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 Alejandro Banner

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PostSubject: Alejandro Banner   Mon Jul 27, 2015 12:57 am

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Name: Alejandro Banner
Codename: The Hulk
Alias: Alex, Grande Verde
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Height: 6'5
Weight: 245
Personality: Alejandro , despite his family lineage, is an incredibly calm individual. He meets every situation he's placed in with a cool head, not letting his emotions get in the way of his actions and seeing them as being pointless most of the time. More of an introverted sort,he prefers to stick to his own company for the most part, though he's fine with being in company of others, though it's likely he'll be on his laptop for the most part. He takes pride in his intellect more then physical strength, holding one of the highest G.P.A in the school.

He's also fond of his mexican heritage, preferring spanish over english when able to stick to it. He appears to despise his fathers side of the family, the one subject able to bring a glimmer of anger out of him.

Known Relatives: Roger Banner(Father), Lupita Banner(Mother, deceased)
Allies: The mafia(Formerly), The Harlequin(Current)
Enemies: True Notes

Occupation: Student
Religion: Agnostic
Theme song:

Skills: Alejandro possess a genius level intellect, excelling in various fields of education but favoring computers. A master hacker capable of getting into nearly any program, breezing through top secret goverment sites out of boredom. He's able to create various programs, and making them nearly impossible to be encrypted by outside ssources. He's fluent in spanish, it being his first language and english. He's combat skills are decent enough, preferring to rely on the sheer brute force his hulk form afords him, but of late he has started taking more combat classes and focusing on actual styles, his goal is to obtain a hulk transformation that allows him to keep his full intelligence.

Powers: Alejandro carries the gama radiated bloodline of Bruce Banner, allowing for him to transform into the incredible Hulk

Hulk Transformation-Alejandro's transformation differs from the original hulks, in that he is rarely ever angry and less prone to random transformations, it also means that his power cannoy increase quite as much. Though this doesnt seem to effect him much, his triggers his transformations by choice, via his immense hatred for his father and his mothers death.
In his Hulk form, Alejandro's physical strength increases dramatically, as does his speed, durability, and stamina. Putting him in brackets above the majority of mutants with enhanced strength, like Victoria. As the Hulk, his intelligence is diminished quite abit but he theorizes that if he can learn to maintain it, he can increase his strength without the needless anger.


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Alejandro Banner
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