy Crosby, after it disbanded at defeat by the hands of The True Notes, Joe found his way to the underground group known as Fear Factor.   is abilities to create portals was deemed a useful backup for other members if Jet was ever to busy to assist.

- Karen: Another former member of Mafia, Karen had also been recruited by Fear Factor.    Her love for torture was a good fit and her ability to shrink the size of others, herself, or grow in size was a powerful one the group would not turn away.

- Metallic (Justin Lynch): A angry kid with a misguided view on the world, Justin is a boy who can coat his body in metal.    Having his family killed in front of him Justin was trained to join the ranks of a professional mercenary since a young age.   Now in his teen years he was shipped to Genosha to master his powers.    He had interest in the Mafia but Troy never accepted him, so Nightmare recruited him instead.

- Misery: Name unknow Misery is a person that specializes in magical enchantments.  His strongest magic involves weakening or neutralizing X-genes to deactivate powers, being able to trap people inside various objects, and being able to enchant spells to increase his own strength, achieve powers, or call objects to him.   This man has potential to be one of the strongest members on Fear Factor.

- Virus (Jose Dean): Virus is a mutant with the ability to create and distribute viral strings.    His fighting prowess is said to be weak but his viral infections can kill.

- Jason Mutts: Jason is a mutant with the power of shape shifting.    He can shink and grow his body to limited amounts as well as alter gender.     These abilities let him copy almost any person exactly.    His shink and grow ranges from 4 feet to 12.    This lets him adjust to the height of most mature people.

History: Fear Factor is lead by Nightmare, a secretive man with no known name.   His views of the world are that of a harsh reality and believes people against that reality are cancer to the world.    Greed, Lust, Fear are all but some basic emotions that drive humanity.   The world is hell and humanity are naturally evil.     Collecting a team of like minded followers Nightmare seeks to free the world, reveal the real truth and put an end to false morals, rules, and preachers of some so called "goodness".

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Fear Factor (Heroes Alternate).
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