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 Godric( Heroes Uprising)

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PostSubject: Godric( Heroes Uprising)   Wed Jun 29, 2016 2:42 am

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Name: Godric
Age: 2000
Alias: The Goblin King, Ouroborus
height: 6'6
Weight: 286
Alighnment: Chaotic Evil
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Homo-superior

Personality: Uncouth, boorish, and classless are some of the several hundred words Emmet has used to describe his brother. Standing at a polar opposite stance of his twin, Godric lives to dominate and sate his hedonistic desires, believing his immense powers affords him the right to control all that he sees. He loves displaying his powers in combat and conquering his opponents, he lives for endless excess be it food, alcohol, or sex, he will take it all over and over in an endless loop.

He and Emmet do share one or two similarity traits such as arrogance and sadism though it can be mentioned that Godric is more open about it often and Emmet's comes out more in passing phases.

Base of Opertaion: The white forest
Relatives: Emmet(twin brother), Kaiser( Nephew), Elspeth(niece)
Allies: The godslayers
Enemies: Emmet, code:breakers

Occupation: Conqueror
Religion: None

Skills: Godric is unparelled in hand-to-hand combat, a master of an uncountable amount of styles but for the most part prefering to overwhelm his oppenents with pure power.



Godric can be classified as an omega level mutant to put it in simple terms, but the full scale of his abilities is nearly impossible to determine. Like Emmet his powers manifested surrounded by a form of immortality along with multiple abilities. This is possibly due to the blood of Gilgamesh coursing through his and Emmets veins and by default, the goddess Rimat-Ninsun.

Ouroboros mimicry: As Emmet is the phoenix, Godric is the snake that bites it's own tail in an infinite cycle.

Origin manipulation: Godric is able to control, alter, and control the origin of everything. As nothing exist without origin, even nonexistence. By manipulating the origin, Godric is able to achieve absolutely anything, making nothing out of his reach. It should be noted that Godrics scope of creativity isnt that great and rarely expands passed his physical strength and endurance.

Enhanced Strength: Godric posseses incredible strength since the moment of his birth and has subconsciously tapped into it with his origin manipulation, possibly making him one of the strongest, if not the strongest, being in the multiverse.

Enhanced endurance: Similar to his strength, his ability to tank next to a cosmic scale attack and shrug it off like nothing.

Boundary Manipulation

Immortality: Godric, like Emmet, is immoral. Eternally unaging and near unkillable, if by some feat of incredible power his life is ended, then his origin loops around he is brought back to life.

Goblin force avatar:
Godric is the avatar for the Goblin force, a cosmic enitity like the Phoenix force. This affords Godric a host powers.

   Insatiable Hunger: The Goblin Force posesses an unknown capacity to absorb massive amounts of energy from cosmic level entitys, such as the Celestials, the Phoenix, the Beyonder, and Galactus. The goblin force adds those powers to itself once it consumes them. It is not yet known what the extent of the goblin forces powers are.

■ Energy Absorption: It can directly absorb any type of energy such as Cyclops' ruby-red-colored optic blasts or the entire energy of a star,sun, or even a whole galaxy.

■ Disintegration Waves: It can consume and remove a near infinite molecules per second.

Psionic Nexus: As it is the nexus of all psionic energy, it has vastly strong and powerful mental abilities, including telepathy, empathy,and telekinesis, and often seeks out hosts who have psionic abilities. When bonded with a host, the Goblin Force vastly strengthens and amplifies all of their superhuman mutant powers and abilities to immeasurable and innumerable power levels.

■ Telekinesis: Telekinetic Abilities of the Goblin Force, capable of grasping entire planets and destroying them with a single thought.

■Concussive Force Blasts: It can wield this energy to project beams of immense concussive force that can destroy planets.

■ Telepathy: Capable of displaying various psionic feats with the minds of others including reading and communicating with thoughts over vast distances.

Sorcery: Possibly one of the greatest casters in the world, the Goblin force is capable of mass manipulation over magic energy. Demonstrated to even be capable of endless possibilities of spell casting, demonstrated to be stronger than morgan le faye, merlin, and scarlet witch all together.

■ Shadow-Morphing: Allowing to dematerialize or create demons and goblins from shadows, lending them it's power.

Immortal: The Goblin Force cannot die, meaning if it is even destroyed some how, it's entity will rebuild and create itself once again.

Cosmic Manipulation: Possessing massive control over the cosmos, the Goblin Force can destroy planets and galaxies, summon comets and meteors, change the weather, and cause terrifying disasters.

■ Chronokinesis: The Goblin Force has complete control over the time and its aspects, allowing it to alter time and space itself

■ Cosmic Teleportation: It can teleport others across vast distances such as another planet or galaxy, and the vast vacuum of space itself.

■ Resurrection Force

■ Quantum Singularity: It can transmigrate throughout time and space by folding its energy back into itself, causing it to collapse akin to a black hole. It then reforms itself upon reaching its destination.

■ Force of Life: The Goblin Force can control and manipulate life and death itself.

■ Matter Transmutation: It can manipulate matter on a sub-atomic level (e.g., turning wood to gold, stone to crystal, etc).

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PostSubject: Re: Godric( Heroes Uprising)   Sun Sep 25, 2016 3:36 am

Emmet was content to stand back and listen to both sides as well, Aarons arrogance not with standing, he could sense they were skilled warriors indeed, but it wasnt going to be enough in the end, not for Godric, they were all going to walk into a slaughter.Scotts did appear to be good with his words, hitting points and saying exactly what would best be heard by each individual, very idealistic.

" Ok, what is with the afterschool special speech? I mean it was nice, but yeah whats with the afterschool special speech? " Riku asked as he and the others had all walked over.

Emmet covered his mout " Riku play nice " he lowered it and smiled, his eyes blazing with amusement and excitement " Well said Scott, you cut to the point quite well. Very well then, I dont always take the aid of others when it comes to matters such as this, but you all seem determined to fight for justice, let us convene and I shall honor some wisdom upon you " he smiled broadly at Aaron and snapped his fingers, moving everyone into the dining room-now war room.

" But, as you have come to Code:Breakers domain, you shall be welcomed in our personal way " his smile broadened as a look of confusion came over most of the Avengers. Music started blaring around them.

Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
Darling, you give love a bad name

An angel's smile is what you sell
You promise me heaven, then put me through hell
Chains of love got a hold on me
When passion's a prison, you can't break free

Oh, oh, you're a loaded gun (yeah)
Oh, oh, there's nowhere to run
No one can save me
The damage is done

Emmet with the Code:Breakers:
Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
You give love a bad name (Eva:bad name)
I play my part
And you play your game
You give love a bad name (Kaiser:bad name)
You give love a bad name
You give love a bad name

Paint your smile on your lips
Blood red nails on your fingertips
A school boy's dream, you act so shy
Your very first kiss was your first kiss goodbye

Oh, oh, you're a loaded gun
Oh, oh, there's nowhere to run
No one can save me
The damage is done

Riku with the Code:Breakers:
Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
You give love a bad name (Noah:bad name)
I play my part
And you play your game
You give love a bad name (Christian:bad name)
You give love... ah!

Epic break in lyrics for dancing and air guitar solo's

Emmet, Sandra, and Jonathan with Code:Breakers:
Shot through the heart
And you're to blame
You give love a bad name (bad name)
I play my part
And you play your game
You give love a bad name (bad name)
(Riku:Whoa) You give love
(Noah:Whoa) You give love (Adrian:bad name)
(Roberta:Whoa) You give love
(Garfield:Whoa) You give love (Ikobad name)
(Eva:Whoa) You give love
(Iko:Whoa) You give love (Kaiser:bad name)
(Bawla:Whoa) You give love
(Genesis:Whoa) You give love (Christian:bad name)

The song ended with poses with fireworks before everyone took their seats. Emmet smiled " Forgive the grandiosse display, but i'm one for showmanship and dont like to dissapoint "

The atmosphere immediately changed as Emmet's expression became serious and he started explaining.

" Godric is powerful on his own, even before we both became host, our battles were epic and destructive. As I am a phoenix, Godric is a serpent, the ouroborus, the snake that bites it's own tale in an infinite loop. His core powers are boundary manipulation and origin manipulation. He's not very creative with either, aside from making his strengh reach the level of the gods or past them. But while he's attuned with the Goblin force.....the battle to seal him took a solid 100 years, night and day battles that scarred parts of the earth and several dimentions. It was all I could do to bind him. As Sandra said before the same method I used before most likely will not work again, he will make sure of that " he let his words sink in before continuing.

" I dont know why these godslayers have chosen to release him, I can hazard a guess that they have some goal and it falls in line with Godrics own interest "

Jericho cleared his throat " If I may "

Emmet nodded and Jericho started talking

" I have some information on these mages. God Slayer magic is an ancient branch of magic, long since forgotten to most and nearly impossible to learn for no text exist to learn and only by words of a corrosponding god can it be learned. There are at least six god slayers that we know of. Darkness or the night, light, lightning, wind, water, and earth. In a way it functions like dragon slaying magic, in that it can match up with branches of elemental based magic. The spells they use are incredibly destructive, Riku, what can you add as someone that fought them "

" A bunch of punk ass bitches " Riku said matter o factly " Anything divine based or godly is gonna get a hell of a burn from coming in contact with their magic, Yori-Sama can confirm. Hmm, honestly, strong as they are I dont see how they can really help Godric out that much, ugh then again they were bright enough to figure out a way to release Godric and dumb enough to actually do it, so we shouldnt right them off completely, I guess "

Jericho frowned " I loathe to admit this, but Emmet isnt the only one with familial connections to this, the head of these god slayers appears to be my older brother, I have only heard snippets of him here and there, nothing particularly significant, I had planned to kill him and reanimate him at some later date. But it appears his pulling a stunt like this is going to speed that plan up. Some of them appear to be more skilled them others. My brother aside, the godslayer of water appears to be heavily gifted at meleee combat and the one of earth, his experience is immense "

Jonathan raised a hand " What about the little kid they have in their group, did they do something to him to make him be with them? "

" Not that I could see, he's there of his own free will "

Jonathan just nodded and didnt say anything else, Emmet patted his fiancee's shoulder and promised they'd do something to help the young boy and turned back to Aaron and Scott.
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Godric( Heroes Uprising)
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